Steam Lord

When Zac realizes that his world is not what it seems, he ventures into the back alleys of London to try and find his true calling. To become...A Steam lord.


1. Prologue

As the fog horn bellowed over the back streets of London the homeless groaned against their quiet sleep. The boat afloat the water of the dock as he rounded the corner at speed. The hunters never were very smart but of course their imps were. As the blue orbs of light rounded the corner a shiver shot down my spine. These were master orbs. A master, here? That is impossible. London wasn't exactly a Masters destination. You were most likely to see them in Azerbaijan or China, maybe Thailand but that is very rare. So, my cloaking spell had started to wear off and as I rounded the second corner into the dark alleyway behind The Waking Lion Brewery and Tavern, a steam vent shot steam into my face as a body shot from it. "Tell me young one. Why do you curse me with your presence?" And with that My life shot into being and then my blood pooled in front of my face. 

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