do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


10. can't stop thinking about you

crystal's p.o.v.

after luke and i finish what we did i went into the kitchen do get something to eat. while i was eating some cereal, i heard yelling in luke's room. i went into his room and heard him say jake. "she doesn't want you anymore." luke saw me and hang up the phone.

luke: hey babe

crystal: i know you were talking to jake

luke: i know, how did he get my number

crystal: i have no idea

crystal: *phone rings*

luke: who is it...

crystal: jake

jake: well hello sexy

crystal: never call me that and what do you want

jake: i want to be with you again, i never stop thinking of you and never stop thinking of how you scream my name during steaming sex

crystal: ew gross, pervert

jake:i know you liked it and guess what

jake: i see you outside the window, i wish i could fuck you right now

crystal: *hangs up*

luke: let's go to bed

crystal: good, i could use some sleep



note: i'm sorry this was so short, but there will be longer ones so stay tune




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