Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


15. 15.

I wake up on Friday morning buzzing. It’s the day of the prom and I sit there staring at the long red dress I had brought just two weeks ago. It seems like a lifetime ago now, Alice and I were talking, Jason didn’t know I existed and all was well, mostly.  I unravel the curlers that I put in my long, silky red hair last night and it bounces down in ringlets. I pull on my ripped jeans and black leather jacket, rocking the badass fashion, and throw myself down the stairs. “I’m out.” I yell already halfway out the door, “See you later.” On the way to school, I stop off at the coffee shop and order 4 coffees for Jason, Alice, Matt and I. Since I went to London with Jason and me and Alice spoke on Saturday things have mostly gone back to normal, apart from the fact that Jason is hanging out with the social outcast’s way more than before and Rebecca is giving me a lot of dirty looks. I can handle dirty looks, nothing new as joint queen of social outcasts, with Alice of course. I start sipping on one of the coffees as I walk to school and rejoice in the familiarity of the burning sensation of caffeine going down my throat.

“I have coffee!” I announce walking into the classroom at school; I sit on the table opposite Jason and put my feet on the chair, passing the coffee out as I do.

“So tonight, I’m picking you up at 8 and then we’re meeting Alice and Matt here.” Jason says grinning.

“That sounds good.” I reply marvelling at how lucky I got. I look over at Alice and Matt next to me and see that they too are happy. “I like things like this, when everyone is happy and all is good.” I say to Jason.

“I’ve missed you.” He says and I smile into his shoulder as I pull him into a hug. “I’ve really, really missed you.”

“So have I, did you get into much trouble with your mum?” I ask referring to our illicit road trip.

“Nothing I can’t handle; and I'm still taking you to prom so it’s not that bad.” He replies smiling. I smile back and breathe a small sigh of relief.

The day flies by and in what feels like no time Alice is around mine and we’re both twirling and prancing around my room in the prom dresses we had brought many weeks ago. “I would say these dresses are fit for the queen; or at least princesses.” Ali says in a mock posh voice. I laugh and reply in my version of a posh voice which ironically sounds nothing like what Alice’s does. We each take it in turns applying makeup to each other’s glowing faces and in just under an hour we are both covered in makeup, glitter and in hysterics. There’s a quiet, nervous knock at the door and my parents call us down. We grab our clutch purses and carefully make our way down the long staircase.

“Girls hurry up. The guys are waiting!” My mum repeats and I yell down that we’re coming. When we finally make it to the bottom, I smile at Jason, who looks as if he’s going to throw up, and Matt, who is broadly grinning.

“Nervous?” I tease laughing as I say it.

“Well, I doubt you’ll find a guy who wouldn’t be nervous to take a beautiful girl like you to prom.” Or you’re hiding something, like the fact that you’re really a spy, maybe a spy. Heat creeps up my face and my ears start to burn as I blush. My mum laughs at the tension rapidly filling the air and rushes me out of the house, Jason opens the car door for me and Matt does the same for Alice. I glance at her and she has the same expression as me; surprise, joy and expectancy of what the night will bring.

Jason makes small talk on the way, complimenting my hair, dress and makeup and I smile each time, feeling like the luckiest girl alive. Well maybe not alive but the luckiest girl in the school at least. He pulls up, once the car is parked he gets out and rushes round to open my door for me, he holds my arm and we walk together into the manic canteen, which has been miraculously transformed into what looks like a real, live, posh ballroom. I spin round, my eyes running over every detail of decoration. “The decorations are amazing!” I say laughing at the surrealness of everything.

“You are amazing.” Jason says in response pulling me into his arms. The heels I’m wearing ensure that I am nearly as tall as him, he is really tall, and he looks into my eyes, tilts my chin back and kisses me. I snake my arms around his neck and every time we touch, static runs between us. I finally pull away as ‘Cinderella’ by Steven Curtis blasts through the speakers. I glance at the dance floor and see a swirling pattern of couples spinning and waltzing round. I thread my fingers through Jason’s and pull him away from the security of the edge. He places his hand on my waist and we dance, laughing the entire time.

Jason pulls up in front of my house and turns the engine off. He turns to face me smiling. “I had a good time tonight.” He finally says. I push the tangle of curls out of my face and smile.

“Me too, it was fun.” I reply simply. The front door opens and a black silhouette stands at the door. “I guess I should go. I’ll see you at school.” I give him one last smile and step out into the cold night air.


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