One day you find out minecon is in your city but you don't have enough money to buy a ticket so you enter a Minecraft challenge where the winner gets a ticket to minecon after winning you go to minecon only to find out that theres a line but what happened next is what supprizes you


2. Presentation

i buy a couple merchandise including edible rotten flesh which is actually a piece af whatever the heck gummy bears are made of but in the shape of rotten flesh and is basically cherry and sour green apple and as I put my plushie creeper phone case on my phone I hear the PA system say "The LDShadowLady assembly is starting now I repeat The LDShadowLady assembly is starting now" he didn't even have to say it twice once he said I once I was sprinting to the door where security was letting people in I was the 3rd person inside I see her and she stares at me I blush realizing I almost tripped on a chair I see her giggle but then she puts a straight face and so do I. Once I sit down in the first row near the middle and she starts her presentation and I pay close attention when she asks for a volunteer I can sense everybody's hand go up but mine launches in the air I fly an inch off my chair and land after a couple seconds she calls on someone behind me and when they go up everbody awed and some said I volunteer as tribute but I just put my hand down and don't say a word because remember I have her number after a while the person got off the stage and sat down after a while a security guard walked in and whispered something in her ear then she said sorry guys were all out of time but thanks for coming and Ill sign autographs outside in half an hour as she's going down the stage a guard says every one exit through this door I approach LDShadowLady and ask "Ok one thing, were gonna get coffee and I don't know your real name" she then answers "Oh, It's Lizzie" I start walking with her and as were heading through the door a guard says "Young man This door." Lizzie tells him " He's with me" the guard doesn't say anything but looks at me like I just got caught doing something wrong. As we walk I hear a group of both guys and girls running to get an autograph They're still pretty far and we start walking towards them Lizzie to sign autographs and me just to stick around a couple news reporters come as well to ask her if I'm her boyfriend she didn't even answer when they asked me so I just stutter and Lizzie clearly knowing I wasn't 100% sure of what to answer she says " Yes...he is my boyfriend" she gets cut off when the reporter switches to me and asks what's my name and I being the courage filled, hilarious, and tall guy I am I say with my chest puffed up and my back straight and said into the microphone "Damian Velez" I say at the same time since I let out so much air I almost started coughing and Lizzie started laughing I started laughing and someone yelled cutest couple and Lizzie and I started blushing.

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