Decisions! Family...or Love?

She walks through the doors, 3 guys behind her. She wore a leather jacket, black, tight crop top and black skinny jeans with black and white converse. Her hair went from black to dark blue ombré- she looked really sexy. Her hardened facial expressions made her look even sexier!

Who was she?!

Emma Martinez...


6. "Welcome to your new home" 😕

I'm running, I don't know where but I just run. I just keep running...running...running...

I wake up, panting for breath as if I was actually running and it wasn't a dream.

"Are you ok?" Tyler asks.

"Erm... Yeah, just a bad dream, ha" I laugh a little awkwardly.

He just nods and closes his eyes- I probably woke him up... Oops. I rest my head against the seat and start to take deep breaths, calming down my rapid pulse. I take a sip of my water and look out the window- the view was incredible.

"too beautiful to be captured by a camera," I thought.

Skip ahead...

The plane eventually landed and my brothers Ethan passed me my bag as I took out my headphones and rubbed the remaining sleep out of my eyes- I still didn't manage to fall asleep after my nightmare. I exchanged numbers with Tyler(not like that!) in case we wanted to talk and said goodbye as we left the plane and went to get our luggage.

We didn't have a lot of bags as we sent most of our stuff before hand so I grabbed my two suitcases full of clothes and shoes. I look around as we walk out the busy airport, trying to spot my oldest brother and his son.

"There they are." One of my brothers said- I didn't know who as I was looking at where one of them was pointing. I ran and hugged Aidan and rested my chin as held my beloved nephew close- I loved him like he was my brother (not that I needed another one).

"Oh, I've missed you so much!" I exclaim as I crush him in my arms.

"I missed you too... but I want to live longer than 14 so can you please let me go so I can't breath!" He begs.

I laugh along with my brothers as I let him go and turn to Jason. He gives me the typical Martinez hug to show me how much he misses me which I return. The moving pissed me off but I really missed my family- they were everything to me. He lets go of me and gives Ethan and Ryder a manhug. We walk to their car as Ethan ruffles Aidan's hair which gets on his nerves. Jason grabs my bag and opens the car door for me, such a gentlemen(!)

I sit in the back next to Aidan with Ethan on the other side as Jason puts away the last of the suitcases. He drives us to our new home with Ryder in the passenger seat as we sing along to old songs just like old times, I really missed this! We talked about what went on whilst we were in England. It was quite a long drive and I almost fell asleep again but managed to stay away due to Animals by Maroon 5 being blasted out. I'm into the Panic! At the Disco and Halsey kind of music but I can appreciate good music when I hear it.

I look at the houses we past which were pretty huge. If I wanted to live under the same roof as all of my family, then our house needed to be at least the same size as these ones!

Finally, the car pulls into a driveway but i still couldn't see the house. I finally got out the car and my mouth dropped in awe of what I saw. I quickly switched to my normal, unimpressed facial expression before my brothers saw but Jason smirked at me as he got the suitcases out. The house was huge and I mean huge!

Kara, Katherine and Jake came out and ran up to us. One by one they all hugged us and told us how much they missed us and we did the same, blah blah blah- not really into all that sentimental stuff but I did miss them.

"Still as moody as ever, sis!" Jake said ruffling my hair. I give him a death stare before saying,

"Still as annoying as ever, Bro!" And punched his arm.

"Welcome to your new home, guys!" Kara exclaims.

He pretended to fight with Ryder and Ethan before helping Jason bring the luggage inside. I walked inside with Kara and Katie who talk excitedly about something that I am too tired to pay attention too.

Tyler was right, it could feel like home if I gave it a chance.

If I gave it a chance...

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