Hey, there Delilah

Hey, there Delilah is about a girl who knows what she wants out of life but it all changes when she finds out the supernatural exist. She discovers that the exchange student from America, that she has been friends with since the beginning of high school is a vampire. Though she falls for him, she can't be with him because he's a vampire. Confused, and scared once getting caught up in the supernatural world. Who can she trust? How will she survive now that the supernatural knows about her?


1. Discovery

Today is the first day of senior year. Although many would consider it to be the beginning of the best, crazy last year of high school. I disagree; there is so much to do to get into the University of your Dreams which means lots of study and extra-credit assignments, but unfortunately due to my insanely bad luck I am now caught up in a different world. The supernatural world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and hunters. I have to pick a side and either one could have me end up dead or worse, the hunted, which are forever on the run. This year couldn't be any worse for me when I wanted to go to university and become a botanist. It may sound completely and utterly boring to study plants, but there is a certain element to the way they can live in strange environments and the chemistry that intrigues me.

I walked into biology and sat next to Victor. He is a vampire. I found out when I visited his house on New Years Eve. There was blood everywhere, decapitated bodies sprawled across the furniture and Victor stood in the middle of it drenched in the blood of his victims. Naturally I ran away as fast as humanly possible thinking that my best friend was a serial killer. I was absolutely terrified; I was soaked in fear and sweat by the time he caught up to me.

"Get away from me!" I screamed as he held on to my arms restraining me from escaping.

"Look I know what you saw must look bad, but I can explain." Victor said in desperation.

"You're a murder! You killed all those people. Why should I listen to you?" I tried to jerk away from him but he only pulled me closer.

"I'm a vampire, Delilah. Those bodies were of hunters that tried to kill me. You can't blame me for murder when it was out of self-defence. They came for me not the other way round." He blurted out.

They were not words of comfort to me. I started to quake with fear at his closeness. "You must be insane! Vampires don't exist because if they did we would know by now." I stuttered.

He backed off a little bit giving me a bit more distance but didn't let go of my arms. He took both of my hands into one of his still thinking I would run. This was true. I was ready to get the hell out of here at any given opportunity. With his now free hand he lifted his upper lip to reveal a razor sharp set of fangs. 

"It can't be possible; you don't even burn up in the sun!" I said in denial. More scared that the supernatural were real than the fact that Victor had just killed five people in his house! What kind of joke was that? I mean he is my immediate threat.

"I have a daylight ring. It's enchanted by a witch." He replied flatly.

"If those people were professional vampire hunters then why did you come out unscathed?" I daringly asked out of curiosity.

"I'm over 800 years old." My eyes widened in shock and even felt my jaw drop a bit before I made myself shut it.

"Okay I believe you and I won’t call the cops on you. Can you let me go now? Your grip is getting tight." I attempted to say calmly.

He slowly released me as if he hadn't realized that he had been holding on so tightly. I rubbed my sore wrists and just when he was about to say something I bolted. 

Victor was caught off guard and didn't have time to outstretch an arm to catch me even with his vampire speed that he was supposed to have. It didn't take much for him to stop me again.

"I thought you believed me?" He said through frustration.  

"I do but it is a lot to process and I don't know what to think if they are real. I don't know if I want to be involved in your world." I explained still scared by the fact that he was a vampire and could kill me in a heartbeat.

"We're real as your kind is." He said truthfully. "Delilah you can tell no one about me, but please consider staying my friend. I know I may not deserve it but your friendship means a lot to me." He breathed.

I nodded, and then he sighed in relief. I looked up and he was gone.

I didn't see him for the next four days, not even at Zac Howmin's New Year’s party of the year. I understood that he was giving me space to think. 

It didn't feel right hanging out at the mall with my girlfriends knowing that they were obvious to the supernatural creatures that lurked in the shadows and not being able to warn them. When I think to myself I think about it again that if it was me I wouldn't rather be ignorant then don't feel like I need to talk them. My mind was a constant loop for the next week of the pros and cons of the supernatural. 

Victor had been a good friend to me over the past four years of high school when he moved here from the New Orleans in America. In fact he was the best friend I have ever had. I don't know how I would cope without him in my life. But I was still sitting on the fence about getting involved with the supernatural world.

Two weeks later when I went to the supermarket to get the groceries for dad, Victor found me.

"Have you decided?" He asked with fear in his eyes.

"I don't want to cut you out of my life, but I don't want to be involved with the supernatural world," I answered inconclusively.

"What?" He said confused.

"I still want you in my life." I smiled softly, blush rose in my cheeks. I'm not sure why it made me embarrassed.

He grinned and pulled me into a hug.

He introduced me to all the facts about the supernatural world that I would need to know better to get a grip on what side I was on over the next two weeks before school started. I still don't know but the more time I spend with Victor the better I get to know the side of him that I never knew.

 This is only the beginning. Senior year is going to be even more difficult than understanding just the supernatural.

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