Words [poem]

About the power of words.


1. Words

How many words we hear a day?
One hundred? One thousand? A million?

Some of these words are just greetings.
Some of these words are told
to say to us, “Good bye!”

How many words are there
To tell us mere information?
I’m sure there are only few of these
Which make us truly happy.

However, there are words
Which are thrown at us without thinking.
They are just simple sounds,
But why do they hurt us more
Than the sharpest blade?
Reminding of our uselessness,
Reminding of our misery,
Reminding of our faults,
They flow, creating a river,
In which we drown
With no hope to escape.

Your words are stuck in your throat.
They don’t have courage to leave your tongue.
“Words create words.
You better keep your mouth shut.”

Thousands of words a day!
You beg them to seal that ‘simple’ ones for once.
Why piercing your heart with words
When all you need is just as simple hug?












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