Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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20. Forest's Story - Chapter 18 - Housemates

Before the holidays started Forest and Blare have been hanging out together a lot. They had a Halloween costume party for the kids, and the day before Forest took Blare to a convention where she won first place for cutest cosplay. Forest hung out with her in between the holidays. He took her to restaurants and ate dinner with her at nights. Forest sometimes also brought Blade to play with Bella, Blare's dog. Forest also sometimes brought over Samantha as well, so Blare and her could talk. Forest also took her to get a nice big condo with superb furniture from apartments and mansions. She loved it, it looked like a teenagers big dream house. He also took her to the store to get her a stuffed animal or a snack. He mainly got snacks for the both of them, sometimes candy and ice cream. Other times it would be a bag of chips, which Forest liked since he had a weakness for spicy chips. So far, every holiday was a party which Forest and Blare would host. However, New Years eve was a very.... depressing day. That day, Forest drove over to Blare's house. He parked across the street and got out of the car. He locked it by pressing a button on a remote. Forest walked over to the front door and knocked. There was no reply, so he tried to open the door which was locked. Forest knew a way to get in, he forgot he had the house key. So he tried to use the key. It didn't work out too well, he assumed the door lock had change... until he found out that he had the key in the wrong way. He tried to get the key out, but when he did the key broke. So, Forest had a little fit and tried going through the side gate next to the garage. Forest opened it, but he heard something from one of the panel's in the house. It sounded like a beeping, when he saw it he knew someone was try to kill Blare or him. Semtex. Semtex plastic explosives, his eyes widened with shock. "Semtex!" He said to himself then running to the car and grabbing some sort of green container with some small lettering, but in big black letter said ''Coolant''. He walked inside through the sliding glass door. He then took the coolant and froze the bomb, but there were still more beeping. Forest looked at the doorway, and froze the Semtex above the doorway. Forest then opened the door, and found himself running around after that looking everywhere for explosives. When he froze the explosives in the hallway to Blare's room, he ran in to find Blare asleep and unaware of the beeping. "W-what... happened?" She yawned innocently. "No time to explain Blare, we gotta go!" Forest said grabbing Blare's hand, as a loud beeping could be heard in the room. It was the mother bomb, and she was about to blow. Forest ran outside onto the snowing floor. He picked up Blare and ran to the car and drove off. Bella tagged along, running as fast as she could. Forest managed to get the two of them inside his car. Blare wasn't able to walk since she had no shoes. Forest started the car and drove off as fast as he could. Four minutes later, Blare heard an explosion which made her cry. "Blare... It's okay, you can move in with me you'll be fine." He said looking at her, and smiling. Later that night, he called everyone and told them that he had moved the party to his place. He then, that night, told everyone about the incident. He also told everyone to watch everyone's back. "I'll have guards enforce the area all over town, Forest at this time I have to talk to you... alone." Richtophen said walking to the door and in the hallway. "What's wrong?" Forest said sounding confused. "You can't stay here in this part of town," Richtophen said sounding solemn. "it would be too obvious, so I need you tomorrow to start packing and putting stuff in your truck... have Blare help please." Richtophen said then handing him a pair of keys. "Take my truck, I didn't need it anymore anyways besides it should help with the move out," Richtophen said. "and I bought you the house, you'll love it."

Forest had an extra room for Blare. Forest asked Samantha if there were any clothes for Blare to wear. She said sure, and that same night she brought an entire bag of clothing for Blare. Some cute dresses and manarity clothes, which Blare wasn't sure those were too big on her. After the party, Forest walked to go take a nap in his room. Blare was in the room next to him, he just didn't know what to do any more. So, he just fell asleep... after all it was a long day anyways.

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