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  • Published: 16 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 16 Mar 2016
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This is a story about betrayal!


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In the old manor of the Mcdermoth family, something horrible happen every year the same time. Many years ago the old but pretty house was a state property. In 1950s, it was an edifice,serving the needs of the local police. The house was firstly reconstructed as a prison where the wildest and craziest thieves,murderers and rapists took place. Later on, the prison became house again and now the Mcdermoth family owns it. The family has a beautiful 15-year old daughter. Her name is Bea. She was good and was keen on helping others. Bea had a lot of compassion in her heart and wanted to show it in every possible moment. Everybody in town liked her. Bea was sunny and happy girl. Most of the time. But when she was at home,with her parents, things were quite the opposite. Other didn't suspect what really happens inside the house of the Mcdermoths. Maybe the mother and the father were natural born actors and knew well how to manipulate the other folks and her daughter. But soon a harbinger of the family's dark secrets would appear and Bea would pay the price of it with her life. Bea received everything but love. Her life with her parents can be described with only one word-betrayal. The mother and the father constantly betrayed her. They were exploiters who knew no values and virtues. And Bea was the victim. And betrayer,too. How can she someone else than a betrayer when having such role models. Humiliation, disrespect, hatred and negligence were the other''perks'' she receives from her parents. The endless brawls, threats and broken promises took her powers away and Bea couldn't fight any more. The only exit for her was to obey the situation. To obey her mother and father. At school Bea had numerous friends but regularly betrayed them. For their good sake because she was ashamed and afraid that they may find out what really her life looked like when she was at home. Bea felt vital only outside the house but just school she had no time for any kind of entertainment because it was filled with slavery work. Bea's parents forced her to do everything and always told her they are busy and promised to award her for the work, but that never happened. Not even once. Bea was living in some kind of isolation. She felt the misery of it. Even a song she heard on the radio while scrubbing the floor, spoke to her so vividly, like a lost forever friend: ''I know I find it hard to breathe and I've been drowning in my own sleep. I feel a hate crashing over me, so rescue me...'' Bea's parents began drinking heavily and became more atrocious toward her. They both betrayed her again. This time the substitution of love was the alcohol. The abuse doubled. Bea just wished to die. She wished to be rescued. And one night, when the parent bodies were out drinking, Bea put an end of her miserable existence. She took a rope, hung it on the ceiling, placed the bait around the neck and kicked the chair aside. The tortures finally disappeared. The hate and the constant betrayal couldn't touch her any more. . . . When they lost their daughter, the parents realized they lost the most precious human being in their life. Too late. Every year, the same night, the spirit of Bea comes in her home house, looking for love from her parents. Could they loved her now?
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