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I went out and waved to crowd.
People started going crazy and chanting my name.
This is not me.
The sarcastic girl who used to love her friends?
The jock who loved basketball and preferred being tomboy-ish?
All replaced by a pretty plastic barbie.
The perfect representative.
But it ain't my choice.
It never was


1. Prologue

  They have been counting since morning. They are supposed to release the results anytime soon. I don't know what's taking them so long. I looked around the room. Silence. 

All these days of roaming around the states and being the perfect representative, the perfect daughter has left me frustrated and worn out.

I looked to my dad. His hands were clasped in his lap, his posture was tall and proud, but even though he tried his best to maintain a dignified and confident look, his brow dripped with sweat. 

Ever since the election began, he has been on the edge. After all, who wouldn't be if they were in his position?

I looked to my mom. She sat in her seat, praying. She prayed for my dad, prayed for me, and for everyone else.

I looked around the room once more. As we sat in the dead silence, the team paced the floor nervously. My eye catches a picture on the wall.

A family picture which was taken on my last birthday. I look at everyone smiling and carefree in the picture.

 I wondered if it would ever be the same if we won. Would we still be the happy family I knew we were? Although I feared the results of the election would change us, I still hoped we would win; for my dad, for my mom, and maybe even for me.

I looked to the picture again. That is me, and this is my story.

Hey guys this is my first story. Just so you know about me in a 13 year old student from India. Anyway hope you like my book and be sure to give it a like if you do

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