Yanis & Isabelle (This is their lovestory)

This story is based on true story, I am also a part of the book. This is their love story. The girl was my best friend.
I'm sorry if it isn't about anything to do about the 5SOS boys. But I think I will so one of the boys as her older brother.. good idea?


1. Intorduction:

Isabelle's intro:

•11 years young (but pretend they are 14)

•Born in Thailand, but soon moved to Australia

•Birthday is on 4th of January

•Cheeky, sassy, a bit posh, cute, feisty, and fun

•Has 1 older sister named Emily and brother named Ashton. And a younger brother named Nicholas.

•His brother is in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer.

•His brothers friends treats her like a little sister.

•Plays afl, soccer, volleyball, tennis, recorder.

•Hates her ex-best friend Liya, since she had betrayed her lots of times.

Chanel's intro:

•11 years young (14)

•Was born in Philippines

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