Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


22. 22.

I wake up lying on the floor of a bright white room and pull myself up. Head pounding, I examine my surroundings. There’s a metal bed bolted to the wall with hand cuffs on each of the top posts and a couple of thin blankets making up for a mattress, no window, no light or lamp and a metal door which I’m assuming is locked. Boy it’s going to be dark in here at night. I then go to what I'm wearing, I’m still in my dress and tights but I'm now barefoot, there is also thick heavy chains around my ankles connected to the bed posts. I pull on them and notice red marks on my wrists and hands.  A short while after, whilst I’m lying on the bed trying to think of ways out of here, I hear the sliding of what must be at least 10 locks and the door opens. “How are you feeling Maddie?” Mark asks shutting the door behind him. I push against the wall raising myself to his level, my entire body protesting. I grimace in pains and Mark smiles.

“Where the hell are we and what the hell happened?” I ask bitterly.

“Well, we’re in your room and I kidnapped you.”

“Okay well where would my room be located?” I ask mockingly hoping he’s gullible enough to answer.

“Miss Parker do your really think I am going to tell you where you are so you can escape or call someone? I'm not; no one who gets away with kidnapping is that stupid.” He says spitting with each word. If it was possible I would’ve dissolved into the wall but instead I push every bone in my body up against it.

“How long have I been here?” I ask surrendering.

“Today is your 3rd day here. Now someone will be round to feed you at 5am and 5pm, other than that goodbye Miss Parker.” I’ve been unconscious for 3 days. I start to cry, which I'm really sick of and think about where I was 3 days ago and how perfect things were. I couldn’t call someone if I wanted to, I remember dropping my phone but if I did who would I call. Jason? Yeah that would be a fun conversation, hey Jason its Maddie, I've been missing for 3 days because your dad kidnapped me and I don’t know why. No, I don’t know where I am. Would I call my parents or Damien? Hey guys, I’ve been kidnapped by the man who is stealing from HQ, I don’t know where I am or what he wants but his name is Mark Sutton. Or would I call Mr Kwali? Hello!!! You don’t have his number.

At what I'm assuming is 5pm, there’s no clock on the wall or in the room, the door unlocks again and a large man who looks as if he’s a wrestler comes in, shuts the door behind him and force feeds me a plate of mush that looks similar to what I imagine jail food is like. After I’ve had 5 mouthfuls, which is the whole plate, he pulls me onto the bed, handcuffs me, tightens the chain around my ankle so it’s tight and leaves, locking the door behind him. I’m woken by freezing water being poured over my head, I start to scream in protest but the man who fed me the previous night shoves a dirty cloth into my open mouth, opens my handcuffs, loosens my ankle chain and pulls me onto the floor causing my back to spasm in pain. The guy, who I’ve decided to name mean toad, pulls the cloth out of my mouth and begins to force feed me the same as the night before; a light grey gloop that tastes like metal.  This pattern continues each day and I haven’t seen Mark since the first day. Mean toad occasionally brings me a pair of clothes to change into but I never see anyone but him. When I first came here I would try to make conversation with him, asking him where Mark is, how long I've been here, what day it is and things like that but he continuously ignored me, shoving food into my mouth like an emotionless robot. Morning, noon and night I was attached to the bed by my ankles and the chains leave me at least 10ft away from the thick silver door.

“Hello Maddie.” I hear a voice say. Squinting through the darkness of the night, I arched my back pulling at the handcuffs digging into my bruised wrists. A dark figure approaches me and as my heart starts to race, I shift further into the wall trying to make myself as small as possible but it does nothing. The man switches on a torch he must’ve brought with him and shines it in my eyes, I try to shield my face from it but his rough hand forcefully grabs onto my chin, raising it to the light. My eyes burn and I cry out, after a while he turn it off, sits on my bed and moves a stray strand of hair out of my face. “Don’t you recognise me? It’s Mark.” He says before pulling out duct tape and covering my mouth with it, he then moves down to my legs and covers them with it leaving me unable to move. As he separates the tape from the roll with a knife the catches a spare piece of bare leg causing a shooting pain to go through it and a pool of blood to start running. “Don’t you worry Maddie, you’ve been here almost a month now, I'm sure Jason has moved on.” He says before slamming the door, I wriggle and squirm trying to loosen the tape but it doesn’t budge. I then pull my body up leaning on the cuffs around my wrists. I breathe in and out deeply trying to calm myself but all I feel is the burning desire to kill him.

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