One day you find out minecon is in your city but you don't have enough money to buy a ticket so you enter a Minecraft challenge where the winner gets a ticket to minecon after winning you go to minecon only to find out that theres a line but what happened next is what supprizes you


5. Moving in

​"Yah although I can't remember much" I say in confusion "well maybe this will refresh you memory" she says as she put her hand on my zone and her chest I'm my face "yup that did remind me of lots of things ima go take a shower." I say gathering some clothes and a towel still naked Lizzies covering her self with a blanket and says "Ok ima make my infamous eggs and winnies with pancakes or in other words a traditional America breakfast I learn to make it when I came here." . "Do you have shampoo that doesn't smell of lilac or lavender" I say as I fix my minecon 2016 shirt she blushes and then there's a knock at her door "No, I just have those" she says as she walks to the door to get her friend "Oh my gosh how are you" she says her friend excitedly says "How are you, I heard you have a boyfriend saw him on insta" as she walks in she sees me and asks Lizzie "does he have a brother" I laugh because I heard and say " No I'm a single child" Lizzies friend blushes as i get closer we shake hands and I say "Hi, I'm Damian Velez, Lizzies boyfriend" her friend responds as Lizzie walks around and hugs my back "Hi, I'm Violeta Velasquez" her attention drifts from just me to both Lizzie and me " So I wanted to ask both of you to a double date with me and my boyfriend" she says so I turn to Lizzie who's now hanging from my arm but holding herself up on the floor "Wanna go" she almost instantaneously says "Yah" and giggles I smile and her friend sits down Lizzie then detaches from my arm and walks away and I look at her in her booty shorts and my plaid collared shirt and think to my self "Damn I'm lucky" I walk to the counter and ask Violeta "Do you want some food" Clearly interrupting their conversation Violeta says "huh oh no thanks I just ate but thank you" after a while of them talking I got my car keys and Lizzie asked "Where are you going" I responded because it did seem polite to say where I'm going "I'm going to my apartment to get something" She responded with happiness "Oh I wanted to talk to you about that I wanted to ask if you wanna move in?" At that instant my heart is filled with joy and I tell her "Sure that's be great" She gets up and says "I'll be back just let me change" as she leaves I sit down and wait and i ask Violeta "Do you want to come" and she says "Huh oh no thanks I just came to ask her if you guys wanted to come to the double date but thanks gotta go" she turns around and leaves then I he's a car drive off. After 5 minutes Lizzie comes out with my plaid shirt and bigger shorts. We leave and when we arrive to my apartment building and we go in she then helps me put some things in boxes while I get my college work and then I help after 5 hours she says "Wow we finished early you really didn't have that many things" I laugh and say "Well I am only one person soo yah not much" I call uhaul and reserve a truck with a dolley because of my sofa for tomorrow we leave my place and when we get to lizzies place she says "I'm taking a shower wanna join me" knowing what might happen I say "yah just let me check something real quickly" After checking my insta I gather my towel and boxer shorts and head to the bathroom where I see Lizzie hasn't started yet and I say "aww you haven't started" and she responds with a cute look on her face "No because I wanted to be polite" I chuckle and undress my self while Lizzies looking at me "ok I'm ready" I say as we walk into the shower Lizzie turns the water on and turns around and starts kissing me I grab her booty and she looks up at me and chuckles I lift her into the water and she begins to hug me while kissing me once we shower I change and she puts a robe on. After I head to my car to get my college work out when I come back into the room she laying on the bed and she says " What's that" I tell her trying not to stare at her open robe exposing her boobs "Uh ny college work" I'm semi interrupted because she's giggleing and blushing and she says "That's the out come I wanted" I look down and see the problem she caused me I blush as I put my work on the counter all the while she's crawling towards me as I turn towards her she's unzipping my shorts I gulp realizing her intentions she pulls out my penis and then she starts giving me rubbing it then with force honestly i didn't even know she had she pulls me and places me on the bed at this point in basically sweating but feeling pleasure since she's moved to suck my cock. At one point she stops and crawls up to me and starts ​hugging me while I turn around and now I'm on top I start to move back and forth penetrating her at every return to her I wonder If I should stop because she's yelling in pain but every time I tell her if she wants me to stop she says "No keep going" after a while I begin to reach my climax as i pull out she realizes and leans forward with her mouth open I reach my climax and ejaculate feeling pleasure I look down and she eating my sperm I tell her teasingly "Tastes good huh" then I think how does sperm taste but quickly erase that thought because I don't wanna find out.

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