It's Cold (Ross Lynch Love story)

Bethany Richards parents get a new job so she has to move to a new town Everything seems normal until a month into the school year when one by one people start to get murdered in town. When the murderer takes her moms life, she fights to find out who the killer is along with her friend Amelia and the guy she is falling for Ross Lynch. Will they stop the killer or will they fall everyone else.


2. Bethany Richards

Hi, My name is Bethany Richards and I just moved to Danville, Contra Costa in California.  I am 16 Years old and in my junior year. I have 2 siblings: A Brother Johnny and a sister Kiara. Johnny is 14 and Kiara is 13 so were all 2 years apart except Johnny and Kiara 1 year apart. Johnny and I go to the same school because he's a 9th grader and an 11th grader. I am 5"4 with some muscle all over my body because I play Volleyball, Track, and Field, and Soccer, and Basketball.  I love my siblings so much but I love Kiara more because she is not that annoying. I have straight Auburn hair and it is so different from Johnny's but not that different from Kiara's.   Johnny is 14 and in the 9th grade and his hair is so different from mine whereas mine is auburn and his is pure dark brown. He is muscly but a lot more because he does Football, Lacrosse, and Tennis, and Baseball.  He is 5"2. Kiara is 13 and in the 8th grade and her hair is a mixture of auburn and dark brown. She has muscle but not that much but she does play sports as in Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics, and Ice Skating. She is 4"9. We are all in Beta Club, The national Society of dance and Spanish, Garden Club. We are all also ambitious because we want to have everything for us so we can be really successful and affectionate with my family no matter where we are or what we are doing. 


I went to Northern High School and I was a 10th grader and have been going since freshmen year. I was really popular at Northern HS and I had a boyfriend which we have been dating for about 5 years from 6th to 10th and 11th till October but we had to move he didn't think that it was going to work being a long distance relationship but I wanted to think it would work but then again. How would we see each other except on video chat and How would be met for each others birthdays and what would we do if we had problems with someone and how would we vent because we would always talk to each other  when we had a problem or something went wrong and How would we get in contact with each other because we had to change the phone contracts which meant we had to change our phone provider and get new numbers and phones.


My Parents Danielle and Chuck Richards got new jobs so I had to move to a new school. We had to move from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Danville,Contra Costa in California because my had decided that Michigan didn't have anything for us anymore and he got a new job offer.  I have no idea why we stayed in Michigan for since we were born if it didn't have anything else for us or anymore. I have all of my childhood and the beginning of my teenage memories there and it is my hometown. My dad has already changed 4 times but we have always stayed Grand Rapids because he wanted us to grow up in a stable home where we didn't move every time he got a new job offer and every time he had said yes to the offers. He just had to get up earlier and drive farther to let us stay in the place we were.


"Bethany, Johnny, and Kiara come to the dining room,"Dad yells from the dining room.

"Why?" Bethany asks 

"I want to talk to you guys about something" Dad calls out

"Ok Coming" Bethany says coming down the stairs.


I get to the table and I see my sister and brother already sitting down with Mother and Father.  Kiara says"Look who's last," I say "Shut Up girl". I walk around the table giving kisses and hugs to my family members  who I haven't seen yet which is everyone because I have been doing my Hw for the past 2 Hrs and My mom just got off of work half an hr ago and dad probably 10 minutes ago so I haven't seen anyone yet but my siblings have been home for about 4 hrs and have been in their rooms since they got home. 


 "How has everyone's day gone?"I say

Kiara says "I had fun in school. 

"Why"Mom ask

Kiara answer "I did a science lab about Chemicals today.

Mom "Wow"

Johnny says "Yeah that must have been great and I had a great day today too".

Dad says"Well What did you do"

Johnny says "I got my test back in math and I got 105 on it and I aced another test and I feel really good about it."

Dad ask "What about you Bethany?" 

Well I had a good day and I had got a couple of tests back and got really good grades on them" says Bethany.

Dad says "That is really good and I have some things to tell you and I want you guys to not talk till I finish so here it goes I have been moved to a different job in Danville,Contra Costa, California and we are moving to a house I have already purchased and you guys are going to Clidesdale High School, and Clidesdale Middle School. We are moving in the next 3 weeks so we will start packing soon."


I never wanted to leave but Iove my dad and I'm guessing I wasn't the only one because my mom would have to find another job and so more friends. My siblings and I would have to go to different schools and would have to find new friends and be the new kids at a school. I would go from being the most popular kid in school to being the new kid and having to go up the totem pole.  My dad would have to get new work friends and be the new head on the block or street we are going to.   In the next 3 weeks, we packed and told the school and our friends we were moving and my boyfriend and I broke up. My mom put in her resignation letter and started to look for a job and she got one so got ready to be the new adult at her job.  We moved everything on Monday-Friday and had everything ready for us on Saturday and got settled in and we started to shop for new furniture because we sold them to have money. Sunday we went shopping for new things and we got everything we needed and put everything in the house and everything was in the house and ready for a full night and so we went to bed to get ready for School, and Work the next day.


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