Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


21. 21.

I wake up early, not intentionally, and apply mascara and a non-stick lip gloss. I also put my red hair in a messy bun and dig my vintage, black leather jacket out of my wardrobe. Intent on looking fabulous, I pull on my heeled boots and carefully made my way down the stairs, I put on a pot of coffee, filled a flask and ran out the door to catch the bus. There is no way I'm walking to school in these boots; I’d be dead in 10 minutes.

By the time I get to school I am almost certain that Jason is already there and I glance in the window outside our classroom, pout, check my hair and stroll in. Jason is sitting on his table, feet up looking irresistible and his eyes widen as he sees me. Satisfied with his reaction I smirk, put my bag on my chair, walk over to him and full on kiss him in front of the entire class, coincidentally just as Rebecca decides to walk in. Jason immediately puts his arm around my shoulder and gives Rebecca a what’s-your-problem glare when he catches her staring. “So I guess this means we’re back together then.” He says grinning at me.

“I guess it does.” I reply equally as happy. I jump out of my skin when Alice jumps on my back and practically screams that she’s happy for us and goose bumps run up my arms when Jason draws circles on the back of my hand with his thumb.  The day goes by in a blur and suddenly I'm hanging out at the coffee shop with Jason, Alice and Matt and everything is normal. We sit and laugh and joke and we all walk home when it gets dark. And it happens every day, every week for a few months. It’s a good rhythm; easy, simple, normal however the one thing I am not is normal.

In our 4th month of meeting up for coffee after school, the four of us are sitting on the enclosed sofa at the back of the shop, it’s tucked away enough that we would be able to tell our darkest secrets without being overheard, that’s not what we’re doing but it’s a good way to describe it. Alice is sitting on Matt’s lap, they’re holding hands and being all cute and I'm half laying, leaning against the arm rest with my legs slung carelessly over Jason's lap, shoes off, whilst he massages my feet through my flower patterned black tights. All of our bags are sitting in a pile on the floor and in the middle of our previously uninterrupted conversation a phone goes off loudly. “I’ll find it.” Matt says, lifting Alice off his lap and searching through the bags until he finds the ringing one. “Who’s?” He asks holding up an iPhone in a black and white phone case.

“That’s mine.” I respond jumping up. “Private number, I’ll be back in a minute.” I say glancing from my phone to the window where raindrops race each other to the pavement. Sighing, I make my way out into the rain and pick up. “Hello?”

“Miss Parker, lovely to hear your voice again, how have you been? Good, I hope?” A deep booming voice echoes down the phone. I urgently try to recall where I had heard that voice before and then it comes to me. I am talking to Jason's father, the evil con artist who I almost gave the satisfaction of ruining my career of being a spy to.

“Mark Sutton, what do you want?” I answer bluntly, subtly refusing to give him any insight on my life.

“Well I want a lot of things but out of this phone call I would like a meeting, and I don’t mean a meeting to do with executive management, I mean a meeting concerning your accusation of me stealing the previous employee files from the nearest HQ.”

“I didn’t accuse you of that.”

“My mistake, I would still like a private meeting with you though.” I hesitate; something about it doesn’t feel right. How would he know that the HQ thought he was stealing files? Do I ask Jason about it? Would it be worth risking our relationship for? I glance in at Jason still smiling and laughing with Alice and Matt, looking so happy. I can't ruin that, he’s too happy. “Oh and I would appreciate it if you left Jason out of this, he doesn’t need to know.”

“When do you want to meet?” I say sighing too tired to fight but making a mental note to tell Mr Kwali about his request.

“Now would be good.” I hear from behind me, I turn around lowering the phone from my ear and see Mark standing in front of me, blocking my view of anything inside the shop. He puts one hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming out and the other around my waist, dragging me away. My phone falls out of my hand and cracks against the floor and I pass out from lack of oxygen. 

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