Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


6. 6.

And then Saturday finally came. I wake up at 5am even though dad’s meeting isn’t until 1pm. I can’t back to sleep and I barely slept the night before so I hop in the shower before going out to grab coffee. I’m just paying for my mocha latte when I run into none other than Jason Rivers. Literally run into him. I had over my money and grab my coffee just as my phone starts to ring. Did I leave a note when I went out this morning? I wonder assuming it’s one of my parents but it’s.

“Hello Maddie.”

“Matt? How did you get my number? Matt? Hello?” That was weird. Why would Matt be calling me? How did he get my number? I start to text him when I walk straight into a tall back. “Oh I’m sorry.” I recite without looking up.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s Maddie right?” At that I look up. I would recognise that voice anywhere.

“Um yeah, it’s Jason, right?” I reply trying not to sound like I already knew that.

“Yeah, I think we have English Lit together.”

“I’m sure you would know.” I reply, the sarcasm dripping off of every letter.

“And why’s that?”

“Well it’s just that you’re only in that class like once a month and the rest of the time you’re ditching.”

“You’re very informed.”


“Sure so it’s not you who ends up sleeping behind your book in that class on a Monday morning then.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I must be mistaken then.”

“Definitely, you’re obviously mistaken.” We continue with this verbal sparring match for a while until my dad calls, wondering where I am.

“You have to go?” He asks and I think I detect a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“Yeah, I do but this has been fun.”

“Definitely, here let me put my number in your phone and maybe we can continue this some time.” He says taking my phone, as he hands it back our hands brush and there’s a spark of electricity. “We’ll talk.” He adds as I turn to leave. I nod my head and smile in response texting my dad that I'm on the way.

When I get home, my dad’s bag is already packed by the door and I can smell bacon coming from the kitchen. “Hey dad, what’s cooking?”

“As if you didn’t already know, want some?”

“Please. I'm starving.”

“I thought you went to get something to eat?” he inquires.

“No just coffee actually,”

“So you spend 3 hours getting coffee?” What?!?! I was with Jason for 3 hours?!?!

“I may have gotten a bit side tracked.” I reply marvelling at how fast 3 hours can go.

“You got side-tracked? Was it with a guy? Have you finally grown up and got a boyfriend?”

“Hey!” I say throwing a crumb of bread at him. “And he’s not my boyfriend.” Talking about boys has always been more of my dad’s thing rather than my mum’s which I always found weird but I can talk to my dad about anything and he would be cool about it. “Anyway, what time are we leaving for HQ?”

“Someone’s eager. And when we’ve both finished eating, we’ll head out. Speaking of which, you need to get your stuff together so you’re ready to go.” I shove the remains of my bacon roll in my mouth and race upstairs to get my bag. It already has the file and a notepad and pen in, my phone and purse in my pocket and I'm ready to go. “That was quick.” My dad says when I come back down, “You sure that you’ve got everything?”

“Yeah, I did it this morning when I woke up.”

“Okay let’s go then.”

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