The Playgirl's Confession

Jiana De la Vega. "Jia"

The name of the once good girl of Copperheights High School.
But then, shit happens, which turns her life upside down and turned her into the playgirl she is now.

'Watch out. Don't let her innocent smile fool you. She may look like an angel and acts like one but get her pissed? Well, you'll see the devil and you'll be in hell.'

Maximus James Martinez. "Max"

The new boy in town. The one who doesn't know a thing about her but eventually confronts her. He's known for all that good looks even on his first day of school.

He's a total gentleman and a total example of everything you would want your dream guy to be. Like every other guy in school, they want Jia to be theirs.

Jia is a mystery to him. But Jia doesn't care about him.

What would happen? What would be the end of their story?






I danced the night away to the beat of the music from the bar together with Dana and Mariah. Come on. It's the last Friday night of summer. School is about to start again. And it will be back to our normal boring lives here in town.

We've been here for hours already. Not that we cared. Dana does own this bar and we were allowed to come here whenever we want to. We're not allowed to drink on school days though. Dana's orders, not mine.

You're probably thinking I'm a whore? Nahh. Not that I'm a whore or anything but actually I only date guys and then dump them the next day or maybe I flirt with them and when they ask me to be theirs I say yes but will dump them down after a week.

I have a few rules too. It's like my guide to being a playgirl. Yes, you heard me. I’m a playgirl. That’s the whole point of this story anyway. Who doesn’t love a girl with looks? Guys get head over heels with me the first time they see me. Oh, right. Back to the rules.

Rule No. 2: 
Never get yourself get dumped by a guy.

That's like the most embarrassing thing ever. Since when do guys dump girls anyway? I know there are a few incidents like that but that can cause shame to us girls, and unfortunately, I was one of those girls. A guy dumped me, and another one broke my heart before I became who I am now. I am not ashamed of what I have become.

"You gals having fun?" Dana yelled so we could hear here. The music here was so loud that it competed with her voice. Plus, there are hundreds of people here in their bar, drinking, dancing and talking.

Mariah and I looked at each other before grinning and then high-fived each other. "Hell yeah!" The redhead yelled which caused me to giggle. I did have a few drinks before dancing. I only drink when I try to have fun though. Drinking helps me forget my problems in life.

"As frickishly fun as always!" I added, which caused the two of them to laugh. We continued to have fun, and I know tomorrow's result would be a hangover.


I groaned as I felt pain in my head. What the hell? I sat up from my bed and- wait, my bed? My party clothes were gone from last night. I was in my pajamas. But thinking of something else just made my head hurt even more. Stupid hangover. I looked for the painkillers in my bedside table.

I took one and grabbed my water bottle and drank it. This has been my usual routine every Friday, eventually.

Wait, what the hell happened last night? How can I not remember anything except from when we got there and after drinking the --------, I felt a little tipsy and started dancing around with Dana and Mariah. Huh. That would be a mystery.

"HEEEY!" I heard Mariah come in my room and shut the door. I groaned because her voice was so high and it made my headache even worse than before. I covered my face with my blanket.

"Shut it Mar! Hangover, remember?" Dana reminded her. I owe you one Dana. I looked at the Dana, who had her blonde hair in a bun, and gave her a thumb up when she reminded Mariah.

"Oops. Sorry!" Mariah apologized.          

"What do you guys want?!" I snapped. They were already used to this anyway. It's not like they haven't seen me have a hangover. This has happened more times than I can remember already.

Dana mumbled, “Someone’s peachy. But that’s always you when you have a hangover so we’ll tell you what happened on Monday. See you on the first day of school Jia.” She smiled and then the two of them left my room.

I slept in since my headache was still here and I didn’t think it was going away anytime soon. I don't care if I will sleep the whole day. I will eventually get up if I'm hungry or call Miranda anyway.

I guess I'll just sleep in. There weren't any plans I had in store for today. So sleeping in it is.


I woke up and felt that the headache was gone. Surprisingly, Miranda didn't come and wake me up. Maybe she knows how tired I was from last night. I tried to recall last night’s events. I wonder what happened. This was always what happens after every hangover I get. You can’t blame me for trying to fix my own problems with alcohol.

I looked at my sliding doors to see that it was already dark. What? So that means I must have slept in the whole day.

"Jia dear? Are you awake?" I heard Miranda ask as she knocked on the door. Oh right. Miranda is my nanny. You’re probably gonna ask, ‘The Playgirl has a nanny?’ Well my answer is ‘Yes. I have a nanny.’ I just told you that.

