Vampires Versus Wolves

I wrote this book 7 years ago, but when I reread it I realized how little I knew back then and how much I know now so I decided to rewrite the whole thing. Hope you enjoy! xoxoxoxo


10. CHAPTER 10

"What?! their apart of the vampire leaders guard?!" I yelled with widened eyes. I just couldn't believe it they were working for the vampire leaders! Oh my god I think I'm going to pass out! No hold it together Mel you'll be just fine. Inhale...Exhale...Inhale...Exhale. "Jesus Mel calm down will you?!" She yelled grabbing my shoulders and shaking me a little. "Well
what are we going to do?" I cried and she shook her head. "Nothing Mel...we're going to do adsolutely nothing until mom and dad calls to let us know that they have left." She said. "Teresa. They are vampires." She raised a eyebrow. "Yeah, and?" I sighed. "And...they're old, even older than mother and father which means their sense of smell, hearing, strength, speed, etc....Is stronger. Which will probably mean that before they even reach the house they'll know that we have been there recently." I said and she paused for a moment as she reconsidered what I had just said then she spoke. "Really Mel?'re so delerious, I mean honestly sis I've known about them since I was little. I feared them back then and I still fear them today." She crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at the ceiling. I hesitated, but cleared my throat. "Have you ever seen pictures of them?" I asked. She quickly looked down at me and studied me carefully for a bit. "No. No I haven't." She finally said. "Then how can you fear someone if you've never met them before? Or for that matter never seen pictures of them?" She sighed and tucked a strand of hair back behind her ear. "For the vampire leaders you don't have to meet them or see pictures of them to fear them. For the vampire leaders they leave a trail of destruction and fear in their wake no matter where they go, that's how you know that you should fear them." When I thought about them I didn't feel a chill go up my spine, I didn't feel fear towards them or anxiety, but instead I felt nothing towards them at all. Weird right? "You should get some sleep." Teresa said which snapped me out of my thoughts. "Huh?" I looked at her and she rolled her eyes. "Get some sleep...It's been a long hard day, I'll stay up and keep look out." I hesitated, but nodded my head, laying down in bed and covering myself up I looked back at Teresa. "Good night sister." I said ad she quickly glanced at me. "Good night Mel." She said then I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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