Hey, there Delilah

Hey, there Delilah is about a girl who knows what she wants out of life but it all changes when she finds out the supernatural exist. She discovers that the exchange student from America, that she has been friends with since the beginning of high school is a vampire. Though she falls for him, she can't be with him because he's a vampire. Confused, and scared once getting caught up in the supernatural world. Who can she trust? How will she survive now that the supernatural knows about her?


3. The Only Way

When I climbed back through my window and got into bed, I couldn't help the tears that fell. They were never ending. I pulled the sheets up to my face to provide a little more comfort, which it didn't. My heart was breaking for the first time. I can't believe that now of all times I was told that I couldn't be with whoever I choose. 

The next day at school I dreaded. I don't know what I would do if I saw him and he tried to talk to me. My other friends seemed shocked that we weren't hand in hand walking down the halls together. Today I was all by myself.

"Where is Vic?" Sarah asked.

"We broke up." I replied sadly.

"Did he break up with you?" Though I saw that she was sincere I couldn't help but notice how curious she was. I know she still had a crush on him since last year.

"I broke up with him." I murmured. The pain of our parting still coursed deep within me.

"What why? You like him don't you?" She seemed confused and I couldn't blame her. If she was me she would never let Vic go.

"We are just too different and it won't end well for either of us." I was mostly referring to it not ending well for me in the long run. "I wish it could be different." I said exasperatedly.

"Did he do something wrong?" 

"No. It's all because of me." I answered with tears starting fall. I just can't talk about this anymore so strode off to my next class.

It wasn't much better since once I sat down, Vic took the table next to me. When Sarah sat down next to me on my other side she gave me an apologetic look.


"I can't," I cut him off.

"Listen whatever it is I plan to make it right. I'll do whatever it takes." He promised.

"I doubt there is anything out there that can change it." I stated.

"I don't believe that."

I shook my head and looked ahead and attempted to pay attention to the chemistry lesson. Sarah stuck close to me for the rest of the day and so did Theo and Casey my other two friends. They made sure that I didn't have to sit next to Vic in class by forming a protective circle around me.

It was only when I had lunch that I was on my own. They all had band practice, which I meant I had to sit alone in the cafeteria. I knew Victor would take this opportunity to find out what I was holding back. To be honest I don't know if I'll be able to hold it back.

He slides next to me on the bench. "I won't stop trying until I find out what's wrong. When you said in the hallway before class that we are too different to Sarah, what did you mean?" He insisted.

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone." 

"But you're my best friend, when have you ever keep anything from me?" Vic explained.

"I know, but it could put me in danger if the wrong people found out." I refused to look at him even though he sat so close to me. My face was in my hands.

"Come on, you know I won't tell anyone. You know that, I would die to keep your secret if I had too." He assured me.

"I'm a Dryad," I glanced up at him not sure what his reaction might be.

"What's a Dryad?"

"You really need to pay more attention in classics. A Dryad is a woodland nymph. You know the female deities that had affairs with mortal men and gods." I explained.

"A Dryad?" I nodded. "Why does that mean I can't be with you?"

"If I get turned into a vampire, my soul will become permanently damaged and I won't be me anymore." I sighed. "If only you were human."

"I could be, a few years ago there was a word of a cure. Elena Gilbert took it, but she's been gone for almost a year." I looked at him in shock.

"I thought there wasn't a cure."

"There is, but the only way you are going to get it is if you manage to get someone to tell you where she is. The Bennett witch that still lives in Mystic falls knows but you wouldn't be able to get it out of her very easily. Mystic Falls has been evacuated so getting in is pretty hard too." He seemed to know a lot about Mystic Falls. I know it was in the news about a year ago, something about a mine explosion or something.

"It seems like an impossible mission." I frowned.

"It could work, but I can't go with you. Vampires aren't welcome in Mystic Falls anymore." He said.

"There must be another way?" It looked like a plan destined for failure. "Do you even want to be human again?"

"Yes, I want to more than anything. Not just for me but for you. We can at least try."

"Okay, but I will do some research first." I agreed.

"That's my girl. I told you we could figure this out." I smiled up at him. 

He leant down and kissed me for the first time. It felt like fireworks were going off in me. I could feel that he felt the same.

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