"Yes Miranda. Come on in." I replied. Miranda is like the second mother to me. My grandma and grandpa lived in their own house and visited me sometimes. But most of the time, I was always here in this big mansion with Miranda. I planned on having sleepover here sometimes though. And when I have parties, I always tell Miranda to go home to her family since I would be the one to clean up the whole mess.

Alright. Now back to the story.

Miranda came in carrying a tray filled with food on her hands. She was smiling at me as she went closer and put it on my bedside table. I thanked her and she left.

Cool. She made me lasagna. My favorite. I do not want to discuss whatever happened last night. But I was still wondering though, what did happen? I can't remember anything. I hope I didn’t do anything crazy.


"I DID WHAT?" I yelled as my friends told me about the stupid things I did on Friday night. All they did was laugh at me.

We were already in the school's parking lot, just sitting in my car, waiting for more and more students to come. Unfortunately, it was already time for school. We didn't bother getting in.

"Yep. You flirted with Dana. And not just her, you flirted with almost every boy in the bar. You even made out with a guy we don't know." Mariah shrugged. I do kiss guys, but that's just it. I don't just kiss or make out with a stranger. That's the stupidest thing that I could ever do.

"What the fricking hell?"

"Not just that, you started to get all mushy and decided to talk about that lunatic who broke your heart to the guy you made out with and you broke down and cried." Dana added. Wow. What good friends I have... not.

"And then a guy asked you to dance with him- which you did by the way, but then you threw up on him." Mariah finished up the entire story, clearly amused at my stupid doings.

"Did you really have to repeat everything? Every part of the story?" I asked them unbelievingly. "I don't want to be reminded of what I act like during my drunken nights." There were parts of the story that they didn't repeat yet, but knowing them, they surely will.

"Oh, let's not forget the part when you were telling us that you weren't drunk and then you started dancing around the streets and fell into a bush." Dana added once more.

"Oh yes, and dancing with no music while we were walking you home." Mariah continued.

"And the fact that the neighbors thought that you were crazy."

"I though you said you drove me home?" I asked Dana. She told me yesterday, while we were on the phone, that she drove me home. So why on earth would the neighbors see what I did?

"Actually, she meant the people who live near the bar or the people around the bar." Mariah clarified. My goodness. Was I really that drunk? WTH?

"Okay, okay. I repeat. Please stop reminding me about that incident okay? I don't wanna remind myself about my drunken ways. Geez." What they told me frustrated me.

"It's not like anyone in school saw you. Everyone here thinks you're the nicest girl on earth. You do know that, right? Oh, but you can be a bitch sometimes too. And that you are actually a playgirl." I rolled my eyes at Mariah's response. Yes, I was the ultimate playgirl. But I have my reasons too, ya know? I looked around to see if there were any new faces around here. Still the same familiar faces here and there.

Except for the freshmen. I was still a tenth grader but I was the ultimate playgirl of the school. It started last year though. Oops! Hottie spotted. Looks like I found a new victim.

"Hottie spotted." I told the girls with a smirk on my face. "I found my new victim girls."

"Wait, not just one hottie, Jia. There are three new students actually. Two guys and a girl. I don't know whoever they are, but they can sure be your new victims this school year." Mariah told me. Two new guys and a girl? Hmm. This school year is going to be interesting.

"How did you know?" Dana asked her. Mariah just rolled her eyes at Dana's question. It was quite obvious that Mariah's mom is the principal, so that could only mean that she knows how many new students there are.

"Mom is the principal remember? Although, that's what she told me a month ago." She replied. "We don't know if there are any more new students."

"Well, I guess we better watch out then." I told them with a smirk on my face. "Come on girls. Let's get inside." I smiled at the new boy and made my way to the admin building. That's where we check which sections we are gonna be in.



"Dad. You don't have to worry about me. It's just high school." I rolled my eyes as my dad was worrying about me because I was going to high school. Copperheights High School. Who knew I was going to transfer to another school? It was cool I guess. I am going with my cousins there. I hope it won't be that hard in coping in.

"Seriously Max. You're gonna be out for the rest of the day. And I'm gonna miss you buddy. Paper work is going to be a pain in the ass." He joked. I just laughed along with him.

I hugged him since we treat each other like we're brothers mostly. "I gotta go dad. I'll see you later. Don't stress yourself too much. Bye. " He muttered a 'bye' and then I grabbed my bag and car keys and head to school.

Copperheights high school- the school rival of my old school, though I don't consider it a rival.  

School. The one place I dreaded the most. It’s the place where there are stereotypes. It was always the nerds, the jocks, the queen bees, and etc. I belonged to the jock group in my old school, but I don’t know with Copperheights.

