Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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29. Forest's Story - Chapter 27 - Infiltration (2/2)

When they surfaced onto into the pool room, Nancy was there waiting for them. She already got the wolf from the locker. “Alright, are we all ready?” Forest said as he looked over the room noticing there weren’t any guards at all inside. “We should be, I checked the next room… there aren’t any guards at all in this next room they may be in the auditorium for some sort of gathering.” Nancy said as poked her head through  the door. “Shall I scout ahead?” Said the Blade Wolf. “Yeah… go ahead.” He said as the wolf ran out to look around the area. “Let’s go, we need to find out what’s going on… and where Damien is.” He said as Nancy stood next to him. “I’ll go with him, you two get on top of a roof and cover us.” Nancy said as she dragged Forest with him to the elevator in the next room. “”Be careful!” Natalia said as Forest gave her a thumbs up to ensure that they were going to be alright. When they got to the gates of the elevator, Nancy squealed in excitement. “Yay! I finally get to see my baby boy in action!” She said as she hugged Forest very tightly. “Okay…. Mom… please let go…” He said as he moved away from her. He didn’t realize she was that strong, but then again she did only bring her bare hands. When they got to the roof, Forest noticed there was only on guard guarding the roof. He was standing there whistling, listening to music and playing on his phone. He stood there just looking, so Forest dragged him down to the floor and punched him in his face. He took the clothing off of the body and took the walkie talkie and gun. “Nice job Forest,” Nancy said as she walked over to the body. “Now we need one for me…” He said as he got something over the walkie talkie. “Hey, Russell I’m coming up so we can play Skate 3 together.” He said as he went silent. “Hide!” Forest said as he hid behind a create. When he came up, he saw the body. Nancy took him out with a punch to the head. 

After having the disguises on they moved on, it was a long walk though. They had to go to several other buildings just to get to the auditorium. When they got there, they moved into the crowd and Forest radioed into Natalia. “We’re inside the auditorium, I don’t understand why we’re here anyways…” Forest said as he kneeled down. “You need to take pictures of the weapon, we need to know what it is and what Damien is planning.” Said the CIA agent. “Okay, well get closer…” Forest said as he got up. “Don’t get caught, if you move too much… they’ll get suspicious. Inside your bag, you should have a digital HD camera… use that to take a nice glossy picture of the weapon.” The agent said as he seemed to have gotten some sort of soda can and open it, Forest obviously noticed. “Are you… drinking a can of soda?” Forest said as he raised one eyebrow. “Um… no… j-just get to the job.” He said as he hung up. “Alright, let’s ask this guy where the bathroom is.” Forest whispered as he grabbed his mother’s hand. “Why?” Nancy whispered. “Just…. Follow… I have a plan…” He said as he walked over to the guard. “Follow my lead,” Forest said as he made his way to the guard. “Excuse us, but can you tell us where the ladies room is? She REALLY has to go!” Forest said as Nancy did a little potty dance to go with it. “Um… it’s in the third room… but hurry because the gathering is about to start!” He said as he pointed to the door. “Alright, thank you.” Forest said as they ran through three rooms. When they made it, Forest say the weapon. The third room was gigantic, because there was a giant cannon in the room. But it wasn’t just a civil war cannon, it was a high impact cannon used to destroy cities…. States… even countries. “Alright, now you need to take a picture on the right, left, and front of the cannon. Then send the picture to me in a chat, after that get the fuck out of there because there’s more that we need to do. Damien should be doing the presentation, so don’t let him see you or else he’ll execute you guys right there on the spot.” He said as Forest took a picture of the front. “Got it.” Forest said as Nancy stood there waiting for the presentation to start. After Forest got done taking the pictures, he went back to the first room to watch the presentation. “What do you think it does?” Nancy said as they sat in the back where there were benches. Forest watch only, and the presentation started. “Hello soldiers, I am your boss… your superior boss and future dictator of the world… Damien,” he said as he took off the mask he was wearing. His face was burnt, marks of blood and ashes were on his face. “And today, we will finally destroy our competitors…” he said as the camera moved up to show the giant cannon. “This, this is monstro… the giant cannon that can shoot radioactive missiles to destroy anything we want, killing massive populations, destroying the lives of many families, and stopping all was as it is!” He said as Forest looked wide-eyed after hearing what he had said. “Now, Darien and I have been working for years to complete this project… and I am not glad to say that this is finally finished. It works, as shown as we took the cannon to the desert and fired it. When we fired it, the cannon well… I’ll show you the video.” He said as he moved away from the screen as the camera focused on the giant screen. Scientist and a giant crew were working on it. When they turned the key, Forest saw the cannon fire a giant missile towards a house and when the light stopped… the house was nothing but a giant crater. “This is the power it has, and together… we will destroy Richtophen incorporated, we will kill Forest… and there will be NO stopping us…” He said as Forest rubbed his face. 

