Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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17. Forest's Story - Chapter 15 - Dinner

Note: This contains blood, sexual stuff, and supremely kawaii dog girls. Viewers descression is advised.   Forest was in his kitchen, and has been in his kitchen for the last four hours ever since 3AM. After he finished cooking, he decided to call the guests. First he called his Mother, but nobody picked up, so he assumed she wasn't home and hanging out with her girls. Later after that, Forest called Dust Mite. Dust Mite said he would come, and he also asked if he could bring his wife and kids. Of course Forest didn't mind, but he wanted his Mom to come. Later, he called Blare to make the party a little more interesting. It took Blare a minute but she said she would arrive. Forest put on music and a movie, until the music on his phone had stopped and it rang. He walked to the phone and answered it, the ID said it was his Mom but all he could he was screams. "Hello?" Forest said putting it on speaker just to get away from the screams. The screams were pretty loud, so Forest put tin foil over the food and drove over to his Mother's place with the new car Richtophen bought for him. The drive was a good 10 minutes, but since they lived in the same neighborhood it didn't take too long. Forest got out, and looked at the two story house which looked a lot like a mansion. Forest loved the exterior of the house, so he could wait to see the inside. Just as he assumed there was a key under the door mat. Forest opened the door, and when he saw the interior it was terrifying. There was blood on the tan carpet and water on the hard wood floor near the door way. Forest was confused, but didn't know  was going on so he decided to call for his Mom. "Mama?" He yelled inside the house. Forest went upstairs and checked the rooms. Upstairs was a couple of bedrooms, a exercising room and a TV room. Forest checked all three rooms, but when he checked the bedroom he saw his mother on the bed screaming. Inside he could hear the painful screams, but he didn't see her. "Mom?" Forest said as he checked the room. "FOREEEEST!!!" She screamed in pain. She was obviously in the room, and noticed the bathroom door was open. When he opened it, inside the bathtub was his Mother completely naked. Forest walked over, and clueless as he was Forest kneeled down and check what was going on. There was blood in the bath water, and Forest took a look at the bathtub.

When he looked, he saw something poking out of her vaginal area. She later slapped his head and shot him with a deadly glare. "It's COMING!!!" She screamed looking up at the ceiling. "O-okay..." Forest said running out of the room. He wanted to call 911, but he didn't have the time to explain. So Forest had to go in as a lone wolf. Forest found some towels and got the blanket from his mother's bed. Forest then took a look in his sister's room. She had a pink themed room, there were a ton of stuff related to Princess Peach and Mario. Forest looked at the desk and opened it and checked the drawers. Forest then saw a pair of safety scissors, and they were metal which was unique. Forest ran back to the room, and set the towels down on the floor. "Mom, come over here and stand on the towels." He said grabbing her hand and guided her to the floor. The screaming eased down a little bit more, but it didn't last long when she crouched down and was screaming until Forest's ears we 'bleeding'. Forest got down on both knees getting his socks, knees wet. The baby's head was out, so he could imagine how hard it would be to push out a baby with its body half way out. Forest had no idea what he was doing, until he got an idea which took him more than 45 seconds to think of one. "PUSH!" Forest yelled, but his mother yelled louder. She pushed hard, water came out and squirted as the body approached more. "Grab it..." She repeated as Forest gentally pulled the child out, as water and blood spilled as he pulled it out. His mother moaned, and sighed in relief. Her belly looked a lot smaller. For giving birth to four, now five children she was extremely skinny. He expected her to be fatter considering before she gave birth she was a whale. Forest put the child on her breast after cutting the umbilical cord. A couple seconds later Forest took the baby and looked at it just to figure out the gender. It was a boy, and he looked a lot like Forest. Except he had white hair. He looked extremely pail and wasn't exactly clean. "Forest the blanket..." Nancy said as pointed to it just sitting there on the toilet. Forest didn't like the size of the blanket. It seemed too big, so just so he didn't have to look at her privates he put the blanket over one half of herself. "Where's your husband?" Forest said looking confused, since today was the day he was off. "He went on vacation, he won't be back until next month, but Forest I'm glad you came and helped me deliver." She said as Forest was putting a blanket over his new brother. "Your welcome, but... I forgot to mention I was trying to host a party..." He said until he was interrupted by his Mom. "I need you to stay here for a while," she said as if she were entirely ignoring him. "Can you do that for me?" She asked as Forest immediately put him on one of her breasts. "What's his name going to be?" Forest asked trying to change the subject. Nancy seemed to picked up on that. "Well, I decided to name him, when I was going to name you... Frost." She said smiling as the baby was asleep. Forest knew she was tired, and that she would fall asleep soon. And Forest got what he wanted, the party was in less that 30 minutes he needed to get to the party. "Forest... please take me to my bed I'm very tired." She said as she was about to close her eyes. "Sure, I don't mind." He said and he picked up hos mother, he noticed her belly was a six pack... and it was still kind of swollen but it didn't bother Forest anyways. He put one arm under her legs, and the other on her upper back. Forest was walking very slow, he didn't want to shake the baby and give him a concussion. He gentally put his mother down on the bed, and she fell asleep. Forest had fifteen minutes to get back to the apartment. Forest silently ran out the house doors and went to his car. Forest started the ignition and drove to his apartment, going over the speed limit. There wasn't much cops around as usual. Forest arrived with four minutes to spare, and Forest had the dinner ready. "Okay, music, movie, and..." He said looking at table and heard the doorbell ring. "Dust Mite!" Forest said as he ran to the door. Forest opened the door and there were thirteen children running around, yelling, crying, whining, and misbehaving. When the say the door open everyone ran inside, jumping on the couch and the bed. Then, Dust Mite followed. "Sorry Forest..." he said laughing a little. "It's a mess." He said smiling and walked inside. There was only ons person left and that was a big pregnant woman. She was gigantic, and looked like he had 10,000 kids in her... Well that's what Forest thought. She looked a lot like Blare, just with Brown hair. "Oh hello, I'm so sorry for the trouble." She said blushing in embarrassment. "It's okay... I love the company of children especially at parties." He said smiling and walked towards her. "I'm Samantha Hotaru Harp, the mother to all the children." She said smiling and put her arm on her stomach. "How do you all have so many children?" He asked looking very shocked. "Oh, Dust Mite has a gene to where we can breed like rabbits... I'm carrying the second load." She said sounding very proud. "How much are you two going to have?" Forest said smiling and gestured to let her in. "In here we have four extra compared to last time, which last time was 6 were having ten now." Forest was surprised, he didn't know hoe a females womb would be so bit to hold ten children. Later, he heard the doorbell ring and it was Richtophen. "Hey Richtophen, what's u--" He then saw what was in his maid's hands, pizza. Forest knew is was bad since he knew kids LOVED pizza. The kids then went silent, and all of them looked at the door was. Just as Richtophen and his maid walked in, they are ran upwards the door trampling Forest and the maid. Forest got up, looked around. "Guys, hey..." He said then noticing some of them had Cat and Dog tails. Forest took the boxes and set it in front of the TV. Later, Blare walked to the door which was open. "Um... Hello?" She said so shyly it was ridiculous. She was wearing eye shadow and lip stick, she looked clean and smelled like peaches. She had a dress, which was blue covered by her pink sweater. She was beautiful, but Forest didn't know how to explain it to her. He didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Forest digressed. 

