do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


19. Marry me

Luke's p.o.v.

I wasn't joking about getting marry to Crystal. I admit I haven't been the loving and protective boyfriend, to her I'm just a selfish dickhead of a boyfriend and I don't wanna be like that. I'm at the jewelry store searching for a ring I hope she'll love. I know she doesn't want anything to expensive and one of her favorite things she can't live without except for her phone, music, pizza, and other things. She has a special love for chocolate, doesn't matter want kind she loves all kinds of chocolate. I found the perfect ring and It's between 100,000-250,000 not too expensive like a million. Crystal is out with Rachel doing girly things. Once I got home, I spread a path of pink tulips petal to our bedroom.  Next, I'm cooking our favorite dinner which was steak, string beans, baked potato and a side of Cesar salad. For dessert I made fudge brownies. I got a text from Crystal that she'll be here in five minutes. I put one of our favorite songs, the song we dance to at my mom's ball, I just hope that she'll love all of this and that she'll say yes.

Crystal's p.o.v.

It was the afternoon, I took my shower and got dress. I wore black skinny jeans, bustier top and white platform heeled sandles. I french braided my hair into two braids, and I wore silver hoops and a choker necklace and did my makeup. I texted Rachel that I'm outside of her house, finally she came out. We went to the mall first, we bought a lot of shoes, outfits, makeup and etc. Then we went to Chipotle, We both shared a bowl of guacamole and chips. Next we were at the movies; we were seeing "Happy Death Day." To me It was a little bit scary and I can't believe the ending but I'm not saying any spoilers. It was almost 8 and I texted Luke I'll be home like in five minutes or less. I also told Rachel about the whole "marry me" thing. Rachel thinks It's not a joke but who knows, I just with he could be a little bit more romantic. Right when I enter the house, I smelled steak and I looked down at my feet to see my favorite flower petal which were tulips. After the amazing dinner and dessert, Luke walk me down to our hallway and open our bedroom door. I saw more flower petals, on the bed I see a note. This is what I read before turning around to see Luke on the floor with one knee holding a box with a diamond ring that has a chocolate color look.


Crystal, You are the reason why I dream of you every night. 

You're the light to my darkness. An angel to lift me

up when I'm down. You are my queen and I'm you're king.

I want to spend every morning and night cuddling and

keeping you safe. My arms are you're castle, home. 

I love you with all my heart, I may not show it but I do. 

When ever you feel upset, you run to my arms and safe. 

When you get really pissed at me, all I want to do 

Is kissed you. When you're laughing, smiling and happy

It brings tears in my eyes because I'm happy to see you 

Like that. What I'm trying to say is just turn around and tell

me your answer.

Luke: Crystal, be mine

Crystal: oh my god... *crys*

Luke: If you want more time I understand...

Crystal: yes I'll marry you *kisses luke*

Luke: *chuckles* like yes yes

Crystal: million yes

Luke: *picks up crystal and spins her*

Luke: *puts ring on Crystal's finger*

Crystal: I love you Luke

Luke: I love you too princess

Luke's p.o.v.

When we said our love you's, Crystal started to tear our clothes off. This is the best night that I'll always remember. She started to give me the best blowjobs ever, she wanted me to give her the best fuck she ever had and I grant her wish. I fucked her so hard she came four times and told my to come in her. After that, we took a bath together. The rest of the night we cuddle while sleeping.


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