Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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26. Forest's Story - Chapter 24 - The first date

Forest went back immediately to Blare, he promised her a date at the local amusement park which Blare wanted to go because she wanted a superheroine cape and have fun with Forest. So, Forest came by picked her up, and took her to the park. When Forest and Blare got there, they were lured in by a game. Forest spotted the pikachu plush, and walked up. "Want to win a plush?! Step up and hit all these bottles!" The man behind the booth said. "Heh, watch this Blare." Forest whispered to Blare. He then threw the ball at the man's head as he fell to the ground. Forest laughed as he took the plushie for her. They got more stuff, like food and drinks, a pink batman cape for Blare and a regular batman cape for himself. It was until they saw 'The Gut Crusher' the new rollercoaster. Forest dragged Blare to the rollercoaster. "Forest... I-I don't think this is a good idea." She mumbled looking pretty scared. The wasn't a line at all, so it was going pretty fast. Only three other people were on the ride, so Forest told her to sit down in one of the seat... Or in the one next to him. "I can wait, can you Blare?" He said as they were going up the drop. Blare was terrified, she looked like she was in pain like a woman giving birth or a fish out of water, she was scared. When they got to the top of the drop, Forest was ready with anticipation while Blare was quivering with fear... until it stopped at the top. Blare scooted close to Forest holding on to him like a cat on a tree. "Forest, get me dow," she whimpered. "I have to go to the bathroom. " She continued. Forest sighed and looked down. "There's not much I can do Blare, were stuck." He said waiting patiently while Blare held her private area. It took them 30 minutes to realize there were five people stuck on a 22 story drop rollercoaster. Forest forgot his phone in the truck, so he couldn't call Dust Mite or anyone else to have them come and pick him up and he didn't have anything Blare or himself could pee in (he kind of also needed to use it as well but not by that much) and Blare from forgot cuddle bear her favorite stuffed bear. People surrounded the scene, and it what felt like three hours for them to figure out what was going on. "Sorry people we noticed that we had the lock on, we apologize for this inconvenience and enjoy the ride." They all dropped so fast, the momentum of the coaster and the wind blowing across Forest's face. The water drizzling across his face? The smell of piss going into his nosterals? The boy in front of him had peed his pants, he kind of expected blare to pee but she was a girl so it wouldn't hit his face probably. When he got off the ride, he told the boy's parent's and they had already punish and scolded him. Blare watched the entire thing, as well as Forest. Forest knew he had a lot to do since he missed out on Richtophen and the training he was supposed to do with that girl. 

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