"C'mon in!" Forest smiled as he guided her inside. The kids were playing board games along with the adults. Richtophen wasn't really fond of board games, so he just played Resident Evil on his PsVita. The maid joined though, she seemed ecstatic about it. The maid was young, she looked like she was 21 or 23. She was short like as if she was 15, but it didn't bother him it just seemed... weird. Forest guided Blare onto his deck and smiled. "Hello, so your Blare right?" Samantha said, she stood in the sliding glass doorway and walked towards Blare. "Mind if I steal her for a while?" She said sitting down on the bench. "Sure, but dinner will be ready soon." Forest said smiling and walking to the kitchen. Forest had the table ready, a couple seconds later a girl with a dog tail and cat ears walked to Forest. On her neck was a collar, it said 'Gale'. Her tail was Black along with her ears. Her hair was a darker brown than her mother's. "Mr Forest?" She said with puppy eyes. "Yes little lady?" Forest said petting her. "When is dinner ready?" She whinned like a puppy. "It's right now Darling." He said as Gale sat down next to his left leg. Forest walked to the table as Gale followed walking like a dog. Forest took a paper plate. "Gale Darling what do you want to eat." Forest asked smiling as Gale took a look at the selection. She pointed out out to a bowl of mashed potatoes, salad, roast beef, and ham. Forest gave her the plate and she ran to the table. She then stuffed her face into the plate. 

Later Blare and Samantha walked in both were laughing and having a good time. They seemed to get along already. They picked put their plates and sat down in the living room. Everyone else went to the living room except Gale. She wanted to be with Forest. Forest Sat and talked to her about life, until she got a call from his mother. "Hang on Darling," Forest said stepping onto the deck. "Hello?" He said answering the phone. "Forest... where are you I thought I told you to stay with me?!" Nancy said sounding kind of disappointed. "Mom... I had to host a party it was important." He said as Gale peeked out of the door eavesdropping on him. "Well you should've invited me I would've came." She said, then hanging up. "Hello?" He said trying to call her back but she changed her number. "Forest... are you okay?" Gale said as Blare and Samantha came to comfort him as well. "Yeah, I'm fine... y'all can stay the night if you want." He said petting Gale. "F-Forest you don't seem okay..." Blare said sounding kind of worried about him. "Yeah, it's worrying me that..." Forest got up, ignoring her and just went to bed. Gale following him, and she slept on the bed. She was unsure of what happened but she knew it was bad. 
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