Code Strings

"On here, we're nothing but code strings. That's why it's so easy to talk."



6. 3-09-16


4/9 users currently in chatroom. 1 temporarily offline due to inactivity.


4:56pm; FudgeSociety: Where did Unicorn go? She was online a few minutes ago...


4:57pm; Where’sMyPrince: I don’t know. I’m sure she’s fine, Fudge, don’t worry.


Twrlin’MahMustache has entered the chat.


4:58pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Hey.


ImaUnicorn has come back online.


4:59; ImaUnicorn: Twrlin’!


4:59pm; FudgeSociety: Hey, Twrlin’! Unicorn, you okay?


Twrlin’MahMustache: ...


ImaUnicorn is typing slowly...


5:00pm; ImaUnicorn: Twrlin’ don’t have to leave every time you don’t feel like talking about something, you know. You could just ask to change the subject.


5:01pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I know. I’m sorry. I hurts to think about.


5:01pm; FudgeSociety: *is confused*


5:01pm; Where’sMyPrince: *ditto*


5:02pm; ImaUnicorn: Do you want to tell them, Twrlin’? You don’t have to...


Twrlin’MahMustache is typing slowly...


5:02pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: No, it’s alright. They should know, anyway. I have PTSD, Fudge and Prince. Unicorn and I were talking about it last night, and she asked what caused it...I couldn’t talk about it, so I just left the chat. It’s a bad habit of mine.


5:03pm; FudgeSociety: Now that you say it, I did notice that you tend to disappear when questioned...PTSD, huh? What are you, a former child soldier? Ooh, I know! You’re a fallen angel! I thought I saw something fall from the sky a couple of days before you showed up here ;)


5:04pm; Where’sMyPrince: Fudge, don’t tease him.


5:04pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: *laughing* No, it’s okay, really :) I actually laughed out loud...for the first time in months. Thanks, Fudge.


5:04pm; FudgeSociety: *is proud of herself* Anytime, fallen angel. So, do you have golden blood? ;) XD


5:05; ImaUnicorn: Were your wings actually white? Or were they brown or something? ;)


5:05pm; Where’sMyPrince: No, guys you got it all wrong. His wings were pure black - like his SOUL XD   

jk, Twrlin’, I know you’re a good guy :)


5:06pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Thanks, Prince. I just wish I could agree with you. I probably do have a black soul.


5:06pm; FudgeSociety: What the hell would make you think that, Twrlin’? If you had a black soul, you’d be on here posting really mean crap to us, not talking to us like friends.


Twrlin’MahMustache is typing slowly...


5:06pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: ...I hurt someone. And they got revenge. I had to leave my old town because of it. It was...risky to stay, according to the police. It would be smarter for me to get away.


5:07pm; ImaUnicorn: oh...what happened? If you’re okay with telling us, anyway.


TigerQueen has entered the chat.


Twrlin’MahMustache is typing slowly...


5:08; Twrlin’MahMustache: My gf and I - ex-gf now - went to a party for New Year’s...I got drunk. Really drunk. I wasn’t thinking straight, wasn’t in control of myself, and...I raped her. I would never have done it if I was sober. I was dead drunk, and I don’t really even remember doing it. I only get flashes...her pounding her fists against my chest, her one heard her, the music was too loud...I passed out shortly after it was done. When I woke up, it was morning, and I was lying in a puddle of vomit, head pounding. I managed to drag myself home, my house wasn’t too far away. When I got there, her brother was waiting for me on the front steps. My parents weren’t home, they were gone for the week on their anniversary cruise. He grabbed my arms and shook me, screaming in my face. “Are you proud of yourself, a(censored)?!” He screamed. I tried to shake my head, I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Are you glad you got to take my sister’s innocence, her purity? Glad to get yourself some action, huh? Do the deed against her will? You f(censored) a(censored), I’ll kill you.”

    He dragged me across the street, into the woods. Waiting for us there was a pit seven feet deep and full of explosives. God knows where he got them. He spat in my face, yelling, “I’ll blow you up, you bastard.”

    I tried to get away, but I was weak and horribly hung over. He tossed me into the pit. I managed to grab the side right before hitting the bombs. My foot smacked against one, just one.

