Vampires Versus Wolves

I wrote this book 7 years ago, but when I reread it I realized how little I knew back then and how much I know now so I decided to rewrite the whole thing. Hope you enjoy! xoxoxoxo



Before I knew it James had the back of my shirt and was holding me up in air, I tried struggling for air and kept flailing my legs out hoping I would hit him, but I knew if I did that he would probably kill me.

"Your lucky I'm not going going to kill you right now other wise I would... Just keep your pretty little mouth shut and your hands to yourself and you won't get killed. Got it? Good. "

He let go of me and I hit the floor with a little thud: I got up and glared at him.

My anger was boiling through the roof now and I started shaking to the point where I couldn't control myself anymore and a couple of my relatives had to hold me back.

James just stood there smirking at me which sent my anger to boil over even more.

"That's right Melissa you know you can't hurt me so I suggest you fuck off!"

The more he spoke the more my anger was boiling over like molten hot lava and I knew that if he said one more thing that I would lose it and attack him.

"Say it! Just say one more thing! I dare you!" I screamed at him and he smirked at me.

I thought he was going to say something...anything, but all he did was just Stand there smirking at me.

Any little thing he did it just pissed me off even more and he seemed pleased about it.

Finally he spoke.

" you like your cake Melissa? Hmm? After all it is your birthday. I find it to be delicious." He stuck his burnt out cigarette in his half eaten piece of cake and set it down on the coffee table.

"You wanna finish that for me?" He asked laughing and staring at me then staring at Robert.

I finally snapped and broke free of my relatives grasps: I charged at him and before he could react I started punching him across the face.

When his nose started bleeding from the countless blows to his face I just kept punching him harder and harder until I found my face smashed Into the floor and my arms held tightly behind my back.

And I knew right then and there that James had finally come to his senses and was now holding me down.

He pressed his mouth against my ear. "What the Hell do you think your doing?"

I could feel his hot breath against my skin and it stung: his breath reaked of wolf breath and cigarette smoke all wrapped into one and I was practically gagging on it.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I shot back and he smashed my face off the ground again.

"I know exactly what it looks like your doing and I'm not going to take anymore of it."

"I know exactly what you can can leave that's what you can do." I said and he laughed.

"Why would I leave? Besides I'm having too much fun beating the fuck out of you."

"It was pretty fun beating the heck out you too." I said smirking.

He held my arms down tighter and jabbed his knee into my ribcage. "Shut the Hell up."

"Why should I? After all I know my mother is going to kick you out of the house anyway so whats the point of stopping."

He scoffed. "I know your mother Melissa...she's not going to kick me out of the house."

I turned my head to the side so I could see my mother better and she was talking to the other adults.

"See...I told you."

She didn't look my way all, the only one who would look my way every now and then was my dad.

I thought for a moment then with all of my strength I lifted up my leg and swung it so fast up that it hit him in his weak spot.

He quickly let go of me and went down so I took this opportunity to get up, I quickly looked around the room then jumped out the front window and took off into the woods.

As soon as I was far enough away from home I climb up a tree and rested on one of the branches.

I decided to just stay here for a night or two, until I was fully calmed down...this rarely happens, but when it does my parents seems to understand and lets me stay out here for a while.

Today was a complete disaster...I mean first of all my mother knew better then to invite them and secondly I almost died and my parents didn't even bother to help me.

Maybe this was a test?

Maybe I was suppose to find my own solutions for my own problems?

Either way James is a huge jerk and I never want to see him or Robert ever again!

Before I knew it I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, jumped down out of the tree then headed a little bit further into the woods to hunt down an animal to feed on.

I was able to hunt down a small fawn and it satisfied my cravings and made me feel a whole lot better.

I decided to stay out in the woods for a little while longer mostly because of how quiet it was and peaceful.

After a while had passed I took off back to the house, my Aunt Grace was standing at the front door when I got there.

I looked at her oddly as I approached her. "Aunt Grace I thought you left last night...why are you still here?"

She wrapped her arms around me. "I decided to stay for a while, and mostly to see if you were ok."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't really know anymore."

She kissed my forehead. "Come inside sweetheart and I'll get you all cleaned up."

We walked inside and the door closed behind us, I looked back and saw my dad leaning up against the door.

I smiled weakly at him and he weakly smiled at me in return.

Aunt Grace gave me a bath and cleaned me all up as well as giving me clean clothes.

She cleaned the wounds I had received from last night and patched them all up: she brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail.

"Thank you Aunt Grace." I said and she smiled.

"Your welcome you want anything to eat or..." She trailed off when I politely shook my head.

"No thank you Aunt Grace, I went hunting this morning for breakfast."

"Alright sweetie, you want to open your presents? Their still downstairs in the living room if you want too open them." She said.

"I would love to Aunt Grace."

I grabbed her hand and she lead me downstairs into the living room: I took a seat at the couch and one by one I opened my presents as she passed them to me.

My dad was sitting beside me smiling at my reactions I loved the gifts that I had gotten, but I love my relatives even more.

When I finally opened my last present which was from Aunt Grace I burst into tears of joy.

"Oh my god! It's so beautiful! Oh Aunt Grace I love it!" I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"I knew you would love it...and I know that you will take good care of it."

She had gotten me a beautiful 3 carrot incrested Crystal necklace with matching ear rings.

"But Aunt Grace I bet it cost you a fortune I can't take it if it cost a fortune."

"Melissa those have been in the family for millions of years and have went down from generation to generation and now I'm giving them to you, so when you have children in the future you can give them to your children."

I sat there and smiled and thought about what it would be like in the future.

What would it be like?

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