Code Strings

"On here, we're nothing but code strings. That's why it's so easy to talk."



5. 3-08-16 (2)


2/9 users currently in chatroom.


11:49pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Hey, Unicorn? Can I ask you something?


11:49pm; ImaUnicorn: Sure, as long as it’s not “Will you go out with me?” ;D


11:50pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: xD no it’s not that. I was just curious...why are you on here? Like, what’s your “thing”?


...ImaUnicorn is typing slowly...


11:52; ImaUnicorn: Well, I’m the one who created this chat, remember? I told you about that.


11:53; Twrlin’MahMustache: No, I know that. But why??


...ImaUnicorn is typing slowly...


11:55; ImaUnicorn: I...guess I just needed someone to talk to. And I wanted to create a place where other people could talk, too, something that isn’t, you know, Facebook or something. Like those old IM chat rooms, you know? So I made this, we’re like a little online family.


11:55; Twrlin’MahMustache: A family, huh? So who’s who?


11:56; ImaUnicorn: ???


11:56; Twrlin’MahMustache: I mean, like who’s Mom, who’s Dad, who’s the annoying sibling, who’s the wise old grandpa, who’s the crazy grandma.


11:59; ImaUnicorn: Oh! Haha :) well, let’s see: I guess I’m the mom, since i’m the creator and admin. I’d say Fudge is like that fun aunt, the one who’ll take you to adult movies and let you buy junk food. Prince is definitely the wise grandpa. Tiger is like...the quiet daughter, the one everyone loves and supports. Peeps was probably like the dad, since she helped me run it after i first started. If i couldn’t come on, she took over for me....

Demon and Insanity are probably the annoying little twins. We don’t see them much, but when they do come on, most of us get pretty annoyed with them.

And Shadow, whom you haven’t met yet, is that mysterious uncle who you never really see, and he’s really quiet and studious and knows a lot about the the world.


12:00pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Those are definitely accurate comparisons, based on what I know about them.


12:01pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: You never said what your “thing” is, Unicorn.


...ImaUnicorn is typing slowly...


12:03pm; ImaUnicorn: Anxiety, anorexia, insomnia, and self-harm.


12:04pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: Rough life.


12:04pm; ImaUnicorn: yeah. I’m like the ultimate masochist.


12:05pm; ImaUnicorn: What about you? What’s your “thing”?


12:06pm; Twrlin’MahMustache: PTSD. It...keeps getting worse. When I was with Kay, it got a little bit better, but then it came back again, and now that she’s gone...


12:07pm; ImaUnicorn: PTSD? Wow...what happened?


...Twrlin’MahMustache is typing slowly...


Twrlin’MahMustache has left the chat.


12:09pm; ImaUnicorn: Twrlin’?! Where did you go??

12:11pm; ImaUnicorn: Twrlin’...

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