One day you find out minecon is in your city but you don't have enough money to buy a ticket so you enter a Minecraft challenge where the winner gets a ticket to minecon after winning you go to minecon only to find out that theres a line but what happened next is what supprizes you


4. The way home

​I head to my hotel Room and pack my things then I'm about to leave when I see Lizzie trying to hail a cab so I peak my head out the door and say "Lizzie want me to take you home" she responds happily knowing she doesn't have to wait until a cab stops by saying "Yes thank you, you saved me lots of time" I get out and put her bags In my trunk while she gets in and put the safety belt on once I get in I sit down and put my safety belt on she says "Lets take a selfie" She makes a cute face and I make a funny face. Then while she posts in instagram I ask so where do you live and she says "Well, I just moved and I live in Oceanside" "Hahaha your joking right because to finish college I moved to ocean side and I live near the beach" I say laughing at the coincidence she starts laughing too and eventually we reach Oceanside and she leads me to her house but on the way there it starts raining and then pouring once we arrive im glad she lives on a hill because if not the water would have flooded this place I park in front of her house and ask "Want me to walk you home" She then responds while shivering because it got cold "y yah th thatd be n nice" then I get out of the car and get her bags and walk to her door she unlocks it and runs to turn a heater on I look around because dang this house is huge who knows how long ago she moved but everything is unboxed she's walking my way and I ask "Where do I put these" she thinks for a second and says "Over here, come" I walk behind her to her room and say "Holy mother of Jesus this room is the size of my apartment then again I am living in a college dorm room so yah" she smiles at what I said and says "Can you put them here please" I place her bags on the floor next to her bed and then theres a sound that makes her jump and run to me "It's ok its just thunder" I say then she replies with fear in her voice "I know I'm scared of thunder...Can you stay...please" I respond making sure I don't sound weird "Yes Ill stay. Just let me get my bag so I can get my pjs" as I start leaving her room there's more thunder this time louder and then I hear her say "hurry...please". I go out side and open my car to get my things out as I'm heading into her room I place them on the floor and say "can you pass me a pillow and a blanket" as I sit on the couch in her room she tosses me a pillow and a blanket and says "thank you" I respond "thank me, thank you because of you I don't have to go in the rain and risk my life on a wet freeway, plus your letting me stay in your house" she looks at me with her eyes filled with happiness as if nobody's ever done some thing like this before. Once I prepare the couch I get my shark ounsie and head to the bathroom to change I come out and she turns to look at me and laughs by puts her hand over her mouth to try not to and then blushes "You look cute" she says realizing what she said she blushes even more and I blush as well "thanks" I reply but before she can say anything there's more thunder and she covers her face with her blankets she remains like that for a while so I guess that she's asleep so I try making no noise after I check my instagram I fell asleep. Who knows how much time went by when I felt a tap on my shoulder and Lizzie calling my name " Yes I respond " waking up she says quietly "I'm scared, can you come to the bed with me" I respond not knowing whether or not to say yes or no "Sure" Why'd I say that now one part of me is thinking, are you CRAZY your gonna sleep with your youtuber girlfriend which you only have been going out with for two days are you out of you mind, and one part of me is just thinking, its ok I mean she's your girlfriend plus she's scared come on man just sleep with her. Before I know it I'm already covering my self with blankets this time when there's thunder she hugs me and puts her legs in between mine and she says "hold me please" I do what she says and hug her she then starts lowering her hand near my pelvic area and now my heart is racing while I try to comprehend what's happening all I see is she's on top of me opening my ounsie as i take a gulp all she says is " why are you nervous you are my boyfriend" she says this while undoing her shirt I gulp again unsure of what to say and then she undoes her bra. She smiles to the fact that I got a boner I can feel and so can she because she's sitting on top of me, then she leans forward and starts kissing me With her lips on mine she starts pulling my ounsie off and then proceeds to my boxer briefs all the while I took her shorts and underwear off then she got up and put my face in her chest I grabbed her from her back and heard her say "You like them their yours". Then the Las thing I remember is its the morning and were both naked and she's hugging me, Then she wakes up and says "Did You like last night."

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