Steam Lord

When Zac realizes that his world is not what it seems, he ventures into the back alleys of London to try and find his true calling. To become...A Steam lord.


2. The Waking Lion - Alex

For Alex it was just a normal day. He started work every morning in The Waking Lion and he was the bar man. He never did like this job very much but for what it paid and for the amount of friends he had made he would be fine with where he was. London was a very big place and The Waking Lion was not. The brewery was under much scrutiny because of what happened the previous night. A man was brutally murdered just outside the back door and he was held accountable. Apparently he was the only one left at The Waking Lion so he was the number one suspect. Just as a drip of water fell off his mops end he realized a stranger had walked through the front door. "Excuse me." He spoke. "Where is the one they call Alex Patterson?" And with that Alex shot Towards the back door of the Brewery which to his eyes a magic blue wall arose in front of it. He was terrified of his new opponent for he knew that magicians had existed. Even a normal person like him should know that. The stranger looked confused as Alex stared at him with much horror struck upon his face like a slap. As the stranger flew towards Alex, all Alex could here was the strangers footsteps and the loud beating of his heart. As he lay helpless against the back of the cobble wall and outstretched from a jet of steam coming from the cold steel of a vent. And at once Alex was travelling through steam and as the other side beckoned him to the other side his mind went blank and he fell into a sleep which was forced upon him.

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