Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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32. Forest's Story - Chapter 30 - Engagement

Forest was working at work as usual, Amber was doing great. They got her on a mission yesterday and she did awesome. Sadly she had an appointment so she could come to work. Forest had his own problems anyways, he had to work with Dust Mite on several things. He worked with him on several jets and planes. So Forest walked down to the hanger to help out.

   When he got there Dust Mite was setting up his tools.

DustMite: “Hey kid! How ya’ doin’?” He said as a police siren in the background went off.

Forest: “Pretty good,” Forest said a he walked into the hangar garage. “What’s up with the plane?”

DustMite just stared at it and looked back at Forest.

DustMite: “Not sure.” He said as he put his hand on his hips.

DustMite: “It could be the engine, because this sonuvabitch won’t start up.” He said kicking the front wheel.

Forest: “Well… can’t be too bad…” Forest said as he turned to DustMite.

DustMite: “You’ll be eating those words, plane and jet engines are pretty difficult stuff,” He said as he walked towards the tool box. “It’s not like fixing a truck or a damned car… you’d be lucky.” He said as Forest just stood there waiting for him to come back.

When Dustmite came back with his tools, such being a ratchet with an entire box of sockets and a tool bag.

Forest: “So now what?” Forest said as he stared at DustMite who had already walked underneath the plane.

DustMite: “We fix it! Duh!” He said as he opened up the engine doors. Hot oil poured out onto the floor, some of it getting onto DustMite’s clothes.

DustMite: “I think I found the problem, it’s oil hasn’t been changed and the engine is starting to ware out.” He said as he slid the goggles from his cowboy hat down and onto his eyes.

Forest: “And you said, it wasn’t going to be like fixing a car.” Forest said lifting an eyebrow in suspicion.

DustMite: “Just… go and get the engine from the back room.” he said sounding frustrated.

   Forest went into the back room and there were four shelves against the wall and two standing across from each other. Forest searched the entire room for an engine, until he actually came across a box. The kind of boxes you’d see at weddings, Forest picked it up and looked inside. There was nothing, nothing at all. Forest then heard footsteps, DustMite’s footsteps.

DustMite: “What the hell are ye’ doin’ in here? Jerkin’ it?” He said sounding irritated.

Forest: “I was actually looking at this,” He said showing him the box. “Is it your’s?”

DustMite: “Oh! I remember that box, that’s the same box Frank used to marry Nancy with… that same engagement ring is on her finger.” He said as he picked up the engine from the shelf.

Forest: “Then why do you have it?” Forest asked as he followed DustMite to the doorway as he eventually made it back to the plane.

DustMite: “Safe keeping I suppose,” He said looking back, then turning 180 degrees to Forest. “Are we going to fix this bitch or not?” He said as he shrugged.

Forest: “I suppose…” He said as he walked to the plane.

So they worked for a couple of hours on the plane. DustMite showed him where the parts go in their correct spaces, it was kind of like a car but not exactly like one. For one it was way more complicated.

Forest: “So, how’s Samantha?” He said as he knew obviously that she was going to be pregnant again. Considering that’s always what DustMite responded to.

DustMite: “Sick…” He said as Forest thought he was actually going to be wrong for once. “Sick and pregnant.” Or… maybe he was right the first time…

DustMite: “What about you? What’s going on with Blare and you?” He said as he lifted a brow.

Forest: “We’re still dating, it’s… nothing new.” Forest said as DustMite grabbed a socket Wrench, then he looked at him.

DustMite: “Ya’ need to marry that girl, she ain’t gunna get any younger.” He said as he looked back inside.

Forest: “Well, I still think we need some more time… it’s only been two years.” He said as DustMite dropped the Wrench on his knee and it crashed on to the floor. 

DustMite: “ARG… FUCK… TWO YEARS?! WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!” He said as looked at Forest with disappointment.

Forest: “Jesus, I don’t know… ugh… it’s… work…” He said as he looked down.

DustMite: “Well, let’s just finish this job and I’ll give ye’ some money to go buy the nicest ring from a friend of mine.” He said as he walked over to the jet.

After fixing the engine, replacing the oil, and fixing the brakes Forest got the money and DustMite took him to his friend. It was on the shady side of Boston, where people were doing drugs and meth. Sadly they couldn’t kill them because they were ‘citizens’.

Forest: “So… how do you know this guy?” Forest said as he looked at DustMite.

DustMite: “I just… know him…” He said as he focused on the road until they got to his house.

Forest: “Alright… he’d better not be trouble.” Forest said looking at his phone.

DustMite: “Nah, he hasn’t given me shit… well… except for our wedding ring,” He said as he parked the car, opened his side of the door and looked at Forest. “Well, except for my wedding ring.” He said as he got out of the car.

Forest: “Alright,” He said as he got out of DustMite’s Honda Accord Hybrid 2016. “If ya say so.”

Forest had never been on this side of the town, and it looked shady as well so he wasn’t sure if this guy was actually a jewel carver. When the got to the porch, DustMite kicked on the wood door.

