Sunday my suicide day

Two lost souls sit upon a rooftop at midnight. Both have had enough of the list of problems that plague their mind. Jada Raine appears to live a regular life: she has friends at school, she laughs a little too much and she finds happiness in art and music. But she hides the darkness behind her blinding light. Will she open up to anyone before it's too late?

Includes themes such as suicide/self harm/eating disorders etc so if it upsets you maybe avoid. Sorry.
This is my first fanfiction so I would love if you guys read it and commented on what I should do more of etc xx


5. airplanes and pavements


The boy on the ledge with the red hair turns to look over his shoulder. It's Michael. His hands tense against the ledge he is sitting on. "What are you doing here?" He says, his brows drowning in confusion. I am just as confused as he is. Ok words come to my mouth and his expression changes when he realises why I'm here. "Why are you jumping?" I ask hesitantly. As I walk over to him he responds. "Look, it doesn't matter, nobody will notice just go home" he pleads. I shake my head and look over the edge. Jesus that is a long way down.

"Can" How do I say this?

"Please can I jump with you" I ask.

He looks at me and I can't read his face. I don't wait for his confirmation. As I begin to swing one leg over his hand pulls me back onto the rooftop. "No. Jay, you aren't jumping ok? Please go home."

I gulp as salted streams glisten on my freckles cheeks.


I don't go home. Instead, I stroll to the opposite side of the roof and swing my legs over the edge.

Sitting here is scary. The pavement dances below me and the buildings are swinging. Closing my eyes helps. Probably because I can no longer see the monstrous drop below me. You can do this Jay. It will be over soon.

I will count down from 30 - I reassure myself.

29. I swing my legs almost comically above the deadly drop. 27. An airplane flies overhead - can they see me? The 16 year old girl sitting above her death. 25. It's a full moon tonight; goodbye moon. 23. Thank you family. 21. Thank you friends - even if you went real friends. 19. Thank to all the bands who's members and music helped me through each day. 17. Thank you, but it wasn't enough. 15. The streets are empty- that makes it easier. 13. I'm sorry. 11. Come on Jay, nearly there. Before I can count 9 hands loop around my waist and pull me backwards onto the roof.

Heavy sobs. Too heavy. That's all I can hear. Screams and sobs flood my ears and mix with the sound of my blood pumping under my fragile skin. The screams and sobs are coming from my mouth. Michael sits up next to me and sighs, pulling me into his chest. My hands grip his iron maiden t shirt like their life depends on it. As he buries his hand in my hair, holding me against his heart - which is almost beating as fast as mine - he says shakily "I told you to go home". His voice is soft against my skin and he sounds worried.

Probably because he just pulled a girl from falling to her death.

I don't know how long we sit there for. It could have been 5 minutes but it could have been 30. It felt like forever and nothing.

He unwraps his arms from around me and holds me at arms length. I wipe off the remaining tears and look him in the eye. "Maybe I'll wait until another night" he smiles. I manage a small laugh. "Me too."

Hope you guys like it so far! I'm only 14 I'm not great at this stuff ☺️hope you have a great day wherever you are x - KT

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