Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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2. Forest's Story - Chapter 2 - The Lively Boy

In 2000, the baby boy grew up to be a lively boy. Forest was strong and lively, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The village was poor and didn't have any money. Usually they would sell a goat or the eldest child to be married. Forest really liked the village and was children to Shalasaska, the only female in the village without any young. She was also the only one willing to take care of Forest. She was an older woman in her late 50's, and the village wasn't happy with her choice. The next day was going to be a special day for Forest, the day he goes to the United States. Forest woke up bright and early, like he always does. "Rise and shine everyone!!!" He yelled to the whole village. "C'mon please wake up! It's a new day, aren't you all EXCITED?!" He says running around the whole village. He knocked on door, ran into homes shook people, jumped on them, yelled, ran around the place and tried to annoy the hell out of them. The village ha been doing this for the whole seven years of his life.

Later in the actual morning people started to do their farm work, chores, weave baskets for babies, take care of the sick, get water from a (surprisingly) fresh water hole, and create more huts just in case. Forest and the kids would mess around and disturb people. Shalasaska was old, smart, wise, and tough. She normally took care of the infants while people went to go do farming stuff. She also helps with diseases, sicknesses, and labor. She was a medicine maker and witch doctor. She owner another hut in the forest. Forest on the other hand, didn't care. He just spent most of his time playing with his friends. The day was just like any other. He had meet the same child that saved Forest. He was eleven at the time. After that the punk kids group of the village showed up. "Hey Rookie!" Said Mila, the leader of the group. "Want to join us, were going to the abandoned school want to go with us?" She said looking at the two gullible boys with her cute eyes. Mila was followed by not the whole group this time, an was followed by Talu and Bair(Pronouced Baeer) he two best boys. Mila was eleven just like Ryul. The we're be in opposites. Mila was born in the night time, and Ryul I'm the day. Mila being she's more immature, and Ryul more smart and not very gullible. Yet, when it comes to being seduced it weakens him. "Sure! But, what's a school?" Forest asks looking at Mila with a curious look. She let out a sigh and grabbed both by the hand. "I'll tell you later." She said dragging them to where the school layed. The school was small, ans was covered with landmines. "Maybe this ISN'T a good idea Forest." Ryul said grabbing Forest by the back of his neck.

"Now hold it right there chicken wuss," Mila says walking towards Ryul. "What are you doing?" "I'm taking him home, this is going to get this handsome boy, blown to smithereens." He says glaring at her. "Valz got his legs blown off because of landmines last month." He says backing away slowly. "He's dead, nobody cares about him okay? Now let's go Forest." She says kicking Ryul in the knee ans walks to the front. "Right so how do we get there ma'am." Talu asks looking at her and sees a mine right in front of him. "I don't know we build a bridge." She says sounding really confused. "A bridge really, is that the best you got?" Ryul says looking at her. "You got anything better than that genius?" She asks looking at him with a sassy face. "No, to be honest." He says looking at her. "Fine then, if you have nothing better to do I recommend you cross it." She says smiling at him. "Uh... NO!" He yells at her in her face. "Forest will do it, he always does." She says looking at Forest. "No! I won't." He says looking at her angrily. "You made him like this!" She says pushing him, but she make a mistake, she pushed him into the mine field. "Have fun getting out!" She says chuckling. "Forest help please!" He says as he almost starts to cry. "Get out of here and get help from Shalasaka. NOW!" He says looking at him. "Now, please." He says looking down, not even mock moving an inch. "Right." Forest says running back to Shalasaka. He ran all the way to the village in a rush. He informed Shalasaka ans she followed Forest. When they got there, Ryul had a surprised look on his face. "Your back!" He exclaimed as sweat ran down his face. "Okay I'll get you out, but I need you to follow my every step okay?" She says she guided him past all the mine until, he felt that he was on a delayed mine, Shalasaka looked a Forest and told him. "Run, run as fast as you can Forest and never look back." She says as she gives him her necklace and a kiss with her dry lips. "What are you doing?" He asked with curiosity. "I need to save him, take him and go!" She says pushing him through the field he had stepped on a mine but escaped with only a little scratch. She on the other hand, her body layed on he ground Hal her body was blown off. Forest felt grief, and guilt. He started to cry as everyone else came to see the scene. For the last few hours there, he wasn't himself he didn't eat dinner all he did was drink water but never showed his face. Then the same night he fell asleep. In the same environment they were in, people were tracking Forest. As the right time, 3 hours till midnight the agents took Forest without any words spoken and without Forest waking up since he's a heavy sleeper, well not all the time.

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