DustMite: “Enrique! C’mon out! We need you for a second!” DustMite said as a man came to the door.

Enrique: “Who is this, I know that you’re DustMite… but who is with you?” He said as he peeked though a little crack with a little chain at the top.

DustMite: “He’s a friend, now open the damned door, he needs a ring for his girlfriend.” He said as Enrique rolled his eye.

Enrique: “Fine.” He said as he shut the door and unlocked multiple locks the opened it all the way.

   Both of them walked in, the place was dirty. The place reeked in smell like cat and rat piss, in fact there was a rat scurrying across to a pizza box then back to his hole. The couch was torn up, and the table had nothing but what looked like meth cooking. The kitchen was the worst, there were cockroaches running across the kitchen side. Forest had a bad feeling this was going to turn into some sort of turf war or whatever.

Enrique: “Follow me downstairs.” He said as he walked down to the basement.

Forest followed, but what he saw was unbelievable. Solid gold bricks, and an entire stack of them. There was also an entire meth lab, full of the necessary stuff for cooking. Forest didn’t want to say anything though, because he could get offended. Enrique grabbed a couple of bricks for the ring, and he scurried through several drawers to get a diamond.

Forest: “You… do know what you’re doing… right?” He said looking at a picture of a woman in a stripper outfit.

Enrique just glared at him, then back at his work.

When they were finished with the engagement ring, Enrique put it in a box and handed it to Forest.

Enrique: “Three thousand dollars, I need it now.” He said as Forest threw a grocery bag with three thousand dollars.

Enrique couches towards the bag and sniff it.

Enrique: “Hehehehe, thank you!” He said with a weird smile.

Forest: “Yeah…” He said as he walked up the stairs, but something seemed to be getting at the door. They seemed to be knocking at the door with force, so Forest opened the door and saw an entire gang of men flashing purple and orange.

Gang Leader: “We lookin’ for Enrique.” He said as cocked a pump action shotgun.

Forest: “Why?” He said as Enrique walked up with an uzi.

Enrique: “Hey, what the fuck are you doing here?!” He said as Forest and DustMite hit the dirty and broken wooden floorboards. Enrique fired several shot, and so did the gang leader. Enrique was high at the moment so his shots hit the wall and the Gang Leader hit him. Enrique fell and crashed onto the floor.

Forest and DustMite got up as the gang fell back to find some cover.

Forest: “Here, take this!” He said tossing the uzi to DustMite and they both went behind a wall for some cover.

   The first to guys were taking cover behind a car, and were attempting to flank but it wasn’t possible. So Forest and DustMite took those two out and moved behind a tree. They were out matched 2 to 45 people. Forest called for backup, and almost immediately backup came. Without getting hit by bullets they were able to make it back to the agency with ease.

DustMite: “Well that was fun… don’t ya’ think?” He said smiling as he walked to the double doors.

Forest: “If your thoughts of fun is nearly getting your head blow off… I suppose so.” He said sarcastically as he followed behind him.

Later they finished the breaks and got the planes working.

DustMite: “Hey, if ye’ don’t have anythin’ planned for tonight I can bring my family here… well… maybe not the kids.” He said as he remembered the last time they came over and they tore apart the entire house.

Forest: “Sure, just come over and I’ll have my Mom bring her husband and the kids…. Maybe Amber if Blare wants her to come over.” He said as he walked back through the same doors they entered through.

DustMite: “Alwight, I’ll see ye’ then.” He said as he got in his car.

Forest got into his truck and drove back to his house. When he opened the door, Blare was sitting there and watching TV.

Blare: “Hey Forest, how you doing?” She said as she smiled widely.

Forest: “I’m good,” He said as he gave his a quick kiss on the lips. “Hey, so DustMite and Samantha are coming over as well as my Mom, sister, brothers… would you like to invite Amber?” He asked as he walked over to the kitchen area.

Blare: “Actually, she’s kind of busy… something about another doctor’s appointment and a job interview…” She said as she got up and followed Forest to the kitchen. She quickly changed the subject. “How was work?” She asked.

Forest: “I helped DustMite with some errands, and a gunfight broke out in the ghetto so we took care of that… other than that nothing much happened.” He said as he rummaged through the cabinets looking for some food to make for dinner.

Blare: “Alright, so we have a tri-tip and some uncooked steak we never got to cooking. If you want we could make that with some stuffing, mashed and baked potatoes… and that soup recipe you like.” She said it making it sound so easy.

Forest: “You sure you can cook all of that?” He said as he lifted an eyebrow.

Blare: “Sure, you did teach me how to cook didn’t you?” She said as she got out all the stuff she needed. “Besides, it’s a lot so you’ll have to help me.”

Forest: “Alright….” He said as he got the oven top from the cabinets.

   They cooked for two straight hours, Nancy said that she’ll come over with her husband and her daughter. Leon and Vincent also said that they’d come, but also suggested that they’d eat out on the deck they made which hung over a cliff by the beach. When the time came, they all walked over and setted up the table for a nice dinner. Although, Nancy’s husband and daughter seemed to be running late.

