Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


5. 5.

School seems to be lasting forever today and its only lunch. There are only 3 more lessons to go. Joshua, a snobby guy in my class, has been eyeing me and Alice all day. “Either he really likes our hair and wants to know where we got it done or he wants to ask you to prom.” She says with so much confidence that I'm starting to think she’s psychic even though I know that’s impossible.

“What about you? He could want to ask you out.”

“Nope Matt asked me to prom in front of the whole school. He made this whole big thing out of it, it was magical.” She objects looking at him from the desk behind.

“Wow, way to go Matty.” I say only half meaning it. I am so, so happy for Alice but I am also so, so jealous. She has her fairy-tale and I don’t and I'm glad she’s happy but I'm also jealous that things worked out so perfectly for her.

“Hey Maddie...”

“Hi Joshua, how are you?”

“I’m okay thanks. So, um, are you busy tonight? I have tickets to some play and I was wondering if you, um, wanted to go with me.”

“That’s really sweet of you Joshua but I'm busy tonight. I'm really sorry, maybe another time.” I say scratching my neck in the awkwardness.

“Uh yeah, maybe another time okay? See you.”

“Wow Maddie. Way to let a guy down. Are you really busy tonight?” Matt asks from the table behind.

“Not exactly but it wouldn’t be fair to give the guy false hope.” I reply silently begging him not to ask any more questions.

“Why don’t you just tell Jason how you feel? I mean, it’s not like it could get much worse right?” I look at Alice with a ‘what is he talking about’ glare and she whacks him playfully on the arm.

“Just because I tell you stuff doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them, and you,” she says turning to me “Matt is right though, you should just tell Jason. Really though, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Um he could hear me.” I reply matter-of-factly, “As much fun this conversation has been, I have to get to class and so do you.”

When I get home I go straight to my dad in his office, “Hey dad. I have a question for you.”

“Hey sweet-pea, and that question sounds important. What is it?”

“It is. Would it be at all possible for me to access the computers at HQ?”

“I suppose it would. Is this for your mission?”

“Yeah, I can’t do what I need to on my laptop so I was hoping to use their computers.” I explain

“Alright well I have a meeting there on Saturday so if it can wait that long then I can give you a lift.”

“Yeah it is. That’s great, thanks dad.” I say leaving him to work. Okay so Saturday, 3 days away. I can wait that long. It’s just 3 days, not that much. I coach myself. And I keep doing it all week, Only 2 days left, 2 days left of school. 2 days to go. There’s just 1 more day. Just 1and then you’ll be there. Just get through today.

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