Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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14. Forest's Story - Chapter 13 Richtophen's agency

As Forest was in the Heli, he felt sick and lightheaded. He didn't want to open the door a puke, he overhead his mother talking to someone saying they were 300 feet above ground level. Forest also had a fear of wide open spaces of water so he was scared of the ocean and pools. Once in a while he'll go and spend time sitting 7 feet in the water, but he didn't want to swim to open sea and drown. Either way, Forest didn't open it. As soon as the chopper landed, Forest immediately opened the door and ran to the grass field and puke from the air sickness. He hated the feeling of vomiting, but he experienced air sickness especially now. Nancy grabbed his hand and guided him to the first person of importance to him. "Where are we Mom? Who's 'Dust Mite' an--" He says, but Nancy gestured to silence himself for this place was pretty quiet and was meant to be. When Forest walked in, the room was gigantic. There was lab experiments, notes and papers on the wall, pictures of strippers and cute Asians women half naked. He had super hero posters all over his wall, and a series of dinosaurs by age and name. There was also a bathroom, a nice little couch, and a small little bedroom with a desk a bed and a lamp among side of an alarm clock. Forest was impressed, and a man with long blond hair and glasses with a lab coat walked out. He too a look at Nancy, and grinned. "Hello Nancy, how are stiff going for you? I suppose pregnancy is like being on you period but worse?" He says grinning, and going onto his Facebook and typing several things. "Well, I guess that's a way to put it at... just a period for a very long time... nine months exactly." She says smiling as she walked to the bathroom, leaving Forest and Dust Mite alone together. Dust Mite took a look behind him, jumped and took out a electric stick and directed it at Forest as Forest took out his sword. Then Dust Mite dropped the stick, as he realized what sword it was from. "The.... the elder's grand sword?" Dust Mite said with surprise. "You! Your Forest Speyer, the special one aren't you?" He says with excitement. "Yeah, that's me... I don't see-- wait did you say 'chosen one'?" He says sounding very confused.

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