Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


4. 4.

When Alice gets here I’m only half finished with the plan but glad for a break. “I’ll see you later mum.” I say raising my eyebrows at Alice. “So how did you bribe Matt to ask you out?” I say teasingly

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She says with a smile. “Anyway we just need to find you a date now.”

“I don’t know. I perfectly fine going solo.” I get in the passenger seat of her mum’s equally fancy car. On the way to the only shopping centre in our town, Alice lists a thousand guys in our school who would take me to the prom. “You realise they have to ask me right? No me being bold and asking them. It’s a guy ask girl prom, not the other way around.”

“Since when have you cared about rules?” She replies almost immediately with a smirk. “Come on Maddo, there are a thousand guys at school who would love to go out with you.”

“Well maybe I'm just not interested.” I say ending the conversation. It’s a complete lie and we both know it. There’s one guy I'm interested in but there’s no chance in that ever happening and we both know that as well. We drive in silence for a while and you could cut the tension with a knife, “I appreciate what you’re trying to do though.”  I add trying to ease the awkward silence.

“I know Maddo. And I know that you’re interested in only one person and that you think hope is just setting you up for eternal misery but maybe he will ask you.” She says sympathetically.

“Yeah maybe but who would choose me over her? Little miss perfect cheerleader or weirdo loner girl? Wow that’s such a hard choice.  Anyway today is about you.” I retort sarcastically, glancing at her as I get out the car, “Finding you the perfect prom dress, finding you the perfect shoes, choosing a hairstyle for you to wear to prom and all that stuff.”

“That you think is very stupid.” Alice finishes.

“That is not what I was thinking!” I reply fake-looking offended. She gives me a playful shove just as open the door and I end up on the floor between two cars in hysterics. Alice pulls me up and we stumble into the shop leaning on each other, both in hysterics now. “So, what sort of dress are you looking for, your royal highness?”

“Well one that will make Matty swoon over me preferably.” She says faking a dreamy look.

“Okay, right away.” We both start pulling off a thousand dresses for each other to try on, much to my displeasure, and end up having a lot of fun. Alice buys a long silky dress in a creamy white colour that clings to her coveted curves and a matching pair of 3 inch heels, whilst I brought a long dark red sleeveless dress and 3 inch heels to match.  By the time I get home, I am weighed down by a million bags. We went to the hair salon after getting the dresses and dip-dyed our hair. My bright red hair now edged with black and Alice’s mud brown now has a gradient with strawberry blond. Neither of our parents will care as they both are constantly changing their hair. My mum and Alice's mum are like sisters and that makes our friendship that much easier. Neither of them cares much about what we do as long as we are safe and happy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We also went casual clothes shopping after to show the cheerleaders at school that they aren’t the only girls that can ‘give style a new definition’ as Alice puts it.

I open my laptop and log into the spy database. I was given access for the mission and as a hacker I should be able to find some trace that Mr. X left when stealing the employee files. After an hour of coding I find an unknown encrypted source from outside the HQ’S network which means I found my Mr. X. I try to trace it back to its location but with so many firewalls it’ll take a month on this laptop. I’ll have to see if I can go in and use their computers which apparently have been configured for taking down firewalls, when I’ll be able to I don’t know though as I missed school today and don’t think it’s a great idea with exams to miss many more. Okay, it’s only 2 days until the weekend so maybe I’ll go in then. It may not even work but I have to try.


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