Forest: “When did they say that they were going to come?” He said looking at Nancy, who had significantly made a change in her health.

   Nancy’s appearance also changed, she had brown hair and at the end she had blond/golden tips. It was unusual, but this time she was wearing high heels which she never does normally. She was wearing sunglasses and a hat for the heat since now it was summer. She obviously didn’t need crutches or a wheelchair, and because of her last child she had some fat from the baby and she lost most of it, so she’s as skinny as a rail. She was also wearing a nice purple dress which she normally wore to events like these. She also had the baby with her.

   Nancy paused for a while, she would normally talk… that was when her husband walked with his hand in a little girl’s. The man had short black hair with black skin, he was wearing shiny shoes and a Black and white tuxedo. He had his hands one of his hands in his pocket and the other one in the girl’s. He wore gloves for some reason… Forest didn’t know the color because they were quite unusual. The girl was also dressed nicely, she was wearing a nice flower dress that looked nice and soft. She was wearing leggings and had nice shiny black shoes. Her skin seemed to be different than her father’s, she was caucasian in which her skin was very unusual for one.

   She had brown hair like Nancy, but Black streaks like her father. They were quite visible, as if she almost dyed them in.

Nancy: “Peter… Rachelle,” She said as she greeted them, she whispered something to ‘Peter’ then pulled away. “Forest, Blare can you please come here!” She called as Forest walked over the the man and the girl.

Peter: “I’ve heard a lot of you Speyer, I’m Peter… Peter HookClaw Jr.,” He said as he had his arms behind his back. “And this is my daughter, Rachelle HookClaw… your sister.” He said as Forest kneeled down and stuck out his hand.

Shyly the girl peeped out and shook his hand smiling.

Peter: “And you… must be his girlfriend are you not?” He said as he grabbed her hand and placed his lips on her hand.

Blare felt pretty awkward in this situation, so she just blushed.

Blare: “U-um… thanks....” She said as she backed away.

Forest: “How come we haven’t met?” Forest said as he noticed Blare backing away then looked at him again.

Peter: “I just got too busy,” he said as he looked at Rachelle. “She was helping me with some of the work I was doing.”

Forest: “Anyways, well… dinner is prepared but everyone is eating the appetizers so…” He paused as Blare walked away for a few second to the table to go and get more appetizers. “If you want feel free to sit down where available.” He said as Forest sat down in the loveseat by the railing.

   There was a little coffee table with some appetizers for himself, some mozzarella sticks, and such. Samantha and Dustmite in the meantime eating the appetizers, Samantha hogged up most of theirs. Every time Dustmite tried to get one, Samantha slapped his hand and kept going. Later, when everyone was there they decided it was time to say grace. After saying grace they dug in… until Richtophen showed up.

Richtophen: “Excuse me Forest, but can I talk to you… privately.” He said as he walked back into the little tunnel with Forest.

Forest: “What’s up?” He said as Richtophen brought out his phone and showed him a video of Darien.

Darien: “Hello, Forest… we heard about the gunfight that happened earlier and we know you’re going to go through an engagement… so I have a little friend for you,” Darien said as he looked to his right. Forest was shocked and confused. “This… this is Rufus, AKA big ben.” He said as Forest paused the video.

Forest: “How did he know?” Forest said as he looked at Richtophen.

Richtophen sighed.

Richtophen: “Not sure, but I feel like we have a traitor somewhere… someone knows...“ He said as he looked at the group at the table. “Tomorrow, we’re going to find him or her… and put an end to him or her-- them.”

Forest: “Alright, do you want to stay for a while?” He said as he walked backwards. “We got plenty.”

Richtophen: “Eh… sure… why not…” He said as he walked to the table.

Later they said grace and ate a great big dinner, it seemed to turn out well. After everyone left, Forest pulled Blare over to the side.

Blare: “Forest… it’s cold… what do you want?” She said as the sun started to set.

Forest: “I wanted to tell you something, something… I wanted to tell you for a while… but I just forgot.” He said as he grabbed the box from his back pocket.

Forest got one knee and opened the box.

Forest: “Will you… be my wife?” He said as he looked over at her.

Blare’s eyes widened and filled with tears of joy, something he hadn’t seen since she saw her parents.

Blare: “Yes!” She said as Forest got up and place the ring on her finger and Blare hugged him.

Forest hugged her back, the tears soaking into his nice shirt. He then pushed her back and kissed her on the mouth, and they both embraced each other romantically.

Together, they walked back to the house. However, Forest laid at night thinking about the traitor… Rufus… Darien… what did it mean? Forest couldn’t think of anyone who would betray them, but then he remembered he was with DustMite… he laid with his eyes wide opened thinking if DustMite… one of his best friends… if he could be the traitor. If he had called him to help with the plane, just to get him in a vulnerable spot… his wedding. Forest finally fell asleep, still with the thoughts of all the bad things happening.

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