The "Normal" girl

The Story is about a girl named Malia, she meets this guy named Cayne and when they met Malia's world got turned upside down.

When Cayne and Malia is going to the movie Cayne notices that a car wich had been following them also had stopped at the Movies and was getting nervous, that they wanted something either from him or her.

Malia then finds out that she is not just a human that she actually have supernaturel powers, and that she is a rare kind of supernatural creature (Phoenix), that means Hunters will be looking for her, she wont know who to trust an who not to.

She also finds out that her father is trying very hard to get contact with her to become her father, and make sure that she is safe. Cayne is also a supernatural, he's not that rare because he is just a werewolf (Alpha) trying to find a pack wich can help him protect Malia.


4. The letter

Malia's P.O.V

It had been such a wonderful night, the film was good but it was like Cayne was nervous, i don't know what for, but he keeps looking at this man sitting on the last row of seats. well anyway he drove me home after the movie, i was happy that my foster family was on a holiday, but in a way not quite because its soon my 18th birthday and they still don't know if they will be able to get home in time, some part of me hope so but the other part don't.


--The next morning--

When i woke up the next morninh i started as usual to go out and feed the horses, and then get some food myself. After a while i saw the mailman stop and drop of some mail, i went directly over and emtied it. Funny, she thought it was a long time ago she herself got a letter, there didn't stand who it was from on the outside, so she hurried inside and opened it.


"Dear Malia

I'm sorry that i have to tell you this over a letter"       she stopped reading and checked the sender puhh it wasn't from Cayne and she started reading again   "Dear Malia. I'm sorry that i have to tell you this over a letter, but i'm afraid your in danger, i am on my way but please don't leave the house, you won't be save anywhere. The hunters have started looking for you, listen there is no one that you should trust, i will come and get you... love from your birth father" Bang. it sounded from downstairs there was someone in the house. "Don't do anything stupid now girl, i won't hurt you, only if neccesary" said a deep man voice from downstairs. Malia thought fast she opened the window and jumped out, she remembered she had ordered one of the stall keepers to sadle Herkules and ran into the stable and there he stood ready to ride, she mounted and set of in a full gallop.

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