Sunday my suicide day

Two lost souls sit upon a rooftop at midnight. Both have had enough of the list of problems that plague their mind. Jada Raine appears to live a regular life: she has friends at school, she laughs a little too much and she finds happiness in art and music. But she hides the darkness behind her blinding light. Will she open up to anyone before it's too late?

Includes themes such as suicide/self harm/eating disorders etc so if it upsets you maybe avoid. Sorry.
This is my first fanfiction so I would love if you guys read it and commented on what I should do more of etc xx


21. winter nights and midnight smiles

Avia and Jess stare at me and Michael as we queue outside our art classroom.

Their judging eyes mean nothing to me. Their hurtful comments once put me down; but not anymore.

I just feel sorry for them.

They believe life revolves around Instagram followers, boys, makeup and popularity.

It really doesn't.

"Stay at mine tonight" Michael says as he rests the point of his chin against my forehead.

"Yeh sure",I smile with ease knowing me and Michael are back to how we used to be.

Art seems to go on forever as I can't talk to Michael, so we can only make conversation with eye contact.

The bell finally rings and I sigh in relief as I stand up and pick up my bag.

"Jay are-" Avia says from behind me. I walk off before she can finish her sentence and go to join Michael who is stood by the door.

He drapes his arm around me looking smug as we make our way out of the classroom.

My mum approves of me staying at Michaels house.

"Oh shit" Michael exclaims as we walk closer to the bus stop.

The bus is already there and it's about to leave.

His hand pulls me forward with him as we dodge through rows of giggling year sevens, occasionally clashing bags or shoulders as we pass.

We make it on the bus.

I won't describe the whole bus journey, but basically it consisted of us listening to music and discussing Michaels next hair colour.

We both decide on brown.

"Jay!" Karen exclaims as we make our way into Michaels kitchen.

She envelopes me in a hug and Michael smiles.

"I'll be upstairs" he says.

I join Karen as we make hot chocolate for me and Michael.

Karen breaks the short silence.

"Jay I have never seen Michael like he is when he's around you, he's so happy" she smiles.

"Well I guess you'll be happy to hear that we are going out now" I blush.

She smiles. "Good, I'm so glad he found you because I wouldn't want him to go out with anyone else."

I enter Michael room with the hot chocolates to see him papering into his phone. He has changed into a short sleeve ACDC top and shorts.

"Hey babe" I say annoyingly as I hand him his hot chocolate.

He smiles and blushes shyly.

"I'm gonna have to get used to that" he says.

We sit up against the headrest.

His bandages are fully exposed now and he notices me looking.

"I'm okay now" he reassures me without me even having to ask.

The arm I was looking at moves to curl around my waist loosely.

I rest my head against the side of his chest and we just sit there sipping our hot chocolates, listening to the pitter patter of the rain outside.

"What's wrong?" I ask when I feel his chest shudder slightly.

He pauses.

"I'm just scared of losing you" he admits quietly.

I place my hot chocolate on the bedside table, allowing me to wrap my arms around Michael.

He breathes into my shoulder.

We've never hugged like this before. It's not a tight, desperate hug, it's just, loose and reassuring.

I pull away so I can see his face but my arms stay hooked around his shoulders protectively.

His hands rest around my lower back and he looks at me.

"You're not going to lose me" I reassure him with a gentle kiss.

"I'm not going anywhere so you're just gonna have to put up with me" I smile.

He laughs softly.


The winter nights come early, the darkness has been here since 5 o clock.

His room is dimly lit, the only source of light coming from 2 beside lamps.

An empty pizza box rests at the end of the bed and I am now changed into one of his checked shirts and boxers (since I didn't bring pjs).

We connect and disconnect our hands, our fingers twirling in between each other's.

"Stop" he laughs softly as I refuse to hold his hand. I smile and give in.

His face is inches from mine, his phone quietly playing 'give me love' by ed sheeran in the background.

"You're 16 next week, anything you want in particular?"I ask.

"I wanna spend the day with you" he smiles.

I smile too. "Okay."

We decide to watch a horror film - yeh i don't know why either?

Michael and I sit curled up with covers pulled up to just under our eyes. The laptop balances on the end of the bed, the suspense music playing.

Michaels hand fumbles for mine and quickly holds it tight.

I pull the covers up a bit higher.

Looking over to Michael, who's cheek is pressed against mine, I see he is pretty scared.

I smile under the covers as he tenses.

"Agh!" I shout as I jab him in the ribs.

He jumps and shouts in surprise.

"Jesus Jay, don't scare me like that" he smiles in embarrassment.

I laugh hysterically.

"You should have seen your face!" I laugh.

"Shut up" he laughs as he hugs me tightly, his arms folded around my neck.

I hug his waist, my smile pressed against his t shirt and his cheeks against my head.

"Let's not watch that" he says as he reaches over and pushes the laptop screen down.

Michaels baby blue hair is messy from lying down for so long. His eyes show signs of tiredness but not enough to fall asleep.


I sit up suddenly when I hear the familiar riff playing from Michaels phone.

Throwing the covers off as I realise it's one of my favourite feel good songs: year 3000 by busted.

"This is my song!" I exclaim over excitedly.

I jump up into the centre of the room, grabbing a nearby hairbrush on the way to use as a microphone.

Michael watches me with a beaming smile as I sing the opening lines.

I jump around like an idiot, resulting in soft laughs from Michael.

"He said I've been to the year 3000!" I belt out; grappling Michaels hand in the process in attempt to get him to dance.

He pulls me down into a kiss before joking me on the makeshift dancefloor that is his bedroom.

We prance around like idiots without a care in the world.

The song sadly ends and we collapse onto the bed in exhaustion.

We high five with a laugh.

Our heavy breaths sync up.

"Can we do that every night?" Michael smiles, his face inches from mine.

I move my eyes from the ceiling to his.

"Course we can" I smile.

This isn't finished I will finish it asap. Sorry for the wait you guys are so patient with me so thank you!

Im on holiday so the wifi isn't great but I will still try to update. The reason I haven't updated is because I write on my phone and it keeps deleting my work.

I absolutely love reading your comments so keep commenting!

Love you guys xxx

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