do you want me or just my body

"luke do you want me or my body, your choice," "i want you to be my baby girl and i want you to obey me or else" luke said

luke and crystal have a confused relationship, crystal loves luke but, she doesn't know if he loves her the same way


4. be with me

crystal: p.o.v.

i woke up in my bedroom, i got up from my bed and headed to my bathroom. on my bathroom door there was an outfit pick out for me, suddenly someone was knocking on my door. i open the door, and it was luke.

luke: hey princess

crystal: hi daddy

luke: did you see the outfit i pick out for you

crystal: yes, i love it

luke: good now, get dress we have school today

i took a shower and put on my outfit, i'm wearing a pink skirt, black crop-top that says "daddy's little girl" and some black wedges. i curled my hair and put on mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. i look at myself in the mirror, and i look like a total sult but, also very cute. i head downstairs to see luke shirtless. he took his eyes away form his phone and look at me.

luke: wow, i'm glad i pick out this outfit for you, do you like it

crystal: i love it actually

luke: good, let me get a shirt and we can go

crystal: ok

~ skips to school ~

crystal's p.o.v.

luke drop me off and i headed to the campus. i saw rachel and started to talk to her. we talk for a while until the bell rang, we said our goodbyes even though we'll see each other fifth period which is biology. i grab my books from my locker and headed to algebra. when i enter i was getting disgusting looks from the girls and whistles from the boys. i felt uncomfortable from all of that, in the middle of the class i got a note. the note says, "can i fuck you in that little skirt of yours?" who the fuck gave me this note, i felt embarrass, i actually blushed from this note. the bell rung to go to second period, i was walking in the hallway and notice someone's footsteps coming from behind me. i look to see who it was and it was my ex jack sanderson. i walked a little faster but, he pulled my arm.

jack: hey babe, got my note

crystal: that was you

jack: yeah, let's just skip second period and do something more exciting

crystal: no, and get your hands off of me

crystal: *tries to run*

jack: come back here *pulls crystal's waist*

crystal: stop it jack

jack: i want you back crystal

crystal: no you don't you, just want to use me *slaps jack's face*

jack: *crashes lips to crystal's harshly*

jack: you like that baby

crystal: get off of me

jack: crystal, please be with me

crystal: never

jack: *takes crystal to the bathroom*

crystal: unlock this door now jack

jack: *steps closer to crystal:

crystal: *steps back against the wall*

jack: i want to have some fun with you babe

jack: *rubs crystal's panties*

crystal: j-jack stop 

jack: see you like it because you're moaning 

jack: mmmm baby you're so wet

crystal: oohh jack

jack: mmmm baby

jack: *takes crystal's clothes off*

crystal: no jack

jack: mmmm you still have that beautiful body of yours, can't wait to fuck your brains out

crystal: this is rape jack

jack: i don't care, i get what i want and right now i want you

jack: *strips clothes off*

jack: suck me baby

crystal: no

jack: *pulls crystal's hair*

jack: suck me or i'll make you

crystal: ok,ok

jack: good girl

crystal: *sucks jack's member*

jack: oh yeah baby

crystal: can i stop now

jack: no!

crystal: *keeps sucking jack*

jack: oh crystal

jack: you like this cock, don't you

crystal: mmmm

jack: ooohh

jack: i can't take it anymore

jack: *pushes crystal to the wall*

crystal: jack that's enough

jack: shut up bitch

jack: *enters crystal* ooohh yes

crystal: *moans* jackk

jack: oh yeah baby *goes harder and deeper*

crystal: aaahhh jack

jack: that's right scream my name baby

jack: i'm going to cum

crystal: *moans louder*

jack: *pulls out* aaahhhh

jack: you like that hot cum all over you

crystal: ......

jack: say you like it or i'll fuck you senseless

crystal: i l-loved it j-jack

jack: *puts clothes back on* see you in english

jack: *walks out of the bathroom*

crystal: *put clothes back on and starts to cry*

crystal's p.o.v.

when i finish cleaning up the mess and putting my clothes back on i started to cry. o could he do this to me. suddenly my phone buzzed, i check the caller id and it was luke. i answer it and we started talking.

~ crystal's phone call ~

crystal: please come get me

luke: ok princess, i will

crystal: thank you *sniffles*

~ end of phone call ~

i was still in the bathroom and i got a text from luke saying "i'm outside." i exit the school i walked to luke's car. i got in and he started to drive off.

luke: i'm going to teach that son of a bitch a lesson

crystal: you don't want to mess with him luke

luke: what did you say?

crystal: i said luke......*covers her mouth*

luke: *parks in front of the garage*

luke unlock the door and let both of us in. he started to take his jacket off and came closer to me. he threw me over his shoulders and went upstairs.

luke: bend over

crystal: *bends over*

luke: you've been a bad girl today, having sex with someone and not calling me by daddy

crystal: i'm sorry

luke: too late now, *pulls crystal's panties down*

luke: *spanks crystal's ass hard*

crystal: *moans*

luke: you like that

crystal: yes

luke: yes what?

cryatal: yes daddy

luke: much better *spanks crystal's ass ten times*

luke: *picks up crystal and kisses her*

luke: *kisses crystal's neck*

crystal: mmm daddy

luke: scream my name baby, grind on me

crystal: *grinds on luke's lap* dadddyyy

luke: oohh yeah baby

luke: i'm about to cum

crystal: mmmmm me too daddy

luke: *takes off jeans and boxers*

luke: keep grinding on me princess

crystal: yesss daddy

luke: i'm cumming aaaahhh

crystal: aaaahhhh

luke: that was good baby

crystal: i'm glad you like it

luke: *kisses crystal*






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