Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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33. Forest's Story - Chapter 31 - Interrogation

Forest woke up the next morning next to Blare, she had her arms wrapped around him. Forest woke her up by shaking her, Blare sat up and rubbed her eyes. 

Blare: “Hello Hon,” she said as Forest took off his pants. “What are you up to?” She said as she got up. 

Blare was wearing her navy blue nightgown, her underwear quite visible. She walked towards Forest and hugged him. Forest knew what was going to come out next. 

Blare: “Is something going on at work? You look troubled.” She said as he looked at her and stroked her soft purple hair. 

Forest: “We think there may be a traitor, when I went with DustMite to go get the ring he was the only one who knew we went to the ghetto except for you and Darien.” Forest said as he looked at Blare. 

Blare: “So you think he may be the traitor?” She asked as she let go and Forest turned facing towards Blare.

Forest: “Well… I’m not sure what to think… he did come with me to make and get the ring…” Forest paused for a while and thought about it. “He also wanted me to fix the plane and jet… so I don’t know…”

Forest got a call later from Richtophen and walked out to the hall way. Blare followed and waited for him in the doorway. 

Forest: “Hello?” He said as put the phone on speaker so Blare could hear him.

Richtophen: “Are you ready?” He said as Forest turned towards Blare. “I already got everyone lined up.” He said as Forest held the phone speaker to his mouth.

Forest: “Ummm…. Sure…” He said as he said down on the bed.

Richtophen: “Alright, I’ll see you in a few.” He said as Forest hung up and put the phone in his pocket.

Forest walked to the dresser and put on a black shirt, Blare walked downstairs and prepared breakfast for him. After dinner (scrambled eggs, biscuits with sausage and gravy, an apple with some orange juice to go with it), Blare sat down next to him. She looked at him with her phone on the table.

Blare: “So DustMite showed you who the shop?” She said as she looked at Forest as he put down the fork.
Forest: “It… wasn’t a shop… it was a drug lab,” He said as Blare looked at him with shock. 

Blare: “What the hell were you doing in a drug lab?!” She exclaimed as he stood up.

Forest: “But he was the jewel carver, DustMite trusted him and the guy got killed.” Forest said as he looked at her. 

Blare: “Okay, I trust you… but if I go down to the garage or the basement and find drugs you’re going to be in big trouble.” She said as she walked to the basement, but when she got down the dogs ran upstairs. 

They had them there, because they couldn’t be up there since they had some merchandise that couldn’t be broken. Forest then grabbed them by the collar and brought them back down to the basement. He gave them some more food (which he had fed them everyday) and sat on the stairs. She looked relieved, there weren’t any drugs in the basement nor the garage. 

Blare: “Sorry for framing you,” She said as Forest stood up and hugged him. “You should go to work hon.” She said as Forest kissed her on the cheek. 

Forest: “I love you.” He said as he walked up stairs as she followed him out of the house. 

Blare: “I love you too,” she said as Forest walked to the truck. “Don’t be late!” 

When Forest got to work, everyone was lined up in the courtyard. Richtophen was sitting on a crate patiently waiting for Forest. 

Richtophen: “You’re late,” He said as he looked a Forest. “Nevermind, let’s get going.”

Forest noticed DustMite was there, he didn’t look nervous.

Forest: “Excuse me for a minute.” He said as he walked towards DustMite.

DustMite noticed him, he didn’t seem scared or afraid.

Forest: “DustMite, can we walk… away from the group.” He said as he pulled him into the hanger.

DustMite: “What’s up?” He said as he leaned against the wall.

Forest: “Did you rat us out?” He said as he brought out a portable lie detector. 

DustMite: “No…” He said as he looked at Forest in the eyes.

The Lie detector beeped once, DustMite was telling the truth. Forest threw the detector on the ground, shattering it to pieces. He was obviously mad. 

Richtophen: “Was it him? I asked Amber and everyone here, they’re all telling the truth.” He said as he got up.

Forest and Richtophen went back to the house, so they could figure it out. When they got in Blare was cooking lunch and they ate at the dinner table.

