X. -Megaman X Fanfiction.-

What happens when a teenage girl wants revenge for her parents' death? To become a Maverick Hunter. But, she must be turned into a Human-Reploid and be ready for the hardships ahead. Will she be able to handle the tasks or will the existence of humans and reploids vanish?


3. Chapter 3.

  *Next morning.*

  I walked down the stairs, holding my bunny in my tiny arms, into the living room that had giant windows, viewing all of Abel City with the sun shining in from the west. Then, I headed towards the kitchen as the horrifying nightmare played over and over in my head. War machine...? What does that mean? Then, I entered the kitchen to see Daddy, watching the news and D-65 helping Mommy prepare breakfast as I started to help put the plates and cups on the table.

  "Good morning Mommy," I smiled, "Good morning Daddy."

  "Good morning sweetie," Mommy smiled back, "Thank you for helping with the plates and cups."

  I gave Mommy a big smile before looking at Daddy, who was smiling and nodding his head before turning his attention to the television, taking a sip of his coffee. He does this when the news is on. I went to the opposite side of Daddy to sit as Mommy put my breakfast on the table when a important information message appeared on the screen.

  "Some important information has been sent to us from the Commander of the Maverick Hunters, Sigma." The news reporter addressed.

  'Sigma..?!' I thought, surprised as I sat in the chair.

  "Commander Sigma ordered for the Maverick Hunters to stay on high alert for any Reploids who have gone Maverick or any suspicious behaviour," She continued, "Commander Sigma sent out Maverick Hunter Storm Eagle, Maverick Hunter Chill Penguin and Maverick Hunter Zero on the streets to watch for such behaviours."

  Then, the news showed a purple-blue eagle, with a green gem on its forehead and a mask with red and golden yellow detail and a small, dark purple and yellow penguin with two red gems on its head and some sort of rockets on its back. Then, the final picture showed a Reploid who was wearing a white helmet with red spikes on the sides and a blue gem in the middle and a long, beautiful blond ponytail, sticking out from behind his helmet with turquoise eyes.

  'Wait a minute..!' I thought, shocked, 'He was the one I spotted on the roof last night...!'

  "Youthena dear," D-65 smiled, pouring orange juice into my glass, "You should eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

  "Sorry," I giggled and started to eat.

  "It's a good thing what Commander Sigma is doing here," Daddy smiled, looking at us, "We get to feel a lot safer."

  I looked first to Daddy before looking up to D-65, who's smile disappeared completely from his face. Immediately, I thought it had something to do with Sigma. I looked at D-65 with concern before looking at the television, mad with that picture of Sigma up. I know D-65 knows something important, but I don't want him to suspect.

 *5 minutes later.*

  I was waiting by the door, for Mommy as D-65 was fixing my uniform so I can look proper for school. I watched him closely as I looked into his sky blue eyes, to see his pain. And I spotted it deep down in his circuits. Sigma must be really bothering them. Then, he fixed my the bow in my hair.

  "There you go," D-65 smiled.

  I giggled, giving him a hug as Mommy and Daddy both came down the stairs to the main floor with their suitcases. Mommy was slipping her small feet into her shiny black pumps as Daddy put on his blazer. I can see worry in their eyes while they made no sound other than their breathing. What could possibly be bothering them so bad to not make a sound to each other? Then, Mommy spotted me looking at them.

  "All set, Youthena?" Mommy smiled.

  I nodded yes with a big smile on my face as I let go of D-65 and ran towards her. I decided to keep the nightmare to myself until I'm ready to tell my family what's been bothering me. I decided to ignore any problems that Abel City has been facing. I grabbed Mommy's hand as we walked towards the door. D-65 bowed to her as she opened the door of the big apartment house.

  "I'll see you later, at the laboratory," Mommy said to Daddy before she closed the door.

  We walked down the hallway, towards the elevators. We waited for the elevator to come to our level with other business people waiting. DING! The door opens with some people in it as Mommy and I entered it with others. I started to feel scared with everyone who was around me. That's when Mommy picked me up and held me in her arms.

  "Don't worry sweetie," She smiled, reassuring me, "No one will hurt you. Not when I'm around."

  I smiled, knowing I was safe in her arms. Minutes after, we reached the main floor. As the doors opened, people walked out quietly as Mommy put me down and walked with me holding her hand. We walked outside and down the stairs with the light breeze that hit Abel City. We walked past construction sites with Reploids and humans working together.

 'I hope it stays this peaceful forever...,' I thought, smiling.

  We turned the corner to see a Reploid with a long, blond ponytail and a spiky head. Wait...! It was the Reploid that was on the television! Zero was his name, I think. His armour was red and white with two emerald gems on each side of his chest. His waist was white with three yellow lines. His robotic legs were black as his big boots were red with the knee cap and the tip of them were white.

  "Ah," Mommy smiled, "Maverick Hunter Zero, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.

  That's when he turned to us and smiled as he made his way to us. If I didn't know much about Reploids, I would've mistaken Zero as a human because he looks so much like us. As he walked to us, I watched his arm buster turn back into his hand. I was so interested on how he did that without pressing anything. Then, he stood in front of Mommy and I.

  "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Dr. Lyonne," Zero smiled, shaking Mommy's hand, "Thank you and to your husband for what you have done for my kind."

  Mommy just smiled at him from his response. But, did Mommy and Daddy do to their kind to gain so much respect? Then, Zero realized me and looked to me before his facial expression changed. He must remember me from last night! I just saw him smile while kneeling down to me as I hid behind Mommy's leg and holding her hand still.

  "Who's this young lady?" Zero smiled.

  "This is my daughter," Mommy smiled, looking at us, "Youthena."

  "Well, hello there, Youthena."

  I looked up to Mommy as she nodded with her smile still stained on her face before I looked back to Zero.

  "H-Hello," I said, shyly.

  I watched him pat my head before I pulled lightly on her hand. She kneeled to me as I whispered in her ear. Mommy just nodded with a smile before going through my school as Zero looked a bit confused. Then, he saw Mommy give me the flower and when I stared into his turquoise eyes, I gave him the flower.

  "This is for me..?" He asked, taking it, "Thank you, Youthena."

  I smiled at him as we exchanged a hug before we said our goodbyes. I looked back to him as he smiled at me and waved. I waved back with a big smile before looking front and holding Mommy's hand. That was the first time I've met him and this is the last time I'll see him. I always wondered if I was going to ever see him again...?

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