do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


18. going home

Luke's p.o.v.

The reason why we're packing cause I know they are doing something behind my back, probably having sex and I don't want her to think or talk to him. I get extremely jealous and I have to do something about. All the way home she kept asking questions, right when I turn to a stop light, she started taking kissing my neck and rubbing my crotch through my jeans. I tried to focused but couldn't, we stop behind some restaurant and we were ripping each other.

Crystal: pleases... tell me 

Luke: we had to pack because I know you have feelings for him...

Crystal: wait.... are you jealous?!

Luke: yes now can we continue?

Crystal: wow... we could've talk it out and we wouldn't have to fucking pack

Luke: I didn't for a reason...

Crystal: sure, are you scared that I might leave you for someone who can treat me better than you...

Luke: babe don't start

Crystal: oh I'm starting... you only took me on two dates and when ever I'm upset or your pissed at me... you shower me with gifts that are nice but I don't want it

Crystal: you haven't been a honest boyfriend to me either and too protective of me... you should treat me like an actual girlfriend

Luke: *slaps Crystal* no one tells me how I should treat a whore like you

Crystal: *gets out of the car*


Luke: Crystal come back here now!!!

Crystal: your the worst, selfish and an asshole of a so call boyfriend 

Luke: ok thats it *puts Crystal over the shoulder*

Crystal: let me down

Crystal's p.o.v.

He drove hella fast to our house, he yanked my arm and I was bend over on his lap. My legging and underwear were off and I felt a painful smack to my bum and I hissed in pain. Luke kept smacking my bum multiple time, once he was done Luke pull down his jeans along with his boxers, he forced my throat down his dick. Later he was fucking me from behind. 

Luke: how does this feel baby *goes rougher*

Crystal: yesss Luke

Luke: you're so wet and tight babe

Crystal: *moans loud*

Luke: marry me

Crystal: *moans Luke's name*

Luke: yes... or no *goes rougher and harder*

Crystal: oh god.... 

Luke: yes... or no

Crystal: yes... the answer is yes Luke

Luke: *releases load*

Luke: *kisses Crystal*

~ next morning ~

Crystal's p.o.v.

I can't believe Luke ask me to marry him... and I said yes. He was so rough that I didn't have a choice, If I said no... he'll probably do something drastic or anything else. I woke up in the after noon, I was on my laptop searching for a job since Starbucks was just a part-time and I need to find a full-time job. Luke came out of the bathroom with a towel wrap around him. I'm still thinking If I want to or not. Does he want to marry me or was that a joke? I'm so confused. Luke interrupted my thoughts and told me he was getting some breakfast for us and something else. I just said ok and he was out of the house. Luke came back to the house around three, I didn't realize he was gone that much. We ate our lunch which was In-N-Out. While eating, Rachel texted me If I wanted to go to the movies with her and of course I said yes. Since Rachel's birthday was coming up we should go somewhere after the movies. I told Luke about the plan and he was fine with It. Later that night, Luke and I cuddled and watching a slasher movie until we past out.



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