X. -Megaman X Fanfiction.-

What happens when a teenage girl wants revenge for her parents' death? To become a Maverick Hunter. But, she must be turned into a Human-Reploid and be ready for the hardships ahead. Will she be able to handle the tasks or will the existence of humans and reploids vanish?


1. Chapter 1.

  *10 years ago.*

  I sat at my desk with my reploid, doing homework on a calm, peaceful evening when D-65 asked me a simple, out of the blue question. I had a feeling it was about reploids or something.

  "Madame," He said, "You know what reploids are, correct?"

  And I was right.

  "Yes," I answered, writing answers on my Math sheet, "They are robots who can think and act on their own without hesitation."

  "And what are Mavericks?"

  I stopped writing for a second and thought to myself. I put my pencil down and looked over to him with some concern on my face.

  "Well," I started, putting my hands on my lap, "I'm not 100% sure about this, but aren't they reploids who lost control of their circuits and cause havoc to innocent humans and reploids?"

  "Correct again, young lady," D-65 smiled.

  "These questions are getting way too easy."

  "It's good to know them for the future, young one."

  "Youthena! Are you ready for bed?" I heard Daddy shout from downstairs.

  I packed up my books and pencil case before putting them back into my school bag. While D-65 was taking out my school uniform to hang it up, I got into my blue pyjama pants and white T-shirt with a kitty on it and climbed into bed. As I tucked myself into the covers, a knock was at my door.

  "Yes, come in," I smiled.

  D-65 opened the door, bowing to my parents as they walked in with a smile on each of their faces.

  "Thank you, D-65," Mommy smiled.

  "My pleasure." He answered, "May I take my leave?"

  "Of course." Daddy replied with a smile.

  "I will be in the kitchen. Care for a drink?"

  "For now, no, thank you." Mommy smiled.

  "Goodnight D-65," I smiled at him.

  He smiled back and replied, "Goodnight Madame." before he closed the door softly, leaving my parents and I in the room with a bit of light illuminating from the moon, inside.

  "What did you learn, honey?" Daddy smiled, sitting on my bed.

  "More about Reploids and a bit of Mavericks,"I told them.

  "It's important to know about them sweetie," Mommy answered, "It will help you learn about them more."

  "Especially in a time where technology is growing with reploids." Daddy added.

  "I know," I said, yawning.

  Daddy placed his lips on my head and kissing it as I giggled, making smiles appear around the room as Mommy tucked me in more in my covers.

  "Now, it's bedtime sweetheart." Mommy smiled.

  I watched Daddy get up from my bed and kissed my forehead as Mommy put on my nightlight that sat on my desk.

  "Goodnight Princess." Daddy smiled as Mommy came and kissed my cheek.

  "Goodnight Mommy. Goodnight Daddy," I smiled, yawning and closing my eyes.

  I took the bunny that was on the left side of me and my security blanket before tucking myself in bed some more and closing my eyes for shut eye.

  'No nightmares tonight..,' I thought.

  I always had bad dreams about bad things happening in Abel City like reploids going Maverick and stuff. But, sometimes, they don't feel like dreams...They feel like I'm physically there!

  "What if these 'dreams' aren't dreams...?" I asked myself, "What if... they're something else...?"

  What if something in me is...getting a bad feeling about all of this...? 

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