    It blew off my entire left leg, and tore up the whole left side of my body. I somehow managed to pull myself out of the pit right before the rest of them went off. Then I passed out.


5:11pm; FudgeSociety: *speechless*


5:11pm; Where’sMyPrince: *ditto*


5:11pm; ImaUnicorn: Omigod, Twrlin’...I’m so sorry...


Twrlin’MahMustache is typing slowly...


5:12pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: When we moved, I was hesitant to go to school. I was hideous, covered in scars and healing burns, with a prosthetic leg that I  still wasn’t used to. Toss that in with the new kid factor, and I was up for a whole lot of misery.  But my parents convinced me to go to a school that was created specifically for students who’d been through trauma.

    I met Kay about three weeks after starting. I was sitting alone, just like always, and she suddenly plopped down next to me and said, “Hey, soldier.”

    A month later, I felt confident enough to ask her out, and she said yes. I told her I had one rule: No alcohol. She said that was fine, she had the same rule.

    She made me so happy...I didn’t care about my scars when I was with her, because she clearly stated numerous times she couldn’t care less how deformed I was.

    But after a few months, I noticed that she was acting strange...secretive. I would have a date planned, and she would have to cancel at the last minute. It was frustrating, but I was determined to work through it, even when she refused to confide in me about what was going on.

    Then I got that phone call.


5:15pm; TigerQueen: Taylor?


5:16pm; ImaUnicorn: ?? Who’s Taylor, Tiger?


5:17pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: How...Tiger, do you know me?? IRL???


TigerQueen is typing slowly...


5:19pm; TigerQueen: Taylor, is that you?


5:20pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: My name is Taylor...but how did you know that? Who are you?


5:21pm; TigerQueen: Because I’m Kay.


5:22pm: Twrlin’MahMustache: You...are you serious???? This isn’t a joke??


5:23pm; TigerQueen: On my birthday, you gave me a bracelet with three charms: A tiger, a stitched-up heart, and a K. called me your tiger queen after you saw the tiger at the zoo treat me like i was his mother.


5:24pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: !!! Omigod, you weren’t actually...cheating? It was *him*, your abuser? That was why you were acting so weird?


5:25pm; TigerQueen: Yes. He was getting suspicious, that’s why I was acting weird...I had to cover up my tracks. But I didn’t do a good enough job...he saw you kiss me after school one day. When I got back to the house, he was furious. By the time he was done with me, I was bleeding so badly that I had to go to the hospital. He hasn’t done anything since, other than touch me and leer at me. And he’s been drinking...I’m scared, Taylor.


5:27pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I’m coming to get you, Kay. Give me the address.


5:27pm; TigerQueen: No, Taylor! He’ll kill you!


5:28pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I’m not that easy to kill. Give me the address, Kay, please.


5:30pm; TigerQueen: *File uploaded. Click here to view*


5:31pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Wait for me, Kay. ...I love you.


Twrlin’MahMustache has left the chat.


5:32pm; TigerQueen: Taylor!


TigerQueen has left the chat.


5:38pm; ImaUnicorn: That was...


5:38pm; FudgeSociety: Romantic? Ironic? Very Shakespearean?


5:39pm; Where’sMyPrince: Plot twist! I can’t even wrap my head around what just happened...


5:40pm; ImaUnicorn: Neither can I. Think they’ll be okay?


5:40pm; FudgeSociety: I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re clearly star-crossed.


5:41pm; Where’sMyPrince: Oh, Fudge, why would you say that? :/


5:41pm; FudgeSociety: What do you mean??


5:42pm; Where’sMyPrince: “Star-crossed”? You have read or seen Romeo&Juliet, right?


5:42pm; FudgeSociety: I said that this is Shakespearean, not “Romeo&Juliet-ean.” Plenty of star-crossed romances end happily.


5:43pm; ImaUnicorn: Guys, knock it off. Taylor and Kay will be fine. We’ll probably hear from them later. I have to go, it’s dinnertime. TTYL


ImaUnicorn has left the chat.


5:43pm; Where’sMyPrince: Oh, shoot! We have that family dinner tonight at 6;30, Fudge!


Where’sMyPrince has left the chat.


FudgeSociety has left the chat.


FearTheDemon has entered the chat.


5:46pm; FearTheDemon: Aw, don’t tell me everyone left just as I got here!


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