X. -Megaman X Fanfiction.-

What happens when a teenage girl wants revenge for her parents' death? To become a Maverick Hunter. But, she must be turned into a Human-Reploid and be ready for the hardships ahead. Will she be able to handle the tasks or will the existence of humans and reploids vanish?


2. Chapter 2.

  *In a dream.*

  Beep beep... beep, beep... was all I heard as a bit of chattering was going on in the background. I tried so hard to speak, but only a groaning noise came out when I started to wake up slowly.

  'What's going on...?' I thought, confused.

  As my eyes slowly started to open more, the light that hovered over me shined bright , making me squint a little. Then, I realized that people with white lab coats and glasses were surrounding me, surprised.

  "It worked...!" One said.

  "The first ever Human-Reploid!" Another said in excitement.

  'The first ever what?!' I thought, surprised.

  I lifted my upper body slowly and saw a man. Tall, tanned, bald man with a red gem sitting in the middle of his forehead, big red gem on his left chest. He watched me with his blue eyes. Something about him gives me bad vibrations.

  "What do you think, Commander Sigma?" One asked.

  'Sigma...?' I thought, confused, 'Where have I heard that name..?'

  "It's perfect," He answered, with his deep voice, "The perfect war machine."

  I gasped, quietly.

  'What did he just say?!' I thought, surprised.

  All of a sudden, the man grabbed me by my neck and brought my face close to his. I was terrified about this man. I feel like something bad was bound to happen.

  "You will obey me and only me," He ordered, "Not these useless humans who created you. Understand?"

  I was too afraid to answer him when suddenly, I started to feel myself, being electrocuted as this mysterious man started to smile evilly. That's when I started to realize I was becoming Maverick! I knew having a bad feeling about him was good!

  'This can't be happening..!' I thought.

  *End of dream.*

  All of a sudden, I woke up to not see the man or the other people around me. I was back in reality. I could feel tears produced as I held my blanket and bunny close to me. That was way too terrifying.

  "I hope that doesn't come to life at all..!" I said to myself, quietly.

  I got out of bed , quietly and walked over to the window that showed Abel City under the moonlight. Birds flying through the moon, wind blowing softly in the trees. I feel at peace, watching all this.

  'I wish Abel City stayed this peaceful forever,' I thought, looking at the moon.

  I looked around to see if there was any trouble when I saw someone standing on the building, on the right side of me.

  'Who is that...?' I thought, confused.

  I watched the person's long, luscious hair blew in the wind as they had their back to me. Then, they turned their head to my direction when we both made eye contact to each other.

  "Wow...," I said, softly.

  The person's turquoise eyes glowed in the moonlight as it stared into my hazel eyes before they gave a small smile to me before disappearing into the danger of the night.

  "Who was that..?" I asked myself.

  I walked back to my bed and climbed into it as I pulled the covers over my tummy and kept myself up and zoned out, staring at the ceiling.

  "Who was that Sigma guy?" I asked, "More importantly, what was his war machine? Was it me? Or something else that I was pretending to be..?"

  I couldn't stop asking myself these questions that I couldn't even answer. Maybe Mommy and Daddy know who this Sigma man is.

  "Does that person who I just saw , connected to Sigma? If the are, what do they plan on doing to the humans and reploids..?"

  I started to yawn as I lied down and started to close my eyes. I tried to rest with some relaxation, but I couldn't stop thinking about everything I saw. I hope that person and Sigma aren't connected whatsoever.

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