Sunday my suicide day

Two lost souls sit upon a rooftop at midnight. Both have had enough of the list of problems that plague their mind. Jada Raine appears to live a regular life: she has friends at school, she laughs a little too much and she finds happiness in art and music. But she hides the darkness behind her blinding light. Will she open up to anyone before it's too late?

Includes themes such as suicide/self harm/eating disorders etc so if it upsets you maybe avoid. Sorry.
This is my first fanfiction so I would love if you guys read it and commented on what I should do more of etc xx


12. anaemia and insomnia

Michael ends up falling asleep on my shoulder but I don't mind. His soft stubble tickles my neck and his fluff hair provides a nice pillow.

He breaths softly into my collarbone and I carefully remove his headphone so it doesn't wake him.

Someone taps my left shoulder and I turn my head too see a smiling Bianca and Emily sitting behind me. "What?" I whisper, trying not to disturb Michael.

"You two are so cute" Bianca smiles.

"Shut up" I laugh. "We're just friends, he even said it" I explain.

"You both like each other, it's not that hard to tell" Emily adds as they sit back down.

Whilst Michael sleeps I pass time listening to music and taking photos of him. I also end up watching half or season 1 'misfits' which turns out to be really good.

Belgium's sunset is stunning. The canvas of a sky is painted with streaks of blue, pink, purple and red. Michael misses is and so I take photos to show him tomorrow.


"If you are a boy sitting next to a girl or vice versa than you need to move next to someone of the same gender now" mr McElroy shouts down the bus from the top of the stairs.

Michael grunts and tries to bury his head deeper into my neck. I gently shake his wrist and he stirs.

"Michael I gotta go now" I say quietly. His eyelids peel back revealing his emerald eyes. I smile and I clip my seat belt to swap with Tom.

Michael moves to the aisle seat and so do I as Emma is asleep by the window.

"Get some sleep" he mutters softly.


Everyone is asleep. The only noise is the coaches wheels grinding on the tarmac. My tear ducts are sad but I'm not, u have the urge to cry and I question myself why.

I'm so fucking cold.

Goosebumps ripple across my skin and I can feel the cold was radiating from under it. I pull my hoodie up over my mouth and nose and wrap my arms around my pillow as if it was a person.

Despite removing my shoes, pins and needles threatens my feet; I try to ignore it. I can't stop myself from shaking, it feels so uncomfortable. I really wan to wake someone and ask if I can borrow their blanket.

That's the sad thing, i want to ask, I need to ask. But I know I can't.

Insomnia is determined to keep me awake, Im the only one that hasn't slept yet.

Something soft folds itself over me and I open my stuff eyelids and see Michael looking back.

"You could have asked" he smiles sympathetically.

I smile through chattering teeth.

"I didn't want to wake you" I explain.

"Put it on" he says pointing to the black 'drop dead' jumper resting on me.

Weakness plagues my limbs as I pull the sweater over my messy bun. It's super soft on the inside and is way too big for me which makes it a whole lot comfier.

After the battle with my insomnia, I finally drift asleep.

The next morning:


A hand touches my shoulder softly and my eyelids struggle to stay open. "C''mom Jay we're at the services" Michaels raspy voice says.

Everyone is a bit groggy and tired, especially me. I slump down the stairs and Michael generously carries my bag for me.

"You aren't well" he says as we walk into the services.

"I'm fine" I smile as my eyelids close. He sighs and we walk towards the toilets with the others.

After changing outfits and redoing my mascara and concealer I exit the toilets. I needed to get out of there. 60 girls doing make up in 6 mirrors and getting changed in 10 cubicles was chaos.

Michael is slumped against a wall near the shop and I wander up to him, trying my best to hide how tired I am.

"You need to sit down" he smiles. I smile and he leads me to the seating area. We grab a booth, god it does feel good to sit down. Michael reaches for his bag, his hand brushing mine.

"Jesus you're cold" he says, taking my hand in his.

" my hands are always cold" I explain.

"Put the jumper on" he smiles.

I give in and slide the sweater over my white 1975 t shirt. He smiles once he is convinced I'm warm.

After another half hour on the coach we arrive at the cathedral.

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