Maddie Parker, a 16 year old girl who was born into a family of spies. She finally goes to school, meets her best friend Alice and her crush Jason but can she tell her friends the truth?
And what would the consequences be?


10. 10.

I’m round the back on the floor so no one will accidently just stumble upon me. I just sit there, mirroring the way she just stared at me. I feel like my heart is breaking. She was my best friend and I’ve lost her, my best friend. I have lost my best friend. I think of the dress that I’d been so excited to wear to prom with her and tears start dripping down my face. I sit there for hours and after a while I stop crying, either I ran out of emotions or I ran out of tears because I just feel numb now. It’s like when she left a part of me went with her and now I'm just an empty shell of numbness. I hear the bell ring for lunch and realise people will be coming outside to eat and they’ll see me. Let them. Just let them come. Let them see what they did to me. This is what they did. They broke me. Let them come. As the world comes back into focus from my zone-out I notice someone standing over me. My heart drops as I assume it’s a teacher come to bust me for ditching, I pull myself off the ground and turn to face my punishment when I realise it’s not a teacher it’s just Jason. “Hi.” I say.

“Hey Miss Incognito. You been here all day?” he asks with a sympathetic twist to his smile.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“So when you had to do something this morning?”

“I had to speak to someone privately so we came here where we couldn’t be eavesdropped on and it didn’t go brilliantly.” I explain.

“Right, let’s go.” He says pulling a twig out of my hair and grabbing my hand.

“Where exactly are we going?” I say as he pulls me even further behind the school.

“We are busting out here and I'm taking you out of town. It seems like you need a day away. And don’t ask where I'm taking you because it’s a surprise and don’t say you hate surprises because everyone does and it won’t change anything. Just don’t ask questions, keep the allure of a mystery.” He says and I nod in response. I can’t help but wondering if this is a date and if his cheerleader would mind. They could’ve broken up. Oh shut up, my life isn’t that good. And her name is Rebecca idiot.

We walk to his house where he borrows his dad’s car leaving a note that says road trip where the keys are supposed to be, he tells me that his dad won’t mind as long as he gets it back in one piece. I feel a rush of adrenaline as we fly out of this town and onto the motorway.  We sit in silence for most of the drive until he finally asks the question I’d been trying to avoid. “So,” Jason says finally “What happened?”  I look over at him and see actual concern in his eyes.

“Won’t Rebecca mind that you're taking me far, far away?” I reply dodging his question.

“Oh so you finally learnt her name; and no she won’t mind.”


“We broke up.” Okay, my life is that good. Big Ben comes into view looming above us and I realise that we’re in London.

“I’m sorry.” I reply. Isn’t that what everyone says? What else am I supposed to say?

“Don’t worry about it. So have you ever been to London before?”

“Nope, I’ve never been.”

“You’ve never been to London? How can you have never been to London?”

“We just never went.”

“Right, I guess we’ll have to do the grand tour then.” He said with a grin, and it really is a grand tour. “Come on.”  We go on the London Eye and to the London Dungeon’s where Jason screams like I little girl which I remind him of. Then we go to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Alley, where I see the NWT.

“Hey have you ever been there?” I inquire, pointing to the 40 floor building.

“Only once, my dad was offered a job there and I went with him to the meeting but he ended up not taking the job. It’s actually a pretty great building. Why’d you ask?” Jason says in response. This isn’t a sales pitch, unless he wants to get me in. Why did his dad refuse? Did he know about the weird stuff going on there?

“Just curious, I did some research on the building a couple of days ago.”

“Do you want to go? I could try and get us in, if you want.” It would be breaking every protocol, and Mr Kwali said to wait and arrange an appointment to meet him so he’s familiar with me.

“Yeah sure, okay,” When we got up to the front desk he told the concierge that he was the son of someone called Mark Jackson, who I'm assuming is his father and we were then allowed to go right up. “Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Why don’t you have your father’s surname? And why did the concierge just let us up when he heard your father’s name?”

“Ah,” He says. I turn to look at him and see pain, real pain. “My parents aren’t married. My dad walked out when I was 10 and I didn’t hear from him until a few months ago. He’s remarried and wants to make amends.”

“Oh I'm sorry.” Well isn’t my life just peachy. “I know what it’s like to lose someone you love.” I say and Alice's back walking away from me popped up like a cinema screen in my head threatening to make me curl up in a ball again. The numbness has started to thaw and I don’t particularly want it back.

“Are you talking about Alice?” I turn to look at him eyes wide and mouth open to ask a million different questions at once. “I saw her between classes and she looked destroyed, like you did, and I put it together.” I close my mouth and eyes simultaneously and breathe a sigh of relief. He wasn’t eavesdropping, Alice didn’t tell him, he doesn’t know. He…doesn’t…know. I don’t say anything after that and we just stand in the lift silently. “So what floor would you like to see?” He asks breaking the tension.

“37. It’s Executive Management and yeah.”

“Okay, going up.” The ride up was awkward and silent and we were both still reeling in the past of our losses, Jason’s dad and my best friend.

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