do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


14. last day of school


crystal's p.o.v.

I woke up by my phone going off, I sat on the side of the bed and stretch a little. I walked to the bathroom to take a shower, I got out of the shower and walked to the closet. Today I'm wearing a red floral dress with spaghetti straps on it, a leather jacket and leather boots. Then, I flat iron my hair and did my makeup. Luke was already awake before me. we drove to the school, Luke met up with Jake and I met up with Rachel of course. "sign my year book crystal?" "sure."

Luke's p.o.v.

I was hanging out with Jake a little until the girls came up to us. "hey there babe." "hey Luke." Can't believe all of us actually graduated and school is finally over and done with now. It was almost noon so me and the others got lunch. An hour past and it was noon, crystal and I drove home to watch a movie and cuddle.

crystal's p.o.v.

luke and i were watching a cuddling me, few hours had pass by and we were getting ready for bed until the front door open. i was a little bit scared, and Luke went downstairs to go see who's at the door, apparently i heard jakes voice, i was wondering why he was here at this time of night.  i was in the living room and i was mad and upset that jake was here. 

crystal: why are you here?

luke: yeah, why?

jake: can i please talk to crystal in private?

luke: *turns head towards crystal* 

crystal: yes jake, let's talk in the yard

jake: i'm so sorry

crystal: for what???

jake: about the bathroom thing and the other stuff what i used to do with you when we were dating.

crystal: jake, it's already kind of late to say sorry.

jake: i know, i just been to scared to say it to you

crystal: jake a scary cat, *laughs*

jake: no it's true i am sorry, i can prove it

crystal: *still laughs*

jake: *kisses crystal*

crystal: *pushes off jake* umm i got to go 

jake: ok see ya

crystal: yeah...

i went upstairs and sneak into the bed with luke, he wrap his arms around me and good thing he didn't ask me what happen out back with jake and i. soon my eyes felt heavy and i snuggle up with luke by my side.


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