I drove in silence as I drowned my thoughts about this new school. Would I be popular there? I don't think so. After all, I'm just a new guy in school. My silence was interrupted when my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a call from my cousin, Mason. I picked it up and put it in loudspeaker.

("Yo Max!") I heard him say from the other line. I rolled my eyes at that. That was a natural thing for him to say. He was the complete opposite of his twin, Dylan.

"Hey Mase, is there anything I can do for you?" I questioned him. I transferred to this new school. Our dads wanted us to spend time together, which is why I got transferred to their school.

("Nothing, Dylan and I are waiting for you outside the school. Where are you?") He asked me. You see, Mason here is a total jerk and can be an ass and a douchebag sometimes. While his twin, Dylan, is just the good guy type. I got stuck in between the two.

"K. I'm almost there." I ended the phone call before he could say anything more because I was almost in school. I turned left and finally found myself space in the parking lot. I parked the car, took my bag and got out. I locked it and proceeded to find my cousins, wherever they are.

This school was just like my old school. Students were scattered everywhere with their own little friendship group. The jocks were wearing their school jacket and the cheerleaders were wearing their uniforms. The whole parking lot was a mess. It was filled with the deafening sound of students’ talking and laughing and whatever they were doing.

"Yo! Max!" I heard someone call my name. That sounded like Mason. I looked around to check where that voice came from. I felt other people's eyes on me, as if they were checking me out. The parking lot grew quiet, so I looked around to see almost everyone here in the school's parking lot looking at me. WTF? But one particular beauty caught my eye. She was talking to her friends with a smirk on her face. She looked at me and flashed me a smile. A very innocent smile, I might add. Ugh. Girls. They’re gross. They only come to you and make you fall for her, and then when everything seemed to be perfect, you have the perfect, caring and loving family, the perfect husband, and you have everything for you, they would still leave you if they found someone better than you.

I was going to wave at her but I changed my mind, and also when another voice disturbed me. "Max! Come on over here!" I ignored her. The whole parking lot went back to its normal noisy self and I finally found the two morons and made my way towards them.

"I thought you said you were coming here early?" Dylan asked with an eyebrow raised. I rolled my eyes at what he said and began to think of their sports here. Do they have a soccer team? If they do, I seriously am going to join.

"I am early." I corrected him. What does early mean to him anyway? School hasn't even started yet, which means that I'm early.

"You call 7:20 A.M. early?" He asked. What? School starts at eight and eventually the flag ceremony is going to start in 7:30 A.M.. I nodded at him and he gasped dramatically. "I can't believe you!" Sometimes I question his perspective.

"Actually you can.” I grinned at him. He was being dramatic and I know that’s the typical Dylan. “Now do you know what sections we are going to be in?" I changed the subject.

"No, we were waiting for you." Mason answered me. I just nodded in understanding. "Come on. We might not get the seats next to each other if we just stand here."

"Actually, we have to know which of the sections we are going to be in first before we go to the classroom in which we belong to." Dylan corrected him.

"Oh, yeah. Of course. That," was Mason's reply. We just followed Dylan to check which section we were in. It's interesting that they used here the factions from Divergent as their sections.

My old school would only use letters, like 1-A,  1-B. This school is not like any other school. It's unique and different. I like it. Who makes factions sections in a school anyway?

"MAKE WAY! MAKE WAY!" I heard Mason and Dylan say as they went on to see the section we would belong to. I just stayed behind.

"Hey." I turned to my side to see the most beautiful girl I have seen since I got here. Damn. She had a smile on her face. She looks like an angel from heaven. She's the epitome of perfection. But I know all girls are just the same. They only use you and when they find someone better than you, they leave you.

"Hi." I said casually. She looked absolutely stunning, but that still didn’t change my mind of the way I see girls.

"Do you need help with anything? I'm Jiana by the way. But you can call me Jia if you want to." She held out a hand for me to shake, which I shook. I was just being casual.

"Max. I'm just waiting for my cousins." I replied with a smile.

"Oh cool. I hope you'll like it here." She said with the smile that she flashed me a few minutes ago.

"Jia. We're in Dauntless. Come on!" A red head girl said and dragged her away from me. I just stood there and watched their retreating backs on the way to the said section, or should I say, faction.

Before I got the chance to look for my cousins, they appeared before me and started dragging me toward the classrooms.

"Why were you talking to Jia?" Dylan suddenly asked me as we were walking on the hallways towards our classroom. I just shrugged.

"Dude. She's bad news." Mason told me and tapped my back. "By the way, you're in dauntless. We're in Candor. Good luck cousin." He said before dropping me off to the Dauntless classroom.

What did he mean by "she's bad news?" That thought confused me. But I just shrugged it off and started my day in this new institution.


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