Hey, there Delilah

Hey, there Delilah is about a girl who knows what she wants out of life but it all changes when she finds out the supernatural exist. She discovers that the exchange student from America, that she has been friends with since the beginning of high school is a vampire. Though she falls for him, she can't be with him because he's a vampire. Confused, and scared once getting caught up in the supernatural world. Who can she trust? How will she survive now that the supernatural knows about her?


7. Departure

“Oh my god I can’t believe that really happened,” Bonnie seemed a bit surprised after I told the events of the previous night. “Well I can, but it was all quite sudden with you taking off like that.”

“I know, but I guess I’ve been ignoring my nature as a nymph for too long. I feel so free and relaxed now that I’ve accepted it. I hope I can find something in my grimoire that can help my situation, though.” I signed thinking about how I hadn’t even come close to finding a clue yet but there were still plenty of undiscovered chapters I need to read.
“The fact he is a vampire problem?” I nodded. If he wasn’t a part of the vampire world I would no longer be in as much danger. I’ll just have to do more research into it until I find something.

I seemed to pick up the new spells quite easily, that Bonnie was teaching. It seems to have become easier. I am almost in full control of my powers, but some of it comes down to a lack of knowledge of my people. The grimoire is helping quite a bit since it has some parts of my peoples’ history in it.

It was late morning when I discovered something while in my room reading a chapter in the grimoire titled, “Empress.” It spoke a leader of all nymphs that was second-in-command to the guardian deities, who was granted power to protect nymphs and more. Also referred to as an ‘all powerful nymph Empress,” so this might be the lead I’ve been looking for. It looks like the Empress is normally in power for long periods of time before retiring. I need to look into this and see if I can get her to grant me a favour.

First things first I need to find out where the kingdom of the nymphs’ is. Mum said in her letter that I would somehow find it on my own when the time was right. Maybe if I focus on it, I’ll find it? I guess it is time for me to head out of Mystic Falls.

“Bonnie,” I called from my room. I could hear some muffled footsteps on the kitchen tiles and made my way to the kitchen.

“What’s up, De?” 

“I’m going to head out of town today. It’s been nice getting to know you, but I had a lead and I want to check it out. I’m going to find the land of my people and meet the Empress and see if she wants to help me. It might be a dead end, but it’s worth a shot.” Hopefully I can find out where the kingdom is.

“Are you sure you are ready? Do you have control now?” I could see that Bonnie was concerned since I hadn’t even been around two weeks and now I was leaving.

“I’ll be fine. I owe you one, so if you ever need a favour call me on my cell. I can see what I can do. I’ll always be happy to help you in any way I can.” I don’t think I’ll be back to see her in a long time, in fact this maybe the last time I see her because there is a good chance that once I get to where I want to go I may never be able to return.

She caught me by surprise with a hug. “I will,” she whispered into my ear. 

 Jeremy was sat at the kitchen counter sipping on a cup of coffee with a sandwich in hand. He watched us silently; although he didn’t take part in the conversation I could see that he was curious. Not only could I see his curiosity but the attraction he felt towards me because of what I am. He didn’t make a more from his seat.

Maybe I have more control than I thought, he isn’t falling all over me like the guys at school or Matt when I arrived. That’s a good thing, that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

“Sorry that I didn’t really get to introduce myself properly Jeremy, but I think it would be better this way. I may not be able to stop by that much Bon, so don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” I already had my bag ready to go. I didn’t have much only the grimoire and some clothes. I’d already texted Vic to say I was going to meet him at the boarder before I was going to search for the Empress.

“Good-bye, De.” Bonnie looked sad.

“I’m sure your other friends will look after you while I’m away, so don’t look sad. Like I said I’ll be fine. I’ll see you around, Bonnie.” And just like that I walked out and left Mystic Falls behind. Vic was at the boarder waiting for me when I got there.
“I’m going to miss you,” I said with tears streamed down my face as I clung to Vic.

“You can start on your search tomorrow. We have now to enjoy ourselves. If it all works out, we can be together without worry from vampires and nymph’s disapproving.” His calm voice set me more at ease with my upcoming journey.

“I know, but I feel like I’ve had barely enough time with you and I can’t bring you with me.” I sobbed.

“Delilah, I have faith that it will all work out. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far apart we will be, I’ll be right here waiting for you.” I embraced him at his words. All I need to do is have faith that this will work out like Victor does.
“I hope I’m not gone for too long,” I looked up at Victor and held onto him tightly for a while. “I better get going if I want to be back as soon as possible.”

I slowly moved my arms away from around him. I reluctantly took a step away from him as I faced for what seemed like the last time I would see him in a while and I memorised his face one last time before I headed off.
“I love you,” I said as my goodbye and started to walk towards the woods behind Vic and slung my bag over my shoulder.

“Be safe and be careful.”

“I will. Don’t you worry Vic.” I raised my hand and waved goodbye as I walked away. When I reached the woods I started to use the tree portals in the direction I was drawn to.


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