Vampires Versus Wolves

I wrote this book 7 years ago, but when I reread it I realized how little I knew back then and how much I know now so I decided to rewrite the whole thing. Hope you enjoy! xoxoxoxo



I woke up the next morning, yawned and got out of bed: walking out into the hallway I walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

I was automatically brought into a huge hug by my mom who had the scent of wolf all over her, probably she hugged James when she got back.

"Hi sweetheart...I missed you. Did you have fun while I was gone?" I nodded my head and smiled as I looked up at her.

"Yes, I had so much fun." She smiled down at me and kissed my forehead.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You hungry?" She asked and I nodded my head.

"Yes." She lead me into the kitchen and I took a seat at the table.

"Here you are sweetie...I made it special just for you." She set my plate down in front of me then set down a glass of milk as well.

"Thank you mom." I said and she sat down beside me.

"Your welcome dear."

I started eating and the whole entire time she was sitting there and would stare at me every now and then until she cleared her throat.

"So...what did you do for fun?" She asked and I looked over at her.

"Played, Baseball, swimming and a couple of other cool was so much fun because Aunt Grace was there." I said.

"That sounds like fun, and I'm glad Grace decided to stay down for a bit...she deserved some time away from hone, especially since you two are so close."

I nodded my head and smiled. "Yeah it was really great having her down."

"So, was it only: you, your father and your Aunt? Or was Robert with you guys too?" She asked.

"Why do you ask?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"Just wondering...umm...actually when I got back and went to visit James and Robert...Robert seemed pretty happy and he usually really isn't. So I don't know I was just wondering."

"Well actually Robert did spend the whole time with us while you and his dad were gone...we just thought that he shouldn't have been home alone the whole entire time." She smiled brightly at me.

"Did you guys get along? How was it?" She asked.

"Yeah we got along pretty good and it was fun." I admitted and her smile grew even wider.

"Thats great sweetheart! I'm so glad you guys are getting along!"

I hesitated, but smiled back at her. "Me too."

After breakfast, I headed back upstairs and changed into something clean for the day then I headed back downstairs and started playing something on the piano.

My mom was really excited about Robert and I getting along while her and James were gone, but that was mostly because James was gone, as I had said before.

And usually when someone and I get along she will do everything in her power to make it more then what it should be which now it has me a little on edge and I now wish I had never told her.

In the middle of playing a new melody I had written there was a knock at the front door and my mom quickly rushed to the front door to answer it.

'Oh god! Its James and Robert isn't it!' I thought to myself and as soon as I heard the front door close and their voices I knew right then and there that my nightmares had come true.

"Its so wonderful to have you two over...its only been two weeks, but it feels like its been longer." I heard my mom say and I rolled my eyes.

"Well I'm glad you invited us over." James said.

"Come in, come in the living room!"

"What's that ruckus in there?" James asked and I hissed quietly under my breath.

"Thats Mel she's playing a new melody she wrote." Mom said.

"Can she not play it, its giving me a headache!"

"I enjoy sounds really nice." Robert interjected.

"I don't care what you like or don't like its giving me a headache! "

I smashed down hard on the keyboards, so hard that they broke, everything grew silent in the house until I said.

"Dad! We need new keyboards, I'll go with you to the store! Robert you can come if you like." I stood up hastily, grabbed Roberts hand and dragged him out the front door.

A few seconds later my dad came out and we all got in the car and took off down the driveway.

"I really like the melody you were playing." Robert suddenly said.

"Thanks Robert." I don't know why, but those two weeks that Robert and I were hanging out I think it changed him...I know it sounds crazy, but he doesn't seem like the big jerk he has been since we were little.

If he keeps acting like this I might consider being his friend.

The rest of the ride was quiet and when we got there we all got out of the car and headed into the store.

The car ride home was also extremely quiet, but I didn't mind if as much because I was to stuck in my own thoughts and I had a lot of things to work out and think over.

As soon as we got back to the house we all got out of the car and headed inside...I cleaned up all of the broken keyboard pieces then dad put the new ones in and kisses my cheek.

"Everything will be alright sweetie, I promise." He said and I sighed.

"I hope so dad...I really hope so." Be squeezed my shoulder reassuringly then went into the kitchen where mom and James were talking.

I sat there at the piano for a while until swallowing hard and looking down at the ground.

I slowly looked up after a bit then headed upstairs to my room: closed my bedroom door, jumped on my bed, layer down and looked up at the ceiling.

'I can't wait until 5 years from now...I'll be old enough to move out, I'll move so far away that I won't have to deal with any of this.' I thought to myself and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up late into the afternoon and could still hear that James was still here, I groaned and rolled over in bed.

I closed my eyes and tried to block out his voice and what he was saying, but as I was trying to block him out I heard a knock at my bedroom door.

" awake?" Mom asked.

"Just woke up." I said.

"May I come in?"

"You don't have 'Him' with you, do you?" I asked and she sighed.

"No, I don't." She said and I sat up in bed.

"Then you can come in." She opened my door and carried a tray of food in with her then closed the door behind her.

"Made you something to eat...thought I would bring it up here for you instead of making you come downstairs."

"Thank you." I said as she set my tray of food down in front of me.

"So, how are you feeling?" She asked.

"I'm feeling alright." I said as I started eating.

"Well that's there anything else that you want me to get for you?" She asked and I shook my head.

"No thank you mom, I'm fine." She kissed my forehead.

"Alright sweetie...when your done just set it outside the door and your father or myself will pick it up, ok?"

I nodded my head. "Ok." She smiled: stood up, walked over to the door, opened it, walked out into the hallway and closed the door behind her.

J sat there in silence for a big until deciding to finish my food then I got up and set the tray out in the hallway and climbed back into bed.

I layed there in silence for a while just listening until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs then stopping at my door, picking up the tray then the footsteps slowly faded as they headed back downstairs.

After a minute or two more of just laying there in silence I drifted off to sleep again.

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