Code Strings

"On here, we're nothing but code strings. That's why it's so easy to talk."



4. 3-08-16


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7:02pm; ImaUnicorn: How’s Prince?


7:02pm; FudgeSociety: Well...Peep’s death hit him pretty hard...this kind of thing always sends him back in time...back to his first bf...the one who died


7:03pm; ImaUnicorn: Will he be okay?


7:03pm; FudgeSociety: Yeah, he just needs a couple of days to dig himself out of the memories.


Twrlin’MahMustache has entered the chat.


7:04pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Hey, guys.


7:04pm; ImaUnicorn: Hi, Twrlin’! How are you?


7:04pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: My ex came back to school today.


7:05pm; FudgeSociety: Uh-oh. What happened?


7:05pm: Twrlin’MahMustache: She tried to apologize...I told her it didn’t matter and walked away. When she came into class fifteen minutes late, she was crying. I felt bad, but...she was cheating on me. With a 27-year-old! I’m not showing her any sympathy.


7:06pm; ImaUnicorn: ...


7:06; FudgeSociety: Preach it, man. No one likes a s(censored).


7:07pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: yeah. But...i can’t help missing her. Is that pathetic or what?


7:07pm; ImaUnicorn: It’s not pathetic, Twrlin’. It’s just human.


7:08pm; FudgeSociety: You stole my words again, Unicorn. :P


7:08pm; ImaUnicorn: Sorry


7:08pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I didn’t realize how much I actually cared about her until that she’s gone...


7:09pm; FudgeSociety: It’s like that Linkin Park song, “Until It’s Gone”, from their 2014 album. You know it?


7:09pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Yeah, that’s a good song. And definitely very parallel to this situation...


7:09pm; ImaUnicorn: I don’t date, so I can’t really understand the exact feeling of the situation, but I do know the “Until It’s Gone” feeling...from when I lost my dad...


7:10pm; FudgeSociety: Why don’t you date, Unicorn?


7:10pm; ImaUnicorn: It just doesn’t seem worth it...I’d rather run into my Mr. Right randomly on the street than have my heart broken repeatedly trying to find him.


7:11pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I wish I’d had that philosophy when I started noticing girls...I’ve broken hearts and had my heart broken too many times.


7:11; FudgeSociety: Yep, same :P


7:12pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: I gtg, it’s dinnertime. I’ll be back on later.


Twrlin’MahMustache has left the chat.


TigerQueen has entered the chat.


7:15pm; TigerQueen: Guys, I don’t know how the hell I can keep doing this...


7:16pm; ImaUnicorn: What happened, Tiger?


7:16pm; TigerQueen: T doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore...he didn’t say it out loud, but it’s clear he thinks I’m nothing but a worthless s(censored).


7:17pm; FudgeSociety: Can’t you try to tell him the truth? Tell him about *him*?


7:17pm; TigerQueen: Not if he won’t listen to me...

7:18pm; ImaUnicorn: Just hang in there, Tiger...stay strong, and you’ll get out of there eventually.


7:18pm; TigerQueen: I really hope so, Unicorn...I really really hope so. I gtg.

TigerQueen has left the chat.

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