Forest: “Who else could it be?” He said as he brought up the topic as Richtophen was eating the soup and burnt his tongue. 

Richtophen: “Arg… fuck… well…” He said as his eyes widened. “The mayor!” 

Blare: “The mayor?!” She said as she lifted her right eyebrow. 

Forest: “Son of a bitch! We gotta go Blare!” Forest said as he followed Richtophen to the door.

Blare: “Forest!” She said as she waited for him in the doorway.

Forest sighed and walked back. 

Forest: “Yes hon?” He said as he looked at her.

Blare: “Can I come please, I promise I won’t get in the way.” She said as Forest smiled and rolled his eyes. 

Forest: “Sure…” He said as he ran back to the truck and Blare followed, her purse on her shoulder.

Richtophen: “Why the hell did you bring her?” He said as he glared at Forest.

Forest: “She wanted to come, she can at least help out a little bit,” He said as he looked back at him. “And it’s my truck, so she can come if she wants.”

Richtophen rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone.

Richtophen: “Ugh… FINE!” He said with a disappointed attitude.

It took them ten minutes this time since they remembered how to get there, plus the fact that they could just run red lights deliberately. When they made it to old Boston, they parked in front of the City Hall. The three of them walked in, showed their ID’s to the security guard (telling them that Blare was with them as well) and moving on inside. 

Forest: “Hey, why did you want to come today anyways?” He said as he looked at her. 

Blare: “Can we just go? I just want to figure this all out.” She said as Forest rolled his eyes and opened the door. 

Forest walked in and Ricthophen followed. Blare just sat in a chair in his office.

Forest: “Mayor Chalk, we need to talk for a while.” He said solemnly. 

Mr. Chalk: “About what? Is there a law you want me to veto?” He asked as he got up.

Richtophen: “No… we have suspicions that you maybe ratting us out.” He said as Mr. Chalk looked shocked.

Mr. Chalk: “Ratting you out?!” He paused for a while as he slid his hand underneath a desk. “But to whom?” He said trying to sound surprised.

Mr. Chalk pressed the button, it didn’t do anything… but record their talk.

Forest: “To Darien, you’re the only one who know that we would go and get a ring for my engagement… the only time I’m vulnerable so that you can kill me.” He said as Richtophen was about to reach for his gun.

Mr. Chalk: “Why would you think so? We’re all friends… compadres… amigo's and amiga’s right?” He said as he smiled nervously. 

Forest glared at him and backed away towards the door, Blare and Richtophen followed.

Forest: “Keep in mind Chalk… we’re watching you…” He said as he opened the doors and walked down stairs. 

Forest was obviously irritated and frustrated.  They were getting nowhere, and this agent from Darien was supposed to be coming anytime soon. Forest stood by someone’s car and hit it. 

Forest: “Damnit!” He said as he stopped leaning. “We got nowhere!” He said as he climbed in the truck, Richtophen and Blare followed. 

Blare: “He’s suspicious, you said the last time he was angry… why would he change attitude?” She asked as Forest started his truck up.

Richtophen: “Blare’s right, that is pretty strange… and we don’t have much evid--” 

Forest: “Hang on… I’m getting a message…” He said as he brought out his phone and looked at it.

Forest: “The text says: ‘If you want to find evidence about the Mayor, meet us tonight in the park bathroom… we have suspicions on what Mayor Chalk is hiding. ~ Anonymous’, Richtophen… do you know who it may be?” 

Richtophen: “Well, they said Anonymous… and we haven’t had an agent under the code name Anonymous in a while so it could be anyone. What time does it say to visit.”

Forest scrolled down and saw the times.

Forest: “Come between 11 and 12:30.” He said as Richtophen brought out his phone.

Richtophen: “Got it.” He said as he put it away. 

Forest dropped off Richtophen and took Blare home. He was pretty tired, but he knew that it was alright for the most part because DustMite wasn’t guilty but they had to deal with someone else plus Darien, and the agent guy, the Mayor, and that Anonymous guy… Forest was stressing. He had dinner and stayed up, he had several cups of coffee and he just waited for Richtophen to come by. That was until he got a knock at the door…

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