Cherry Wine

Upon moving to a new town in Virginia, Danica Clarke becomes sure of just a few things. One, that Silver Creek is a place where strange and impossible things happen. Two, that Theo Everett is just as strange and impossible as the things that happen. Three, that Theo Everett may just be the reason things are strange and impossible in this town, because she's sure he can't possibly be human. [For the TVD Competition]


1. Prologue

Beacon (noun)


i. A guiding or warning signal, to herald danger, often in the form of a light or fire in an elevated position.

ii. A person, act, or thing that warns or guides, or perhaps illuminates and inspires. Who is to know which one? Is there danger ahead, or hope?

iii. My brother. The boy with the sun-dappled skin and eyes warm like coffee, words sure as anything, drawing people in, assuring them he was warmth and hope. Everything starts and ends with him. I remember plucking a feather out of his hair when I was young, and then many, many years later I wiped blood away from his eyes so I could see the forgiveness in them.

iv. My friend. She could never remember a time without me and I never explained why. I think she’s the reason I love girls with eyes like jewels, bright and intense, a sharp green like a cat’s. One morning I woke and realized I never wanted to live life without her and the morning after that she realized that she could and if my heart weren’t already dead it would’ve broken. Now I’ve painted it black to the point I don’t recognize it.

v. My enemy. The girl with coals in her hands and feet made for walking through fire and a smile with more sly life in it than sparking embers and she is going to burn me. She’s going to burn me alive and maybe by the end of it I’ll be lucky if I only turn to ashes.

From ashes I came, to ashes I shall return.

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