Sweat was pouring down, and Forest looked down in shame. “I have a little word from Darien, who is currently in San Francisco with his family.” He said as he walked off stage and went to a skype call. “Hello, I… am Darien. We’ve worked non-stop with this project, with an agency who trains a lot of soldiers we are yet very vulnerable… the U.S. military, CIA and Rictophen Inc., will all be after us and that’s why… this weapon is going to be destroy all three.” He said as Forest was shocked. “They may not know, but this is more than just a giant cannon… but it is the ultimate weapon…” Darien said as the camera was off. “Mom… we need to go…” Forest said as he got up and picked his mother up. When they got to the hallway, Forest took off his mask as well as Nancy. “Quick, let’s get the hell out of here…” He said as he ran down the hallway, until he stopped by a bullet flying past his head. He turned around slowly to see who it was. “Hello Forest, pleasant surprise seeing you here.” Damien said as he had Nancy in a choke hold, not enough to choke her… but enough to not let her go. “Let her go, please.” Forest said approaching very slowly. “I’m afraid I can’t do that Forest, unless if you give back the info that was stolen.” He said as he brought out his knife. “Or else, I’ll sink this blade right into her back.” He said as he smiled. Nancy was calm, she didn’t really seem afraid. Forest walked slowly, and tried. “What info?” Forest said as he tried to play clueless. “The files that YOU’VE stolen!” He said harshly. “Don’t think I haven’t checked Speyer, I KNOW what you did.” He said as he walked back. “What will it be?” He said as he looked him dead in the eye. Nancy then called him in by Nano. “Forest, just let him stab me… I’ll be fine but we need to get those files back to base.” She said as Forest looked at her. “Are you crazy?! It has poison in it, I can see the little tube.” Forest said as he looked wide-eyed a Nancy. “Just do it! Get the files back, I’ll be fine.” She said as she radioed off. “No… I won’t give them back.” Forest said as he grabbed his sword. “Hmph…” He said as he stabbed Nancy in her rib. “I’ve injected her with a poison that has only one cure, and only one person knows how to make it… you’d better hurry.” He said as he ran down the hall and around the corner. The soldiers came from the auditorium, and surrounded them. Forest helped Nancy up, she passed out from the stab but she seemed to be fine. “Shit… we’re surrounded…” Forest said as he backed into the wall behind him. Forest thought he was screwed, until he saw three figures in the hall to his right. It was TLM, Natalia, and Blade wolf. “Sick’em!” TLM said as Blade Wolf ran towards the crowd and used the razor sharp chainsaw he had on them. Limbs flew everywhere, some blood landed on Forest’s cheek. Natalia ran up to them and kneeled down. “You two okay?” She said as she looked back and saw more men and women coming down the hall to the right. “Get out of here, we go it.” TLM said as he brought out his scythe. Forest nodded and ran to the helipad, there was the CIA agent as helped Nancy on first. “Where are the others?” He said as Forest climbed on. Forest only responded with a nod, “Just… GO! She’s going to die!” He said as he yelled at the pilot. They took off, Forest held on to Nancy as the entire place became a battlefield. 

Later after getting Nancy stabilized, Forest went to tell the world on the news. As he stepped on the stage, camera’s flash went off like crazy. Luckily, Forest was wearing a pair of sunglasses. “Hello, I have… a very serious announcement…” Forest said as the sun reflected off his sunglasses. “There is a threat, a threat who wants to dictate and destroy the Boston and the U.S. Military and Government. I will now be accepting questions.” He said as the crowd of reporters roared. Forest pointed at one of the reporters. He had blonde hair and looked directly at Forest. “Forest, do you know the name of the organization and its leader?” He said as he looked at him directly. “I’m afraid I can’t answer that…” he said pushing up his glasses. He picked on another one. “What is their weapon?” Said another male one. “A… giant cannon.” He said as the audience blew up with questions. “I will accept another one, but this is my last one.” He said with a solemn face. “When will they fire it?” Said a female reporter. “In about a week or three days time, and they’ll aim for Richtophen Inc.” Forest looked at the audience. “Sorry, but that’s all I can answer at the moment.” Forest said as he walked off stage. Blare was waiting for him back there with Richtophen. “Well said Forest,” Richtophen said as he smiled and nodded. “Blare and I went to go and see Nancy, they found a cure of her poison and we baked her a cake…” Blare glared at him. “Well… she baked the cake… I only tasted it.” He said as they walked to his truck. “I have the cake in the back, do you know where exactly she is?” Blare said as she climbed into the passenger seat of the truck, as Richtophen sat in the outside in the carrier since it would’ve been obvious he was going to taste the cake. “Yes, room 316 and the hospital isn’t that far at all so…” He said as he started the truck, and started to drive down the street. They checked in and knocked on the door. Nancy was awake watching TV, a nurse came to get her cup and left. “Hey Mom…” Forest said as Nancy looked over. “Thanks Forest, you at least got the info back… although… I don’t think I’ll be able to work for a while…” She said as Forest sat down. “So you may have to call one of your brothers…” She said as Richtophen walked out of the room with his phone. “I called Dustmite and Samantha, they said that they hope you get better and they give you hugs and kisses from where they are.” Forest said showing her the text. “I also called my parents, and they said they want to meet you.” Blare said as she smiled opening the box with the cake in it. “Thanks Blare, you didn’t have to make me one.” Nancy said as she smiled weakly. Richtophen walked back in and looked at Nancy. “Forest, Leon said he’ll fill in as head general… Vincent… I don’t even know what the hell he was doing.” Richtophen said as he looked down. “He said he would bring Vincent and come over with dinner.” Richtophen said as he smiled. “Cool, I’ll set up the table.” Forest said as Blare brought Nancy a slice of cake. “T-thanks.” She said as she coughed. Forest and Richtophen brought out his premium Napa Valley wine that was imported to him by his friend. “Alright, we’re set.” Forest said as he had his hands on his hips. The room was pretty big, enough to have two bathrooms, a dining table and a queen sized bed. Later the entire group celebrated their victory, now that they know what was going on with Damien and Darien… they could move on to phase two of their plan.

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