Sunday my suicide day

Two lost souls sit upon a rooftop at midnight. Both have had enough of the list of problems that plague their mind. Jada Raine appears to live a regular life: she has friends at school, she laughs a little too much and she finds happiness in art and music. But she hides the darkness behind her blinding light. Will she open up to anyone before it's too late?

Includes themes such as suicide/self harm/eating disorders etc so if it upsets you maybe avoid. Sorry.
This is my first fanfiction so I would love if you guys read it and commented on what I should do more of etc xx


22. mornings with Michael


"God I don't wanna go to school tomorrow" I say quietly, my eyes closed.

"Neither do I, I wanna stay here in bed with you" Michael replies.

I smile.

"You are beautiful, you know that right?" Michael whispers tiredly.

I kiss the side of his neck softly in reply.

"When I was watching you dance, you were so happy..." He continues.

"I am happy, because I have the greatest guy in the world as my best friend and boyfriend" I reply.

He smiles.

I slide my arm under his head and he snuggles into my neck/chest.

We are silent for a length of time. How long I don't know. At midnight the time seems to fade away.

Michaels sleepy voice breaks the comfortable silence.

"I wanna marry you one day" he whispers, his arm wrapped around my waist and my hand in the back of his hair.

"I'd marry you any day" I reply as I kiss his forehead softly.


Michaels alarm buzzes and he groans sleepily from within the cage of my arms.

His forehead stays pressed against my neck/chest as I reach to turn the alarm off.

I kiss his cheek and he moves so his lips press against mine.

"Cmon we need to get up" I say sleepily.

"Five more minutes" he says, clearly not wanting to let go of me.

I give in.

After 5 more minutes we emerge from his room, my hand guiding him as we shuffle down the stairs half asleep.

His hair sticks up at odd angles and his pupils are small, allowing the green and blue surrounding them to seem much brighter than usual.

I wrap my arms around his waist as he begins to make cereal and his smiles.

"That shirt really suits you" Michael smiles as he stirs his cereal with his spoon.


Grey clouds streak over the white canvas of the sky. The smell of dampness hanging in the air.

The trees are bare, their leaves long gone, leaving only twisted branches.

I wear one of Michaels jackets on top of my uniform as I forgot to bring a coat. He finally seems happy as he walks alongside me, making sure our hands are always intertwined.

I know this ones short, I will start writing the next chapter!

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